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  1. Hi depelos, Sorry to hear your expectations were not met at KBR. My kneejerk response would be, where did you read that the food would be good, the rooms clean and fresh and that the DM's wouldn't bother the critters?...LOL! Truly, the experience you had, sounds average but also, very normal. I've eaten dinner at KBR, in fact, the chiken quesadilla was my choice as well. Blech! But I've never stayed at the resort. I've nearly starved on every trip to Lembeh because the food is so bad. (I hate curry) Pouring water in the toilet so it would flush, and finally figuring out I'd do better consientiously, diving without the guides if I didn't want to see them molest the critters. Try Kima Bajo resort next time if you'd like better accomodations and food. Rand
  2. I'm awestruck Alex. That's such an honor and really, impossible to top. Congratulatons seems so weak but, you have earned that. Wow! Rand
  3. Me too, let me know after you do the upgrade.... Rand
  4. Fantastic shot Gavin. Congratulations on your honor. Rand
  5. Great shots of the Rays. They are all fantastic really. And congrats to both of you for doing so well there. Rand
  6. Matt, I shot at ISO 400 in Cocos and was not happy with the grain in the photos at all. ISO200 was acceptable to me so that's what I stayed with on these dives. There was a rubble pile right below the Wolfeel so, that's why I dropped the shutter so low. Hoping to get something of value. I'm not defending the camera one way or the other so. It is what it is. Jack, the filter slides into a slot on the 10.5 and I don't think it will work with your camera. If I'm wrong, Alex will probably know, you're of course welcome to use it if it will Rand
  7. Why yes, yes I did. The conditions were not optimal there. Mostly cloudy and very deep on the dives I used it. But it still came up with some amazing color. To be at that depth, very dark and see the colors come up in the LCD was quite surprising. Granted, this was shot at ISO200 f2.8 with a 1/2 second shutter. But it's still very cool to see this come out with no strobe. I'm going to Californina in December and hope to get some sunny days to try it in more favorable conditions. Wolfeel at 90' :
  8. Hi Joe, That's an interesting image for sure. Although you didn't ask for critique as such, my first reaction was, if you had hand held a strobe above the water to fill in the shadows and make you wife brighter, that would be kinda cool. But, you didn't ask so, disgregard that. I'm totally fine with that image as being an "underwater" photo. IF the rules specified that all the photos must have been taken while on scuba, and you don't say exactly if you were or not, but if you weren't the comp rules would answer the question. But I see White shark images, dolphin images, winning competitions and the shots were not taken on scuba. At least as I define it. Snorkeling or using a hooka line is not scuba. But that's the definition that some contests use. Others don't. I seem to recall a similar setting winning BOS at Epic a few years ago. Oh, and I really like the shot. You're planning paid off in a unique photo. Rand
  9. Great stuff Alex, fantastic really. I'm in awe of the DOF. 10.5 combined with the TC? Only you would think up a combo like that...LOL! Good job. I'm off to Canada tomorrow. Rand
  10. Jeez, I was also hoping the traffic generated several months back here would help. It did bother me when we were asked to stop posting information here as it was impeding the investigation. My thinking was and is, why not let everyone know these a-holes are stealing gear and putting it on Ebay. Obviously, keeping it quiet isn't helping. I've been thourgh SJU twice a few months ago with no problems But I've started packing in such a way as to not draw attention to my gear. For obvious reason, I won't post that here. Rand
  11. Hi Alex, Yes, I carry a spare. And pop it in when the first bar goes blank. I've never trusted a battery indicator. Some show that 2/3 full for a while and then the camera dies. Just not worth all the effort etc. that goes into what we do to lose out because the camera battery dies. JMHO Does the fact that my latest image file reads 5290 mean I've taken that many shots? Holy crap! I'm really slacking. LOL! Rand
  12. I'll go with the Octo as well. I think with some careful adj. in PS you'd have a knockout shot. Rand
  13. Yea, I agree. Damn Videographers screw up my shots.... Actually, on this one, I felt she made the shot. But Scubadru brings up an interesting point for discussion. A year ago, I was just happy to be shooting and diving. But as I move along, I guess it's just a natural progression for eveyone who takes their underwater photography seriously to get the best shot possible. And rarelydoes a diver who's not aware or interested in your shot, going to magically look properly placed in the frame. A few things I've learned, is be geared up and ready to splash as soon as the boat stops. Have a plan for the shot so you will get at least a few bubble free moments. Go low season, by yourself. PNG was heaven for me. No one at the resort. One or two divers on the boat. Or, pay a sh*tload of money and rent the whole boat. (Haven't reached that point...yet) It sounds like the Sardine run has become so popular, that it's out paced the available subjects. Sad as I'd hoped to do it some day. Rand
