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  1. Well you're right Jeff. Just off the phone with American and we're cancelled out of our July trip. We went through Curacao last trip but ended up spending 3 extra days in transit as flights were cancelled to the point that we couldn't make it to Bonaire quickly. Thanks for the early warning.

    It's sad the way things are going. I'm sure the effects of the economy will put dive ops out of business. And continue to screw up dive plans going forward through the year.

    Guess I'll have to figure out somewhere else to go.



  2. I've been doing some very non-scientific comparisons with/without my 2x teleconverter. I'd assumed (wrongly) that my working distance with the TC on would be quite a bit less than with the straight 105mm. But it seems that it's just the opposite.


    With the 105mm racked out all the way, the distance from the subject to the tip of the lens is about 5 1/2". With the 2xTC on, it's about 5 3/4". Does this seem right? And why? The teleconverter is not supposed to change the working distance of the lens but if you add the width of the converter, it should get shallower???



  3. This is easily my favorite photo of the year. Shot up in Port Hardy. There were un-countable numbers of jellyfish in the water. During a safty stop, I took a few pics of them as they floated by. While up-loading photos that evening, I asked Alex about the small critters that were clinging to some of the Jellys. He explained to me they were amphipods. I wanted to see about getting a good shot of them and spent the following dives shooting some on safty stops. A Redeye Medusa drifted by with something somewhat larger on top of it. Closer inspection revealed this small crab.





  4. Photos from a recent trip to La Paz, Mexico. I used Alex Mustard's Magic filter on my Nikon 15mm lens with great result. Diving in very shallow water 15' (5 meters) and sometimes even shallower, with blazing sun made the filter really shine. And its great shooting without the strobes mounted. :)











    Oops! Time to leave...




  5. I'm spending a bit less time shooting and more looking lately. So my daily rate for 3 dives is around 100-125 snaps total. I'm always more than pleased if I get just 1 great photo per trip. And hopefully, 15-20 keepers to put on my website. Guess that would put me around 4% for a 5 day dive trip...which isn't all that good. LOL!


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