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  1. Hi Tom, The problem (Well it's a problem to me ) is the AF will lock on the wrong area. Yes, you can lock focus and re-compose but...try it on a Pygmy. LOL! Your window to snap the shutter is milliseconds. But, you could be right. I've got to make sure it will fit my current set-up before I purchase one for Lembeh. I leave in two weeks so, time is short. Not even sure it's available to the "common" man. Rand
  2. Jason, at the moment, one of the most popular is the fix light. Expensive but works well and has an adjustable beam. You can buy it here: Fisheye Fixlight Rand
  3. I'm trying to follow this but not sure if I'm understanding it all. My question is: If I put a 2xtc on the body, then the lens, does this extend the switch out far enough to put the port on and clear the zoom geaer? My thought is, since I use MF exclusively with the TC, will this combo work? Rand
  4. I know everybody here loves Jim Abernethy but how he can enter as an amateur and compete with his customers is beyond me... Rand
  5. Interesting move on the part of BTS. At the least, because of this action, people may consider a little more carefully what they submit in the future. And also, ask questions about what the dive guides are showing them. Most competitions are following the guidelines developed by Epic. And after this strict interpretation, I wondered about my Bahama Shark photos that are entered in Epic's current photo comp. Since they were the result of "Animals being fed". But, I see Epic refined their rules on that. Rand
  6. Congrats Nautilus. That is an interesting way to lable the placements. Although I do favor "Highly commended" over HM. There was an earlier comment about the pool shot but after seeing it, it's definitely a great photo. Well conceived but not what is normally considered U/W. If it's within the rules, then I see no problem with it. The Judges comments were also very intersting. Seeing each judge with a specific technique being weighted over another. So it's easy to see why different photos do well some places and not others. Rand
  7. Agree, the Eel is a bonus to the shot and makes it very appealing. Nice job on the shot of Laz with the Tiger as well. I'd love to have a shot like that of me. WTG James. I'll bet Laz was thrilled with it. That's really cool. Rand
  8. #38 Alex. Beautiful. Sense of motion. The blurred remoras (?) effect really is cool,that one grabbed me. Rand
  9. Nice pics Luiz. Next time take me with and I'll get that shark to turn towards you. Rand
  10. Great shots, all of them. Sunballs are like snowflakes, no two alike so difficult to compare as each one is unique to itself. But I do like Alex's blues a bit more. Rand
  11. Yea, I was going to enter BUIF, but I'm not British....
  12. F'n incredible Eric! I can't even type. That multiple Tiger one is off the hook. Seeing Alex in mid-water was amazing. Makes our trip look like the kiddie version. WOW! Rand
  13. Hi mmb. These are great. I really like what you're doing. Different perspectives on subjects that often get passed by (Well, at least by me ). Great eye and artistic mind. Good job. Rand
  14. Ok, after considerable thought... 1. Lets keep in mind why these contests are put on...starts with 'M' So, the idea is to maximize entries. By making people feel there is a chance that they will place, more will enter. I'll leave it to the contest organizers to define the specifics. Novice- Open to non winners ever. (Ncups had a max on number of years shooting underwater. One I believe.) Intermediate. This category will be anyone not defined as a Novice or an Advanced shooter. Advanced: Strictly defined by number of wins, occupation, income via U/Wphotography etc. This level has the top prizes as the award for winning. As the most competitive level should. The bigger the better to attract as many entrants that qualify. The qualilfications must be such that it's not a slam dunk to get in. But not overly restrictive so that only a handful qualify. Give this category the cache it deserves. A catchy category name: ie: The Eric Cheng excellance in Underwater Photography award . Large prizes and trophies for example. Make it everyone's goal to qualify. Most of the earlier comments seemed to be aimed at eliminating the best shooters. This will reward those, who, as Eric said, spend a ton of time trying to get better at their craft. After all is said and done, it is a competition. Not a give away. JMHO. Rand
  15. Hi Kathy, for the first part, I've no problems with the entry requirements. They may take careful preparation to make sure you meet them all but I haven't felt like it was a reason for not entering. As for the second question, Ok you got me, it's all about the chance to win a free trip. Rand
