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  1. WWL-1 sold! Prices lowered for the rest of the gear: Nauticam NA-GX85 Housing and Macro Port 35 - $1000 2 x INON Z240 Strobes - $600 Ultralight Arm and float bundle - $100
  2. Hello, I'm selling off my entire Nauticam system for the Panasonic GX85 Micro Four-Thirds camera. Nauticam NA-GX85 Housing for Panasonic DMC-GX85/GX80/GX7 Mark II with tray and vacuum valve. I bought this recently serviced from Reef Photo last year, and I've only dove with it a few times. No floods or issues, everything works perfectly. N85 MACRO PORT 35 – #36139 - I've been using this with the 14-42mm and the WWL-1. Also includes M67 TO Bayonet Mount Converter Nauticam WWL-1 Wet Wide Lens – #83201 - Comes with Buoyancy ring and hard cap. Excellent condition, no scratches on the glass. Bought new last year - only dove with this a few times Pair of INON Z240 Strobes - bought these used on here last year. The strobes are in good shape and work perfectly. No floods or issues. Ultralight Strobe Arms and Floats 2 x Ultralight 5" DB-05 Double Ball Arm - $95.90 ($47.95 each) 2 x Ultralight 8" DB-08 Double Ball Arm - $97.90 ($48.95 each) 6 x Ultralight AC-CSF-28 New Style Clamp With Finer Threads - $191.70 ($31.95 each) 1 x Stix Jumbo Float Kit for Ultralight Arms FUL-3 - $38.95 Pricing: Nauticam NA-GX85 Housing and Macro Port 35 - $1250 Nauticam WWL-1 Wet Wide Lens & accessories - $1200 2 x INON Z240 Strobes - $700 Ultralight Arm and float bundle - $200 If someone wants the whole package, I'll discount to 3K. Please contact me with any questions or interest! Thanks, Jason
  3. I'd use the widest setting available - you're going to lose FOV underwater due to refraction, so the narrow will be pretty narrow. The Hypersmooth stabilization on your 10 will be worlds better than your old 5.
  4. Wow, thanks for posting this, the INON lens looks very promising.
  5. Hi, I'm Jason. I've been diving for over 10 years now, but have only shot casual video with various GoPro cameras. I'm finally looking to get a real camera setup that I can travel with and use locally here in Southern California. I am hoping to learn from and become part of the community here.
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