  14. Ok, well that saves me reading the Manual. Which I do appreciate. To the garbage it will go. Thanks, Rand
  15. Eric, I'm in Australia most of that month so it'd be too much to add more time although I'd love to get back to Walindi. If it's at all possible, have them run you out solo or with a small group to the Zero. It's not far from the resort. A very cool thing to observe. And I'd like to see your interpretation of it both from a video and still standpoint. Rand
  16. I received an e-mail from Adobe containing a link to Adobe Lightroom beta. Apparently, if's supposed to be pretty good. However, it failed my first test. Download it and tried to work the program without reading the manual. I can't get anything to load in. Intuitiveness is very important to a lazy guy like me. Anyway, thought I'd start the thread and get input from anyone who's playing around with it. Rand
  17. That sucks, I've got no recommendation on the O'rings them selves. Mine have been fine for several hundreds of dives. One thing I might suggest is also greasing the threads that you're scewing the port into as I've done this since day one. Makes the connecting smoother. Sorry man. That's not fun to deal with I'm sure. Rand
  18. Good job James. The first shot is fabulous. very well done. Rand
  19. Hi Craig, Great set of images. That sepia tone pic is really cool. Looks like a giant mask or it could almost pass for a hoard of birds if it weren't for the distinct fish profiles in the lower area. Solo shot of the Hammerhead is awesome. One I failed to get though not for lack of trying. Interesting vision for the urchin. I really like that. It was a great week. Nice to meet you and Wendy. Rand
  20. Joe, not sure Garden Island would qualify as a family resort. It's pretty remote and as for things to do other than diving, there's not much there. My recollection is you get 2 boat dives in the package but that a 3rd dive and a night dive are offered for an additional fee. Should be easy enough to find out I suppose on that. It seemed if you instigated a sign up sheet and got the minimum, they did these extra dives. As for the shore diving, that's a good name for it. It's so shallow that at times, my tank was out of the water. LOL! Well, almost. It took me a while to get someone at the resort to admit they have shore diving. It was like, Oh uh, talk to so and so about it. Finally, the head guy showed up and showed me where the tanks were and said just grab one and let the dive desk know you took a tank. Seems to me it was $5 and is probably discouraged so you'll do the extra boat dives. Diving from shore solo wasn't a problem. I was there with Eric, James, Tortuga for the Digital Shootout so, not sure if our diving was less restrictive but the DM's seemed fairly layed back to me. In fact they were good at finding critters so, you'd probably want to follow them off and on just to get some of the more unique things that are usually not seen. Of course the main dive sites there are world class. Soft corals galore and quite a few macro subjects as well. Short boat rides. Currents can be killer. Keep towards the bottom of the reefs near the sand and it makes a big difference. I'd go back there myself so maybe that's the best I can say. Rand
  21. Hmmm. Guess stinky rooms don't bother me that much. LOL! I've stayed in the Transit Hotel a few times and found it fine for the 6-8 hr layover. Much more than that and I'd probably consider going to a downtown hotel. Customs/Immigration is a snap there for sure. As for the bags, I've never collected mine. Just go to the Transfer desk with the claim tags and they will make sure the bags are transferred from your Intl. flight onto the Silkair flight. No problem at all. Plus they print the boarding pass for you. I think it's Transfer desk E. The Strand Hotel was nice. Lots of restaurants and stores in the general area of the Hotel. About $80.00 U.S. Strand Hotel Rand
  22. Cor, nothing to add other than to say I've used my YS90DX strobe often with my ND2 housing over the last year plus with no issues. I've made no modifications to the hotshoe pins. Just used it as it came from the factory. Rand
  23. I'm thinking maybe 2 rubber strap wrenchs would do the trick although not sure you'd find them in Indo. Rand
  24. When I saw that, it reminded me of the one Alex took of you head on. That's great too. Very cool modelling makes the shot. Rand
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