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  1. hi coming from a g9, been learning to use the g11 in canon housing for a couple of weeks now. best would be to shoot raw. i've also set my custom settings to (without strobes) c1: macro mode, mf @min distance, mid zoom, Av f8 iso80, flash on with diffuser (TTL) wb auto/flash (alternative would be Tv set at 1/250 or 1/500) c2: full wide, Av f2.8 iso80, flash off, wb sunny - for ambient light wide shooting with strobes i retain both custom settings but tend to be on manual mode more as you don't get TTL with the wp-dc34 anyways. changing settings & focus point can be a pain at times but you'll get the hang of it. though ISO is decent for a p&s, i wouldn't really reco going above 400 on the g11. my other settings are as follows: flexizone servo af off continous af off af assist off mf point zoom on safety mf off review focus check IS shoot only hth
  2. ok, so i tried it out worked great a couple of meters then it flooded. oh well
  3. is that the derlin with an attachment screw at the bottom? i've used one on the G9 before, works great but i do recall it vignettes a bit, more so on the g10/11 due to the wider 28mm lens. bought mine from uwdigitalcamera.com but they don't list it anymore.
  4. hi all, been scouring the net for answers but i can't seem to find anything definite. so, is it usable and durable enough? will be using it on a g11 oem housing with an m67 adapter + 67-62 step down ring. i have access to an inon ucl165 but would really prefer the smaller raynox. the pair works well topside. replies greatly appreciated. thanks.
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