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  1. I try it in a Nauticam A7R2 housing. There is enough space for it, but it will require some work, as the flash light is directed to the front and the fiber optic connections are on the top of the housing. Maybe some mirror inside the housing will solve the issue. Anyway the external flash triggering seems to work when manually putting the fiber in front of the seaforg flash output.
  2. Also use Ikea Ladda, and not able to see differences with my Eneloop pros
  3. hello any feedback on the new AOI UCS-Q1 strobe. https://www.aoi-uw.com/products/strobe-lights/aoi-ucs-q1-wht.html First strobe from AOI. How it compares with a Inon S2000 (for power. There are other differences, like no TTL, better batteries, ...) Thanks
  4. I use 3mm single core cables, with DIY Sea&Sea type plugs (TPU 3D print). Unbreakable, good flexibility, very good light transmission even at low strobe power and only a few euros for several meters... The only drawback I see is you cannot have L shape plugs, but this is not a problem on my setup
  5. Thanks Oskar I will try this configuration. 1/5 seconds should not be a serious limitation...
  6. Old post, but I have the same issue Oly EM1 mk2 with Retra ProX It seems that in 2nd curtain configuration, there is always a pre-flash, so it prevents using Manual mode on the flash side. (TTL on Retra is ok) Can someone please confirm same behaviour ? Thanks
  7. Today at "La Gravière du Fort", Alsace, France. Olympus EM1mkII and Olympus 8mm F1.8 fisheye. 1/160, f/10, iso 400 Picture taken from a depth of 10 meters. No crop. Will try to do more pictures when I will have time.
  8. Hello. Is snoot still available?. Do you have an estimation of shipping cost to France ? Thanks. François
  9. By looking at previous answers, I wonder if the focus light in YSD1 is strong enough to have the Retra LSD usable. Any actual experience ? Thanks
  10. Hi this post is a little bit old, but do you still sale "Nauticam Zoom Gear for Panasonic 12-35mm (Part #36148)" ? shipping to France. Thanks Francois
  11. Hi all, I'm François from France. I started UW photography around 4 years ago with a small minolta compact camera. Enjoyed visiting wetpixel since a while. Now using a panasonic GF1 µfour/third camera with a leica 45mm macro lens. I just come back from a trip in Indonesia, being able to shoot wonderful critters in Lembeh and Bunaken Thanks
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