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  1. Thank you so much Steve! It took a lot of work to focus! Rough seas and at night!
  2. Hi, Any way I can buy one of these? Will it fit a Nikon D300 with a Nauticam Housing? Cheers
  3. Hey Paul, I will be around Hanifaru next August. Cheers Shaff
  4. My photo of a juvenile Flying Fish is the cover shot on 'FlyMega', the inflight magazine of Mega Maldives Airlines! Also they put an article about me and my work titled 'Mr. Underwater'. Awesome!
  5. My photo of a Cuttlefish used as the cover shot of African Diver magazine. Also other photos published in the article about the Maldives. Awesome!
  6. I'm selling my Gates housing for Z1 with the standard flat port. also have the Fathom Super Wide port as well. Also...Greenforce Squid 250 lights and batteries. Contact me at: shafraz.naeem@gmail.com for more info. I'm based in the Maldives.
  7. Here's Mr. Amir Mansoor reply to one of the articles about the Dolphin Lagoon in the Scuba-Tribe blog: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- amir mansoor says: October 30, 2011 at 5:23 pm I would like to clarify that the information given in this article is totally incorrect and it is a pity that it was published without verifying the facts first. The dolphins of the Maldives will not be captivated nor harmed in any way. The Dolphin Lagoon Maldives is primarily meant as a recreational center offering table tennis, darts, billard, photography, childrens playground, watersports activities and dolphin encounters. The dolphins that are going to be brought for this project are bottlenose dolphins which were born and raised in captivity. They will be kept in a natural lagoon here in the Maldives with a diameter of 1 km and therefore will have far more space than the place where they are kept now. Our mission is to present the truth about dolphins despite their popular and sometimes mythological image. We do this by providing an educational venue with our programs. By offering information and interaction we hope to encourage a sense of wonder and fascination based on fact, not fiction. The physical and mental well being of the animals that will come under our care is our number one priority and therefore we are bringing their trainers and veterinarian as well . The dolphins are free to interact spontaneaously. By fostering a personal bond between the local community and the dolphins, we hope to encourage a sense of committment to the protection and the well-being of dolphins. Our intention is also to reach out to schools, local handicapped organisations, orphanages and provide them with free lectures and educational material on dolphins followed by direct interaction with the dolphins including transfer to the lagoon. We hope that with our programs we will be able to raise awareness and care for our under sea world. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We should not let them or anyone else have captive Dolphins in the Maldives!!! Shaff
  8. Ark Venture'...a brand new luxury liveaboard in the Maldives. Will be operational in October 2011. Special offers are ON right NOW!!! The diving will be done by 'Atoll Scuba'! Please check our site and facebook pages and groups! http://www.arkventuremaldives.com http://www.facebook.com/groups/167786119947064 http://www.facebook.com/pages/Atoll-Scu ... 8870209981 http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ark-Ventu ... 5032382731 Best Regards from the Ark Venture & Atoll Scuba Team!!! Shaff
  9. Hi Guys, I still haven't heard anything concrete from the government of Maldives regarding the protection of Hanifaru. All I know is that they are going to make it a UNESCO site. Will keep all of you updated as soon as I get some news. Cheers from the Maldives Shaf
  10. Hey All!!! I'm planning 3 trips to Hanifaru in July & August onboard the 'Atoll Cruiser'. Dates not yet confirmed but will update that in a days time. 14 - 16 pax max each trip. If anyone is interested in a small group of 6 to 8, that can also be arrange onboard 'Finolhu'. Anyone interested please send me a PM here or email me at: shaff@squidmultimedia.com or shafraz.naeem@gmail.com Cheers
  11. Hey All! Happy New Year!!! I'm planning a special dive trip to Ari Atoll to do some exploration dives and adventure dives! Diving to places where the regular liveaboards don't dive. From 1st to 7th May 2011. For more info and details about the trip please contact me at: shafraz.naeem@gmail.com or shaff@squidmultimedia.com
  12. Heya, Looking for a used but not that old housing for my Nikon D300. Just busted my Ikelite housing. Looking for any brand affordable but with Ikelite connectors for the strobes. Dome port for Sigma 10-24mm wide and flat ports for 60mm and 105mm required as well. Please contact me: shafraz.naeem@gmail.com or Shaff@squidmultimedia.com Cheers
  13. Hi Alastair, Ari atoll in feb will be great. There are dozens of resorts u can stay. Sun Island, Holiday Island and White Sands are places I would recommend. You can get the best of both....big stuff and the macro!
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