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  1. Great shot, congratulations on that. It's a beauty. So that was with the specialty lens?? Rand
  2. Hmmm, I guess there is some benefit to being ingnorant of what it "Should" look like, thanks. Now it will bug me too. Damn eyepiece... Rand
  3. Mauricio- I've shot with the Subal ND2 housing with the eyepiece for 8 months and never experienced this issue. Not saying it isn't possible to obscure the image by looking at it from a certain angle, just that you state this as a problem no one else has mentioned. So, I'm curious if anyone else has it? Rand
  4. Congratulations Alex. Only 3rd...Hmmm I look forward to seeing your portfolio of images. Converting them to slides probably has some effect on the images I'd assume. Sounds like you had a great time, would love to go some day. Rand
  5. In the interest of trying something new, I'll read the manual... See if there's info in there on it. Rand
  6. Ditto, did my first photo dive with a rental camera, the film got lost in the mail. So, I wanted to see about buying my own camera. Loved the idea of a digital as I could processs the pics myself. Rand
  7. I've been using Rawshooter for about 8 months. This new program has lots of improved features but...after making adjustments in the new Rawshooter and opening the Tiff in PS, it's not as vibrant or sharp??? Anyone else see this?? Rand
  8. Hi Alex, Thanks for the reports. Interesting to hear your thoughts on the displays and photos. I think a "Good luck" then might be in order?? Rand
  9. Thanks for the nice comment James. Before we move to the d-fishing, I'd like to confess that after the first dive, which consisted of of Darek and I shooting til the air was gone, I felt really foolish. I hadn't taken the time to just look at the plane. Was very fortunate that they took us out a 2nd time which gave me the opportunity to put the camera down and just swim around and ponder this wreck. Perfectly preserved. The canopy in the retracted position, flaps up. Shattered glass on the left side...I ponder the possibilities still. No, I'm not familiar with that program. Does it look like it would help? I didn't feel that it suffered too much from the FE. Love that shot Alex. Rand
  10. I love it when I'm "Forced" to post a shot. Actually, this is probably a good example for the 10.5's usefulness in low light. My first dive on this plane, the water was much clearer and the vis was pretty good. Later in the week, on our second dive, vis has dropped substantially. Although the 10.5 really pushes the image away, I was quite near the wreck, perhaps just a few feet from the prop. The ability to get closer kept the major part of the subject from being swallowed up by the fog that's beginning to envelope the tail. It would have been interesting to see how much further back the 15mm would have pushed me to get the same framing v.s. the 10.5. (Full frame btw) And I'm very much looking forward to using this lens in La Paz where I hope to find a spot for Alex's magic filter as well. Perhaps with the Sealions. Rand
  11. Tom, I was a little surprised to read James' statement on that as well. I love that lens and the close focus W/A shots alone are worth the investment. Rand
  12. Hi Ron, You've gotten some great input on the shots. I just wanted to emphasize the Bluering shot by cropping it tighter. I'm big on behaviour pics. Wish I had captured it.
  13. I like it! Interesting looking fish too. Rand
  14. Yes, the digital entries have the correct exif for the camera used. The print entries were photographed with a D100 and posted with it's exif, why, I've no idea. Joe, there seems to me a very distinct flavor to the Judges picks this year. More graphic images seemed to get the nod as opposed to behavior shots. Lots of lines, symmetry and patterns were present in many of the photos. All valid reasons to choose shots. Of course without seeing the other entries, it's hard to say exactly if the better shots won. But we've all got our opinions...I figured all my entries would win as well Rand
  15. Lots of WP members in there. So great showing and congrats. Thanks Alex, the Zero shot was a favorite from PNG. (How come no one mentioned I should enter B/W images on a matte finish? ) Happy to see my rear curtain flash image garnering some recognition. Rand
  16. Thanks Joe, that kicks butt. Best slide show I've ever seen. Great shots too but the whole thing is fantastic! Rand
  17. Congratulations Dave and Alex. Great shots. Rand
  18. If memory serves, (and it may not ) didn't someone here submit a digital photo that had been converted to a slide and win a photo comp last year? Don't remember if it was Laups or Ncups but I'm pretty sure that was the case. My general feeling is, once you become proficient at U/W photography, then it's a matter of opportunity as much as skill and less the media capture method. That Shark shot of Doug Perrine's during the Sardine run for instance, slide or digital file? Who cares. My vote, judge them all together. Rand
  19. Yea, that hacks me off too...LOL! I dove without the viewfinder when the housing came to me just days before a dive trip and I didn't have time to get the eyepiece swapped off the D70 housing. What I found really frustrating without it was my inability to see the whole frame in the normal viewfinder. I was pushing my eye up so tight to the housing that I was purging my reg. which is definitely counter productive to a nice framing. Think looking thru a peephole, the closer you get, the larger the field of view. The GSviewfinder, which protrudes several inches from the back of the housing, allows me to look at the full frame without banging into my reg. FWIW Rand
  20. If that squid is the size of a bus, how big is that jig? And the rope???
  21. If anyone has access to a copy of the September GEO Special issue and would be willing to part with it, (Yes I'll pay ) please PM me. Rand
  22. Very impressive set of pics. Great job!. Rand
  23. James, If Ryan supplied it, I'll use it. LOL! Actually, I've developed this love affair with the 2xTC so, I'm probably going to spend the majority of the time with it. And use the advice from here on shooting much wider apertures. Lots of tiny stuff there. Rand
  24. Ok, then I meant to say 105mm with the 2xTC I'll have a chance to shoot the 150mm next week in Port Hardy. Maybe then I'll be in a position to give advice to other people. Sorry.... Rand
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