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  1. I just returned from a 2 week liveaboard divetrip to Raja Ampat and the Cenderawasih Bay whalesharks with my new D800 and Nauticam housing. The pictures were amazing, however that is not the subject of my current problem. I downloaded my NEF files daily from my CF card to a late 2010 Macbook Air using Nikon Transfer Mac ver 1.5.2. I kept my original cards except in one case where I copied the data of one CF card to an extra SD card and overwrote the source CF card when I feared I would run short of CF cards. I used Nikon Transfer to make this "safe copy" transfer. Bottom line, I have all my original CF cards, save one which has been 100% overwriten, a Macbook Air SSD HD with all card pictures transfered via Nikon Transfer. The problem is the NEF files are corrupt and can't be read by any (Captiue NX2, PS CS6, Lightroom, Bridge View NX2) software (all latest ver) ...... period. Adobe Camera Raw is 100% current and supports D800. While in Indonesia, I assumed the problem was Camera Raw, even though I downloaded the latest ver before I left, the D800 was too new for it. I have used a D300 for 5 years with Transfer without a problem so assumed it would work with the D800. None of my NEF's will open, period. After I got home, I had no internet in PNG, I have pounded the WEB and now see posts showing up stating that Nikon Transfer, all versions, corrupt the NEF file header irreversibly...... Solution is to make sure you use your computer operating system to drag & drop the files from your CF card to your computer and not use Nikon Transfer. I can overwite all but one of my CF cards which I blottod, 100% overwite; non recoverable. There is absolutely no recognition I can fing on Nikon's website. This is incredible and there is apparently no Fix. Sure, I will never use Transfer again, but I want a fix for my one card. Please, I don't need a lecture to always keep the source card, or advice to uce Rescue Pro to recover what I can. There is no recovery, card is 100% overrriten with NEFs. I did keep the source i just copied it from one card to another, unfortunately with the offendibg program. Carpure NX2 opens the thumbnail embedded JPG in the NEF which is garbage considering the corrupt NEF data, and I did shoot a small JPG in the camera which is OK, but again a massive disappointment to have to use out of a D800! I sure would appreciate you guys addressing my problem and also somebody needs to scream from the rafters to D800 users not to use transfer....... ever.
  2. Been shooting for the last several years with a Nexus d300 and Inon strobes. Bought a D800 and am deciding between the Nexus and Nauticam housings. Have never shot video before. I have always believed its mostly about the user interface with the housing that's most important rather than brand. Have always loved My Nexus but hear Nauticam is more friendly, although weighs about half more. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also any thoughts on the management of the huge files that are coming my way with the 36mp sensor and the lack of wide angle FX lenses. My 105mm and 60mm are already FX, but I see I need a 17-35FX. Also I'm used to 1.5x on my 105mm and assume I will be disappointed with only the rated 105mm. My 105mm on a DX with a wet Nexus diopter is just right for Pygmies.... I guess not so anymore? Will I have to put on a 1:4 tele to be back in the same place, but with the loss of speed, or buy a more powerful wet diopter? I'm really swimming with issues with housing this D800. Maybe I should sell it and get a D7000 and crank along with all my FX stuff, file sizes and experience from about 10,000 images per year over 5 years????????
  3. Are you still interested?
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