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  1. Still for Sale, please refer to earlier spreadsheet. James
  2. I came from Stills - swapped to Video and am now sticking to video only - EZ Cam... I need 120 fps
  3. The GH5 camera's Menu system and how some of the video relevant settings are in the 'Camera' part of the menu... Memory and Custom settings 1 and 2. I think its a poor layout and they now need to go simpler e.g. EZ cam or Sigma FP... J
  4. Not moving to anything but if I did I - it'd be something simpler to use and dedicated to video only! Forgetting one minor setting on a GH5 can cost a holiday... The GH5 menu is a disaster.
  5. Note: Adaptor Port and wide-angle port are not included.
  6. I have a Nauticam NA-GH5 housing for sale that is in very good condition and has no loss of original black paint coating, is in perfect working order with the leak detector in full working order too. I've probably used it on less than 50 dives and it has never flooded or had any kind of leak. There is a minor scratch on the viewing window for the cameras own LCD panel. Also a Nauticam NA-502H monitor housing for the SmallHD monitor (included). The kit resides with me in Swindon, Wiltshire UK but I'd be happy to send it anywhere that has a reliable and trackable mail/courier service. The housing was purchased from UWVisions UK and I have proof of purchase. My background: I'm a trimix rebreather diver (IANTD MODII) but originally qualified BSAC AI 1719. I now dive an AP Inspiration Evo but dialling down the depth as I get into my later years. Offers from £2600 please excl. shipping. Please feel free to request further details, info or photos.
  7. Compatible with all Aquatica housings, the Aqua View allows e.g. a rebreather diver to gain full view of the viewfinder whilst on the loop. The finder is in excellent condition and currently on auction on eBay: Visit Auction Rgds, JCL
  8. I have an Aquatica Nikon D700 Housing and 9.25" Megadome for sale. The housing is fitted with the Heinrichs & Weikamp iTTL PCB controller which will drive any of the pre-flash capable digital guns, e.g. Hartenberger, Subtronic, Inon etc. I am based in the UK (Malmesbury,Wiltshire). Offer prices should be based on the current 'New' price on eBay - as a starting point. Other accessories available e.g. 1650 Pelican hard case, Ultra-Light arms, macro ports. Must sell due to ENT problem. www.aquapixel.co.uk Rgds, JCL
  9. Hello, I am selling an Aquatica Nikon D700 Housing with complete service kit and in-built Heinrichs & Weikamp Nikon iTTL PCB. I have various ports too including the 9.25" megadome. All is in excellent condition with no loss of paint coating or dents etc. Location: Swindon, Wiltshire. I need to sell due to a serious ear problem which may need surgery. Regards, James
  10. I have a pair of Hartenberger 250 TTL HS Digital flashguns for sale that were used with my housed Nikon D700. They are fully Nikon iTTL compatible and support preflash with a suitable strobe adaptor (e.g. Heinrichs & Weikamp). GN 22, 90 degree field of illumination, sub-second recharge and 200 full cycles / charge. They have been excellent guns used to take pictures such as these here. Unusually, they are depth rated at 100m so well suited to RB/trimix diving. I regret having to sell all my kit but I have a mastoid problem that may or may not be fixable via surgery that could take a year to arrange . You can view them on eBay: Unit 1 Unit 2 For more info about the guns go to www.hartenberger.de Thanks, James
  11. I used the HW external converter on my Aquatica D700 housing and twin HS250 Hartenbergers for about 30 dives and got fed up with the tangle. So I then sent the housing to Michael Finger at www.mikedive.de who fitted the internal/PCB version of the i-TTL converter (HW approved fitter). This works really well and uses the Aquatica's port release lever to switch between i-TTL and Manual. I can control Flash output using the D700 flash exp comp controls (all visible in the info LCD display). The internal HW PCB comes with a dedicated battery which seems to have a far better duration than that used in the discontinued External adaptor. The internal PCB was hot glued in (snug fit) and then integrated with the Aquatica's twin Nikonos bulkheads.
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