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  1. Lembeh is a great destination. It's, as mentioned, critter diving but there's plenty there, more so really than most dive destinations. I've been several times and will be back in September. Since it is your anniversary, I'd suggest routing through Bali. Spend some time there relax, catch up on sleep, wait for your luggage....lol, then catch a flight to Menado. I've gotten fairly decent rates from Lion air to Menado. As I recall, the airfare was about 1/2 of Silk air via Sing. I route on Cathay Pacific. Sea-Lax-Hkg-Dps.

  2. Alex, Getty doesn't normally consider wildlife photos in the same context as everything else. You can license to Getty version 1 of the Lionfish/glass fish shot and then sell the version 2 to a magazine etc. There comission for RM is 30% RF 20%. I'm not advocating joining one way or the other but my thought is your exposure to clients is magnified significantly with Getty.

  3. The field is being leveled.

    The photographic result distincton, ie: publishable images, between "Pro" and amateur underwater photographers continues to shrink as the technology improves. To me, it's simply moving toward an objective of perfection through technology. The goal, seemingly, is to produce the perfect photo with the least amount of input, (Dare I say: Thought?) from the photographer.


    This leaves the photo itself, the vision & story behind it, as the last remaining element that distinguises one photographer from the next.

    So, embrace these new technologies Alex, for someone who makes a living by the camera, anything that lightens the workload has to be seen as a plus. But you're brain's still on the hook for the final creativity of the image... :swimmingfish:



  4. Hi Spencer,


    The 60mm and 105mm are two very important lenses in my kit. I wouldn't rate one higher than the other. They both are very useful. The 60mm more for stationary type macro subjects that allow you to get closer than a more active one. Getting closer reduces the water between lens and subject giving a sharper image.

    Putting a teleconverter on a 60mm is a bit dicey in my opinion. It allows you to get extremely close to the subject. So much so, that it's quite possible to be touching it if you're not careful.

    Just my 2cents.



  5. La Paz 2011




    I’ve made arrangements with Club Cantamar for diving the week of October 8th departing October 15th 2011.


    Reserved 10 rooms and one of the larger dive boats. We’ll need 20 people to fill it and get our own dive sites on the boat.

    The basic plan is to dedicate a couple of days to diving with the baby sealions and then play it by ear on diving the other popular dives. They had Whalesharks this year so I’m hoping we get lucky enough to have them around too. & Maybe get lucky with some Hammerheads as well.


    Basic info:


    7 nights accommodations/ 5 days diving……….$914.00 per person

    This includes:


    Airport transfers from La Paz Intl. Airport to Club Cantamar

    Daily breakfast

    2-3 dives per day depending on weather

    Lunch on diving days

    Sales Tax.




    Park fees: $20.00 per person (for the week)

    Spotter plan rental $200.00 per hour. IF we decide to rent one for Whalesharks

    Nitrox: $100 for the week

    Cabo San Lucas Airport transfer to Club Cantamar. $65.00 per person round trip.

    Dinners at Club Cantamar. (recommended as there’s no place close to eat) $14.00 per day per person



    $200.00 per person due by Feb.10, 2011. Balance, $714.00, due August 8th, 2011


    E-mail me at: randapex@att.net


    Rand McMeins

  6. NWDiver,

    Very nice report. I applaud you're W/A shots as well. We were there for 10 days in February and reading your report mirrors our experience. Best overall diver operation I've ever been to. One thing I found a bit different was your saying every night was a buffet? We ordered from menus several times over our stay. Maybe half so, not sure what the deal is on that. Perhaps the low number of divers when we were there.

    Wakatobi rocks, if it weren't such a PITA to get to, it would be a regular destination I'm sure.


    Stew, all the things that were issues in the past have been worked out. They are going out of their way now to make sure everything is good. They will ask you several times during your stay if everything is Ok. And fix it if it's not. Other than the currents which are present at times and can be annoying when shooting super macro they are over the top with customer service.



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