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  1. Paul, I'd love to see some ring flash pics if you're inclined to post them. re: Magnified viewfinder. My first dive trip with the Subal, the eyepiece had yet to be installed. My problem, and maybe it varies due to reg. design, was that my regulator was hitting the back of the housing, preventing me from getting my eye close enough to see the whole frame being shot. Many of my shots were not framed properly because of this. After they eyepiece was installed, it was so much easier to frame because it extends several inches, allowing room for my reg. The extra magnification really helps with my macro as I'm usually inclined to shoot with MF. Helps to see those shrimp eyeballs snap into focus. As for installing/removing the view finder, it's not that hard, there would be one tool needed specifically to screw in the retainer but it's available. Ryan installed mine and gave me the basic instructions for annual removal and lubrication of the O rings on the eyepiece. Rand
  2. Congratulations James and Sarah! Rand
  3. Alex, you've achieved such a different look, it's hard to say what I think of it. First impressions: The top pic looks almost un-real. The water is so clean and clear, that diver almost looks 3-D The general appearance of all of them seems, like you've put them under glass and taken another picture. Not downgrading, any photo looks better under glass, that's what is so great about these, stumbling just trying to get my thoughts out. The contrasts are handled so well, it's really a nice effect. I'm really looking forward to hearing about this. Rand
  4. Hi Dan, One of the divers on our Bahamas boat last week had her Subal housing and I think her D70 also stolen out of her luggage in San Juan recently. As you mention, this is begining to sound like a real issue there. My solution is to pack the housing and camera in my carry on. Lenses go in my laptop case which is also carried on. My feeling is, they probably rifle through most of the luggage based on the amount of gear being stolen. Rand
  5. Hi Darek, Great shots, really impressive body of images for the trip. I'd have probably gotten some good ones too but modeling duties got in the way It was great diving with you and watching your approach. I'd had my doubts about throwing light on the Zero's prop, but your photo is proof of a great idea very well executed. Rand
  6. It's the hazy look that caught my eye as well. I've no PS magic for you. Could the photo just be soft due to the lower f stop? I've not shot into the sun with that wide of aperture without disasterous results. Frankly, it looks real good exposure wise. Suns a bit white but still not horrible. Sorry, just rambling... Rand
  7. Looks like I'll be shooting sandollars on my next cold water dive.
  8. I'll agree with the above comments about zooming. But you will still probably get some softness in the corners with the Dome. I always did. Rand
  9. Hmmm, I've never had anyone ask me to burn a disk for them on a dive trip. Maybe it's my nasty attitude. LOL! Basically, anyone who shows interest in my shots gets my website address. I tell them the pics will be up in a month or so (Joe's post processing excuse is the best reason to put them off) if they want to see them. And if they'd like to buy some prints to contact me via e-mail. No one ever has. Rand
  10. I like Eric's shot becuase he managed to blur out the background diver. And this has me thinking more about turning the normal bubble cloud when you've got several divers in the background, into something a little more interesting...or not... Rand
  11. re: Ghosting in the background: That's what I was going for as far as my initial test shots. Problem was, they all looked like crap. I'd started with some black with white striped Anemone fish. The white stripe was flaring out behind and didn't look all that attractive. Thought it was just the way it is but after seeing Alex nail the stripes on the Sgt. Majors, it's obviously possible to stop the smudging affect. Although white stripes may be more of a challange. I too am curious, and this may be too intrusive, what Alex's exif was. I'm looking to try this on the Bahamas shark dive. Trying to get maybe a little differernt look. This was my best effort with the Sharks in PNG (and it's not good): One final question, does the camera continue to focus after the shutter is pushed? My guess is it doesn't but I don't know. Rand
