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  1. I agree, the composition is very nice. But the water is a very unusual UW color and a bit too saturated.
  2. I'm beginning to see alot of familiar faces here. :mrgreen: I've just started visiting here again so I'm still a newbie myself....Welcome!
  3. Congratulations everyone! We love the challenge of reaching your standards.
  4. Have you thought of a Fisheye tray? Go to 'Trays and Arms'. I like mine because it's a small overall package and I prefer the flexible Infinity arms. On the tray for the PT-015, the handle(s) are adjustable so you can get a good fit for using the buttons and jog dial combo....at least that's why I'm glad it's there!
  5. Jim, I've been using a Sea & Sea YS90DX for a couple of years with my C-4040/PT-010 rig. It's totally manual and connected by a fiber optic cable. Set your camera to fill flash, the strobe to Pre- and Slave and you're good to go. The FO cable is very secure with the velcro patch and I've never had any instances of it coming loose or loosing the connestion. There are 12 power settings on the back of the strobe, making it extremely easy to change them. If you have any specific questions, please ask. Dee
  6. James....Thanks to you and Eric for such a complete and fast report. I didn't mean to come of as complaining with my comments about your 'artsy' shots with the dome lens. Just wanted you to know I do appreciate your efforts!
  7. James... I use a S&S WAL L lens with my PT-10. I get NO fuzzy corners and NO vignetting.
  8. Delta...you don't have to put the GB-Digital Lens Dock on the strobe arm. It will mount on the housing itself, out of the way and safe from damage. Being able to mount the GB-DLD on top of my housing is one of the many advantages. If it were mounted below, as in some of the home made ones, I would think it would leave the lens wide open to being scratched. With mine mounted on top, it is protected in part by the strobe arm. You really can't beat how easy the GB-DLD is to use and how securely it holds your lens. No threading, just tighten a thumb screw and it holds!
  9. Sorry for the delay in responding.... No, I don't need 3 hands. As you surmissed, I let one lens 'dangle' as I change to the other. The thin steel cables do not get in the way, nor do they twist and tangle. I don't have a macro lens in front of me but I think the cable tie is to be put around the outside of the lens. If you tighten it well, it's stable. As for extra cable ties and steel Save-A-Lens cables, extras can be had from gbundersea for a small nominal fee. Just let them know how many you need when you order it. Since these are left on the lenses, you don't need to replace them. Yes, you can probably shop around and find materials that will make due then work out the best ways to attach everything securely. But why would you do that when it's all been done for you at a very reasonable price? Heck, you'll save $40 in gas, especially with todays gas prices, not having to chase down the parts!
  10. Patterns....The Digital Lens Dock from gbundersea has his Save-A-Lens system included. The lenses are attached to the dock via small steel flexible cables. And you only need one lens dock. While the macro is on your housing, the WA is in the dock and vice versa. I love mine and think it's well worth the price for the piece of mind that I won't lose a lens!
  11. Greg at gbundersea.com has a new product for digital users. A lens caddy called the Digital Lens Dock. This is the answer to my prayers! I got used to switching lenses underwater with my first camera, an MX-10. I also depended on the Save-A-Lens kit for security when changing those lenses. I recently added a S&S WAL L lens to my digital set-up but sorely missed a secure place to carry it. Greg has addressed both problems. The new DLD will fit all threaded 67mm lenses and also incorporates the Save-A-Lens. As you can see it's very unobtrusive. It will also fit a variety of housings and/or strobe arms. At $39.95 it's excellent insurance against loss and/or damage of our expensive lenses.
  12. James....I've always heard not to store batteries loose because the + and -ends will touch causing problems. I use my batteries in sets of 4 and mark the sets A, B, C and D. For storage, I use old tape back-up cases (you use what you have!) and they fit almost perfectly. Fully charged batteries are postioned vertically and used ones are positioned horizontally. Standing up = live, laying down = dead....get it? I also draw that little diagram on one side of the box in case I forget!
  13. If I understand correctly....yes you can turn the macro on and off with one button push. Actually, I think it's 3 pushes...macro, spot macro, off. It's easily done with my thumb without even looking at it.
  14. Nice to know I'm using the recommended charger and best batteries!
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