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  1. Ellen,

    You will be shooting anywhere from nearly straight up to somewhat downward so, one manual setting probably won't be good for everything. Shutter priority might be worth a try.

    There are cleaning stations that sometimes result in an eye level shot which to me is the one to be ready for as the others will become somewhat commonplace depending on how lucky you get with the Hammerheads in general. You're going the exact same time I went 3 years ago. It was pretty awesome. The night dive with the Whitetips is worth the trip.


  2. Well, of course it may sound a bit biased, but I really liked the Port Hardy article by Alex. Almsot like I was there. THe cover is a beautiful shot. I also enjoyed Eric's story on his turtle photos.



  3. The most reliable mating activity I've found was between the Hamlets in Bonaire. As Alex mentions, he's seen it so often he's experimenting with different exposures, models etc. It seemed every evening, they would mate just at dusk. I'd head out in the very late afternoon and as it started getting dark, look for a Hamlet, follow him (her?) around until eventually, it would hook up with another Hamlet. They'd swim about the reef together for a bit, then find a sponge and start going at it. (Apprently, they never get headaches)





  4. The 60mm is my favorite lens when the subject is motionless or not easily spooked. But the 105mm is just as necessary as the 60mm when shooting behaviour, especially cleaning or mating. Getting tight behaviour shots with the 60mm is risking scareing off the subjects. And the 105mm with the Subsee or 2xtc becomes my super macro set up as well. You would be way too close with it mounted on the 60mm. FWIW, IMHO....


    You may want to check out Keri Wilk's articles on Dive Photo guide for U/W macro photography:


    Super Macro Part 1


    Super Macro part 2



  5. Laz, great expericence and photo. Now that you've located these frogfish, is it similar to the Hamlets in that they mate every evening? And I'm wondering if the male just changed to a darker color. This is really interesting behaviour for sure.

  6. Hi paquito,


    I'm reading Dive the Red Sea, The Ultimate Dive guide. We are planning on a trip next year and I'm trying to educate myself as well. The book covers all the dive sites in great detail. Dr. Mustard is a contributor so you know it's full of great photos of the dive sites and fish life.



  7. I like the idea of it. There is a potential for a really cool shot if you get lucky with one fish head on in focus. But to get one head on, it'd have to be swimming at you, would you being doing the opposite of using zoom? mooz? LOL!

    Really, to me anyway, it's that bit on the left halfway down that kind of looks a mess.



  8. I was cleaning up some photo gear and got to a light I bought 3 years ago that's still working on the same set of batteries and has saved me on several dive trips. It's not often an inexpensive product lives up to it's hype but the 50 hr burn time must be pretty accurate. It's no Fix light, but it does do a good enough job in a pinch. And for $52.00, you can't beat the price. ULCS makes a velcro holder with a ball on the end for mounting it. Check it out here:


    LED Lenser



  9. Mine did the same thing, actually, it's been doing the same thing for more than a year. I've just pulled the battery and have become very dilligent about maintainance. I'll get Ryan to replace it one of these days as I think the problem is crust built up inside the rubber boot around the sensors causing the circuit to complete. I tried using rubbing alcohol on a swab but it didnt't work for me.

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