  12. Thanks Ana. James, sorry, should have had this info with the shot. 1/3 second @ f22.
  13. Agree on the starfish shot. But the Flounder is unique. Great job Joe. How on earth do you get lower than a flatfish. LOL! Rand
  14. Not sure how much interest there is in this type of shot. But it's something I've wanted to try for a long time but didn't. Seems like it's an interesting approach until you're actually shooting and then bottom time becomes so precious, you don't want to waste it on a technique that I at first thought, and indeed confirmed, reults in many useless images. I liked this one in particular because the fish, instead of swimming forward and leaving the under exposed image at the rear of the fish which I think is more common, dropped down resulting in a bit different mirror image result. I'd like to learn more about it. So, if anyone has input or suggestions, I'd like to work on it further. Rand
  15. Hi Eric, The Visa was no big deal to pick up in the Airport at Port Moresby, they charge $100 kina which I believe is around $40 U.S. But you need to have the Kina so change some before arriving. Their currency exchange is on the other side of customs so you can't get to it until you're through. It seemed most of the people on the Plane were residents or not in need of one as only 4 or 5 people lined up at the booth to buy one at customs/immigration. Depending on where you are going, I might have some additional tips for you. Talked with a lot of people there about the different types of diving etc. Also, I got nicked $100 AU for the Air Niugini flight from Cairns to Hoskins. They weighed my carry on and said it couldn't go on the plane in the main cabin, it was too heavy. I was too tired to argue at the time. But I'd come prepared for that and had bought a hard sided carryon on the off chance I'd have to check it. Now, on the trip back, from Hoskins to Port Moresby, they weighed all my luggage at once. Said I was over and charged me $70 kina. Maybe $30 U.S. (Strangely, or maybe not, the payment was quickly put in his pants pocket). Again, only Kina accepted so I was glad I'd converted in Australia. Another odd thing, I understood there was supposed to be a $30 Kina departure tax. But no one ever mentioned it so not sure what the deal is there. Once in Port Moresby for the return to Cairns, I was told my carry on was too heavy again and they wanted $100 AU. I told the agent that I was a diver and the suitcase was full of Underwater Camera gear and it was very sensitive. She had me wait and talked to a supervisor, came back and said no charge for the extra bag. So, again, it helped to bring up being a diver/photographer. Finally, when returned to Australia, I had $150 in Kina to exchange. The currency desk said they were out of US dollars but to try exchanging it when I transferred planes in Sydney. My plane out was delayed to the point that I had just enough time to make connections and no time to exchange the Kina. When I got to L.A. the currency exchange said they had no conversion rates for Kina and couldn't take it. So, I've got a reason to go back. LOL! If you're going to Walindi, I have some very specific info for you that might be of help as well. Rand
  16. As long as the ticket agents have some discretion, as Leslie hints, it's best to be polite and allow them to "wield" their power. I also feel it's always in your best intrest to let it slip that you're an U/W photograper and diver. Perhaps, this will get some allowances. My recent trip to Australia is a good example.The final leg was on a small prop plane. My bags went on the scale and the agent gave the usual 'OH wow! you're way overweight! I explained I'd flow all the way from Seattle, to dive there. The first agent brightend immediatly, he was from Vancouver and recently transplanted to Australia, another agent, standing by him was a newly certified diver and was so excited to hear about cold water diving. Long story short, no overweight charges. I can't really confirm this, but I've heard that professional photographers in any case are sometimes cut some slack. Not that I'm a Pro, but I did sell a picture once. FWIW. Rand
  17. Great selection of images Mike. Several caught my eye. The tight head shot of the Tomato anemone fish is really nice. You also managed to take a beautiful shot of the Pixy Hawkfish. I hate it when someone takes a common fish like that and turns it into a work of art. While I continue to swim right on by. Thanks for sharing the shots. If you had Mantas there, I'd consider coming out for a dive... Rand
  18. Peter, I've been using that same card with no problems at all. Even in hi-speed crop mode, 8fps, no problem. Rand
  19. Thanks Mike, like Todd, I'll be stealing your idea or at least a variation of it given the opportunity. Now, I'm not familiar with the designations, it's a Basketstar, which I believe is actually an animal? But is it still considered a coral? Rand
  20. Thanks for posting that Mike. It's a beautiful shot. Well concieved. If it's sharper then it appears, that's my only concern. Otherwise really nice. I've taken a few "artsy" shots as well and haven't gotten too much feedback on them either. I'ts nice to see these type shots posted. Here's my one of my fav (sorry for the hijack): Rand
  21. Of courese you've just posted a digital image of a page but, if I can rely on the example being close, I'd say it's one of the best sunbursts I've seen. Film or digital. Never had the opportunity to shoot film U/W. But, with all the talk of digital vs film when it comes to resolving the sun, I'd say that wins over most film shots I've seen. Rand
  22. Anthony, Mike, thanks. Definitely user error then. Turned down the brightness on the laptop so should be good from here out. Rand
  23. Ok, I adjusted brightness on my laptop and was very careful with this one on adjustments. Does it look OK? Figured this is about as colorful a shot as I took over there.
  24. Sorry, hit the send button before finishing my post. I meant to add that I hadn't tried this setting with a strobe. But after re-reading Alex's post, my guess is, it won't. Rand
  25. Turn on the high speed sync option in the camera menu.
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