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  1. You're right. Actually, I'm looking foward to watching and learning in Port Hardy. I'm probably better at finding subjects than shooting them. It should be interesting. Later, Rand
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome. Here's one more for ya. It's one of dem der Grunt sculpins. The reason I like it is because the lighting, composition and contrast are great.........wouldn't you agree Bob?
  3. Hoo boy, already it's starting. And Bob pulls no punches.....Hmmmmmmm
  4. Well, thought I'd better say "Hello" to you Port Hardy participants. Todd made sure a 'Yank' will be aboard to keep ya' all on the straight and narrow! I mean it. No fooling around. :freak: I'm not a great photographer but here's a little teaser from my last trip to Vancouver Is: "I love the smell of barnacles in the morning". I really am looking forward to meeting those who will be there in August. Rand
  5. Lamdio, just wanted to let you know that the Night Sea filters arrived and I had some success on my first effort. I dove the Underwater Park in Edmonds at night and found several anemones flourescing. There was quite a bit of surge and the current was running out a bit so the macro shooting was not ideal. A few days later, I tried a night dive at Alki and found nothing at all. I'm going to La Paz, Mexico next week and will post anything of value when I get back. You can see a picture by clicking on the following link: http://home.att.net/~randapex/800anenome.jpg
  6. lamadio, Slow. I received an e-mail last week that the filter from Light & Motion had just been recieved and they were converting it for flourescence photograpy. Assuming all the other parts are in stock, Strobe filter, spotting light and Light Cannon with filter, I'm hoping to receive it soon. Will be testing it in Puget Sound first and then in La Paz, Mexico the end of August so I should have something to tell you by the end of next month. Rand
  7. I have ordered the filters and light from night sea. They are going to the trouble of customizing a filter for my Tetra housing. Will post results after I have a chance to try the kit out. rand
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