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  1. Jay-11

    Kit Items Value

    Sorry, I left that detail off. They are Type 3 ports.
  2. Not sure if this is the right forum for this and if it is the wrong forum sorry and admin please move it to the right one. But was thinking of maybe parting with some of my kit items that I don't use very often and was wanting to get an idea as to what they maybe worth. Subal 6" Dome port Subal 105 flat port with the nob on the port. Both items are in very good shape. As I said above not sure if I really want to sell them at this time but some RL issues may require me to.
  3. Very nice shots! Thanks for the comments, still undecided but everyone's thoughts have helped.
  4. Wanted to get some feed back on these two lenses. Looking at adding one of them to my current kit in which I just recently "had" to purchase the new D500 and a Nauticam housing due to an unforeseen situation! I mainly use my 60mm and 105mm lenses and to a lesser degree my 20mm. Have mainly been doing muck diving lately but have a trip coming up that is less muck and more wide angle action. Wanting to be able to take decent wide-angle pictures and also some close-up pictures without having to change lenses when on a reef or wall. Also which variations of these lenses would work the best with the D500?
  5. Thank you for the responses!
  6. Well, since no had any feedback on the above question! I have another for some feedback from anyone that has been on the Pearl of Papua boat?
  7. Looking to do a live aboard that will include Alor in the itinerary. Was wanting to get some feedback about the diving there as so far I have not found a lot info about the diving around Alor? Unless I'm looking at the wrong places for info. Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. Mike, talked to my travel agent and it looks like they don't change the schedules until late August.
  9. Not sure but I just got the message from Silk this Wednesday that my flights had been changed as I was originally booked to leave Manado on a Tuesday and they were going to move my flight to Monday from Manado. My flights were originally booked in January or February of this year. I'm thinking this was a recent change as my travel agents did not know that Silk had changed their schedules.
  10. I have a trip to Lembeh Straits in September and October 2014 and just got a message from Silk Air that they have dropped the number of days that they are flying from Singapore to Manado and back. I happened to be flying back to Singapore on one of the days they dropped so had to make changes to all of my flights. Based on what I found out they are now only flying there on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Some of the people in my party had booked through Singapore Air or with a travel agent and they or the agent did not even know there had been changes to the reservations. If you are headed that way you might want to check with both Silk and Singapore to make sure your flights have not been changed.
  11. I'm in the process of scheduling a trip to Indonesia in October of this year and was looking at booking a "B" or "Y" class ecomony ticket and then use some of my United mile to upgrade into business. However, in talking with Singapore I was advised that they were not allowing tickets to be upgraded with outside Star Alliance points/miles. The people I spoke to at Singapore stated it was due to equipment size and safety reasons and could not get to a supervisor to discuss this either. I was wondering if anyone else had run into this issue recently? I have not been able to get an answer from United/Cont. yet about this issue.
  12. Been following this discussion as I have a trip in October that will have these restrictions on baggage. I have done some searches for bags and found the following: For the Samsonite Oyster 29" that Cor and David were talking about found prices of $78 to $90. The higher price was on the Samsonite Company store site and this one had the TSA locks. The other sites that were cheaper seemed to have older versions that did not have the TSA locks. For the Samsonite F'Lite 28" I found prices that ran from $115 to $120 and the sites noted that they did have them in stock. Here again the higher price was at the Samsonite Company store and again it looks like they have the TSA approved locks and the other sites did not really say if the locks were TSA approved. The sites I used for this were Luggage Pros, Lugggage Topia, E-Bags and Bergman Luggage. On Luggage Pros and Bergman Luggage there was also what seemed to be a newer version of the F'Lite called the GT which both sites showed at $127. Just something I thought I would throw out there based on some of my pricing research.
  13. Thanks Gudge, Great information and like the way you presented the comparison. On the Nauticam with you using the Subal ports I'm guessing that fifth connection was not accessible for a focus light?
  14. Thanks, Viz'art for the info. I currently use Inon Z-220 strobes, would the convertor still be needed?
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