  16. Karl, you missed Cor Bosman with his HM in W/A open. Congrats to everyone looking forward to seeing the shots. For the first time, I was surprised to see a shot (of mine) finish up in the standings. Pleasantly I might add. It's a vertical composition for the Zero and not B/W. Rand
  17. I don't think you will ever be able to make a rule on Pros. The basic reason is, that photos last forever. Someone might work for Natl. Geo and be at the top of the list talent wise. Retire, and suddenly, his whole portfolio is now legal. Unless the rules start with: "Have you ever, in your life...... As I type this, it occurs to me that perhaps there could be a rule that only photos taken in the year preceding the contest would be eligilble. And in general, Pros get their work published, yes, every now and then somthing of mine will as well. BTS says more than 5 images published in the preceding year and you're not eligible for their conteset. Sounds about right. As for the amatuer/Pro question on how much diving one person can do, that's ridiculous. Are you suggesting anyone living on either coast of the US or any Nation for that matter, not be eligible after a given number of dives? Come on, that's so transparent. One idea that's been mentioned that does make sense would be a third category, advanced or whatever. Win so many contests and you bump up another level. For me personally, I like the idea of taking on all comers. It makes me work harder on my U/W photography. Rand
  18. Hi Victor, yes. Sorry, I saw your name and didn't get it in my post. Congrats. Beauty shot, that water is unbelieveable. Rand
  19. Hey, my turn to congratulate every one! John Gordon and Luiz Rocha both had 1st place finishes, pp a second, Victor Zucker and Kasey Canton a second, my buddy Todd also a second but more important, his photo was used on this months cover so, he's now a pro and can no longer compete against me. LOL! Congrats and if I missed someone, please sing out. Rand
  20. Congrats guys. There are some nice shots there. Look forward to seeing the winners too. I know I'm not one Rand
  21. Larry, I agree with you to a point, it's a great thread but un-like religion, the stand on FF that's it's noticeably sharper with macro shots and that, at f22 on a cropped sensor, quote: "at f22 sharpness is so bad, you might as well be using a 5mp camera". has me dying to see a FF macro shot at f22 so I can see the difference. Here (again) is my little Bartender: f22, 105mm + 2xTC @ 1/125 full frame: And eye detail at 100%: No PS work, but the TIff is from the original Raw file and Rawshooter is quite powerful in the amount of adjustments that can be made before conversion. Rand
  22. I agree with Herb, these types of exchanges sometimes are biased toward one side or the other, but the information is enlightening and I enjoy seeing the point counter point. I'm not as well versed as some so it's educational. Although I'm not ready to agree with Lanier's comment about cropped sensor sharpness. Not that he may not be correct, but until someone posts a FF sensor macro shot of a similar subject to the ones I've been shooting that shows the difference. Rand
  23. Hi Cor, I've had my share of issues with the short bulb life & batteries as well. Usually, when the battery is inserted in the charger and the red light goes from flashing to a steady red, you've gotten a good connection. But I've run into the same issue of a partial charge after all lights go green. This seems to be most common on L.A. boats. When I charge them at home, I've never had a problem. My last trip to Lembeh, one of the batteries would show full green but when inserted in the light, would not work. Try another battery and it would light so I know it's the battery. Why it shows full charge but won't even give you a few minutes is a mystery to me. The only other weird thing I've found is, if the Fixlight switch is in the 'On' position when you insert the battery, the light won't come on. Even if you turn the switch off and back on. You'll have to remove the battery, turn the switch off and re-insert. Then it'll work. Just bought a replacement battery...($120.00 but it did come with a small tube of vaseline ) Edit: Should have followed up on this when I got home Indonesia... After posting the above, I charged the battery that was giving me problems in Lembeh. You guessed it, charged up fully and it's working fine...go figure Rand
  24. 1 mil was fine for me. (but I've got a little more natural insulation than some ) Rand
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