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  1. I just faced the same dillemma, and went with the 60mm. I am very happy with the choice. Perhaps the 105 would have captured a closer image of the pygmy sea horse, but I am not confident that I could have held it steady enough, or been able to focus.
  2. My wife uses an Ikeline DS50 with a manual controller slave with her Sea and Sea DX5000. She closes the cover on the onboard flash, and the slave fires every time. If anything, it might be a bit too sensitive as it will fire if pointed toward the sun in shallow depths. Every time I take a photo of her with my camera, it also fires, which turns out to be a cool effect. Rgds, Don
  3. Any suggestions on sharpening in Photoshop - unsharp mask? Which settings? I didn't have any luck when searching on "sharpening". I forgot to add that most of these macro shots are croped by up to 1/2 frame. Maybe too much. Also, levels adjustment has been done. Rgds, Don
  4. I agree they are on the soft side. Any suggestions? Most shot at 1/100 and F22+ Post processing (just colour correction - no sharpening) in Photoshop. Thanks, Don
  5. I just got back from a brilliant week in Wakatobi with my (relatively new) rig. I had been shooting, up until this trip, with an 18-70 Nikon lens. Before the trip I stopped in Singapore, and picked up the 60mm. I borrowed a 105mm port from a friend, and it worked fine with the 60mm. Firstly, Wakatobi is a very photogenic place. Probably more suited to macro than wide; although you could argue there are amazing sites for wide. The 60mm was really amazing. The AF is excellent, and very quick - even in low light. I was contemplating the 105mm, but found the 60mm gave me as much macro as I was ready for. I did find the viewfinder a bit difficult to see for the close up shots (I wear glasses above the surface, but nothing while diving). I think I will definitely do something about this next trip. I also tried out my DS-125 strobe for the first time. I was very impressed. The modelling light for night diving is truely amazing. The "smart" charger is also a dream. As for Wakatobi, they have doubled in size. It is very nice, but not quite as intimate as before when they just had the long house (there is a new restaurant now). The diving is still great. As an added bonus, they now offer Nitrox, which was very nice. The only downside, is that my wife wants to upgrade to an SLR after seeing my images compared with her Sea and Sea 5000G. Feedback on the pictures welcome. Don
  6. Remember that the main O-ring on the Ike rigs does NOT require grease. There is no advantage to grease o-rings that don't require it. A silly one. Make sure that your diopter is on (if required), and lens cap off. As mentioned by others, a quick above water snap with the housing sealed up is a good check. Am I the only one who has brought a rig diving with the lens cap still on? A short laminated check list is a good idea to get you in the rhythm. Good luck
  7. I am going on my second trip to Wakatobi on May 26th, and wondered if anyone else would be there at that time? It will be the first warm/clear water trip with the housing. Also, my wife now has a Sea&Sea 5000 with Ike strobe so we will not be fighting over gear this time. Drop me a PM if you are going. I'll post some pictures on my return. Cheers, Don
  8. It was the 18-70mm kit lens set at full wide angle. I used Shutter priority at 1/90s, aperature was F8. In hindsite, I should have increased the shutter a bit, as you have to swim with these things (2 knots) to stay with them. I found I got a bit of camera shake on a few shots. I would have like to have used a strobe, but it is not allowed. The operator was Coral Bay dive (part of Exmouth dive). They are the only serious operator in Coral Bay. They have the single dive shop; although I think that there may be a couple other operators. I should also say the staff were friendly and helpful, I just think they were doing the best they could with a small operation. They have two boats. The large one is very nice, but is used for the Whale shark tours when they are running. Their small boat is a small (10 person) inflatable, which is not very comfortable to dive from. I think it would be a great spot if you could charter their boat for a few days with six or seven people.
  9. Just got back from a Coral Bay trip. The diving was ok, but the snorkling better. The dive operator there really doesn't have a big enough business to offer serious diving, so they hit the shallower (5-10m) snorkling spots so they can cater for both divers and snorklers. They also didn't cater very well for photography. I had to hassle them each day to ensure I got a rinse tank for my camera. They were also reluctant to give me fresh water. The diving was good, but the vis was not. If you are interested in hard coral, then there is a ton here - over 130 species. I imagine the diving outside the reef is good when they get out there. Anyway, the highlites were snorkling with the Manta's and the Whale sharks - awesome! Not cheap mind you, but very worth it. I had to do a lot of cleanup on the water on this shot, as the shark was feeding on plankton (as they do).
  10. We went there last summer - stayed at the , and dived with "Dive Provo". I would call them photo friendly, but not an advanced photo dive operator. For example, they will have a fresh water camera only rinse tank, but that is about it. I would also say that they are a very professional outfit. Good boat, good staff, well organized. The diving there is also great. Lots of big stuff, and great visibility. We stayed at the Allegro which I wouldn't recommend, but we had a friend's wedding there. I believe there are a few on this board who live/work there, so I am sure they can provide better detail. Have a good one.
  11. Question for you: How did you get DAN insurance when you are based in Australia? I thought DAN insurance was for US/Canadian residents only?
  12. Anyone been to Coral Bay Western Australia that can give me tips on the best sites? I am hoping to get some good pics with the D70 over Easter. Maybe even a whale shark if I am extremely lucky. Don
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