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  1. Hey I was wondering do you put the filter on the camera or the housing, Probably the wide angle lens if I get that, do you know anyone using the w20 ike wide angle or do you have any recomendations for a wide angle, I want to stay in the $300 dollar range. thanks for any help, also what settings would you suggest for a newb.
  2. Hey I just bought the canon hv40 and I put my order in for the ike housing for it. Now my questions is should I buy the wide angle adapter or a light for it, I can't afford the $800 one so I would have to go with the cheaper ike wide angle, Or should I buy the 300 dollar single light? Or should I just dive with the housing and white balence at depth? I"m going to Utilla and Roatan in April. So any suggestions would be great.
  3. Are those just mini dv or HDV tapes? does it matter which ones you use.
  4. Well thanks everyone, I think I will go the HV40 I can pick it up for $700 and I don't have to upgrade my computer. It sounds like you need a quad core computer to edit the avchd, I no its a dying format but I'm just not convinced that I have the computing power I need when I start adding effects, So my question is what are the best tapes to use with HDV and where do you get them? I'm sure I will have a ton more questions once I start trying to download and edit, also what would you recommend for software for a Mac Guy?
  5. One other question can you plug either one of these camcorders the hv40 on the hf s10 straight into the T.V and just watch the video from the camera? It may be a silly quetion but hey I don't know the answer. Also you said you've done some editing in FCP did you use any effects, or color correction? I just heard effects is what really slows done the Computer and you have to render alot, How good of a computer do you need to edit the avchd? I have a I Mac with a 3.06 intel core duo with 4 gb of ram and a terabyte hard drive whould that be fine? How long does it take you to get something in Avchd from your camera to a DVD and what is the process? I love the sound of solid state but its the editing process that scares me. So do you see any quality drop off whe you watch the avchd on a large T.V? Well sorry about all the questions. But thanks for all the comments.
  6. I'm still not sure which I want, I have read that, if your going to be doing any hardcore editing doing special effects or color adjustments that the format used in the HF-s10 is a real pain to work with and you need some serious computing power. Any ideas on this? I know this is the same thing as when flim cameras shifted to digital. You just have to get the technology at the right time, I just don't know if this new format has caught up with film yet.And there is nowhere I can find that does side by side comparisons of the finished full product. So has anybody done serious editing with the acvhd format. And if so is it as bad as everone says. I plan I using the camera not just for underwater but for short movies to, Thats why I worry about the editing part so much. Plus I have no experience in editing so I'm kinda looking for the easist format to learn on.
  7. Well now you guys have me thinking again about the canon hfs-10, It was narrowed down to that and the HV40. I did get to hold the hfs-10 and it felt good. I can't find anywhere that carries the hv40 in stock. I just wondering if since there is going to be a learning curve anyway since I'm brand new if I should just learn on the new solid state format? Wow I didn't think choosing a camera would be this hard. I have only seen one housing for the HV40 to, and that was the ikelite, I know for the Hfs-10 Gates make a nice housing for it. So my new question is has anyone used the HFS-10 in final cut to do more the just basic editing? Because when I'm not under water I would like to make short films?
  8. I'm totally new at this so I'm just going off what everyone has told me, I was told the way avchd is compressed sometimes files will over lap each other or something making it harder to edit. So do you burn your movies to DVD to watch on T.V and if so how do the 2 formats compare say when viewing or a 46 in HD T.V or bigger? I wish there was a way you could actually compare video quality, But the stuff on the internet I'm sure is compressed down so there is a loss of quality. I'm using a Mac so I will probably get final cut to do my editing. do you have any vidoes you have edited with your HF-S10?
  9. After alot of post and alot of reviewing, I decided to go with the Canon HV30 or 40 with the inkelite housing which ever one I can get there pretty much the same. Anyone recommend any good online dealers? I'm just not sure the hardrive and flash drives are up to par yet with the tape. I want to take video topside and underwater and from what everyone I have talked to says. If you want to seriously edit the video with effects and different things tape is still the best to use. But I will listen to any argument , because I am new to all this so I may be completely wrong. Hey thanks to everyone and if you have anymore opinions I will be happy to here them.
  10. I have found a couple post about similar cameras but nothing about the JVC. I was wondering is this cameras only good for web stuff, because I would like to watch it on a 46 in hd tv, but I'm guessing it won't look that great. I'm just trying to decide if I should just wait and get what I really want later on next year, and just get this for my up coming trip.So I can shoot some kind of video. If I could find a decent set up for 1500 right now I would get it. But I don't think I will find anything in that price range. Any help would be great.
  11. Hey I have two questions, I'm trying to set up a system for when I go to St. Lucia in April, I've narrowed it down to the canon hf s11 or hf s10. I'm wondering if the 200 dollar difference is worth getting the S11? and my second question is does anyone use the Ikelite housings, I would love the gates housing but the 2600 for the gates and the 800 for the inkelite. I know I probably wouldn't have all the functions with the ikelite but at least I would have a camera I could take underwater till I can afford the gates? So I would just like your opinions on the Ikelite housings, and the s10 vs. s11.
  12. Hey everyone I was just curious if anyone here has ever dove in St. Lucia? Just wondering how the diving is there. And if you could recommend a place to stay that has nice views in a nice area thats not supper expensive would be great. Thanks
  13. Hey another question have you heard anything about Sonys new format not being compatible with Macs? I went to the apple store today and they were telling me not to get a Sony because they do not play well with Macs. They told me to look at Canons or Panasonic's. Do you know anyone who has done serious editing with the AVCHD format? I've kinda been looking at the Canon vixia HF S10 but I have to see if I can find a housing for it. But I think it might take a little longer to get everything, I might just start with the camera and editing software first so I can at least start learning how to use it. But I really like that Ichat idea. But I will let you go the wife wants to get the christmas lights up. Thanks for all the info Nate.
  14. Hey everyone, well I have so many questions I will just get to them. I have done underwater photography for about 5 years now, just with prosumer digicams, but I really want to get into videography but there is so much conflicting info out there, like which format is better, which is easier to edit. Types of housings, what are the must have manual controls you need on your housing, I'm not going to be shooting professional, but I am a perfectionist so I would like great video that I can edit fairly easy. I have only been looking about a week now and the setup I'm looking at that won't make me break the bank is the Canon Hv30 in a inklite housing. Would this be a decent set up for a beginner? I will have to get better editing software, I just shifted to a Mac so I'm waiting to see what camera I get to see what editing software is best. So the main questions are. 1. what is the best format for video quality right now? 2. What format would you recommend for editing? 3. What controls are a must have for a housing? 4. are there any camera housing combos that you recommend that could be kept under a $2500 budget? Just camera and housing. 5. And any other info that would be helpful to a newbie. thanks for any info you can give.
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