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  1. Have you spoken to your manager or the marketing department yet? This may be easily resolvable with minimal fuss...
  2. Thanks Decosnapper that's really useful - I especially like the exclusions - it neatly ties up any loose ends. Would you also exclude any modification of the images e.g. cropping etc.
  3. What are people's approach with regards to charity work and copyright? I've been asked if I'll take some shots at an auction for a local charity and I'm happy to supply the charity with digital files and for them to sell them either digitally or as prints and to use the images for their own promotion etc. I do however want to maintain overall ownership of the images, can someone advise on an appropriate 'level' of license to grant the charity? Cheers Richard
  4. Hi Folks Hoepfully someone might be able to help... My wife managed to burn herself on an oven tray last Friday and we're due to fly out to the Dom Rep. this Friday - the doc has provided her with some large dressings to help the burn heal but has advised it will need additional protection once the skin has healed over against the sun, chlorine etc. and the dressings he has provided are deemed 'shower proof' which means if you go swimming in them they're going to end up sucking up half the sea! Can anyone recommend a good brand of waterproof dressing - middle (non-sticky) bit needs to be about 5x7cm and where I may be able to get it as we leave for the airport tomorrow morning? Current contenders are Boots Advanced Healing Waterproof Film Dressings (5 for £4.50).... Cheers Richard
  5. more destination than actual diving - a mix of hot bitumen/tarmac, 2-stroke fuel exhaust salt water and the odd whiff of unbleached tabacco...
  6. It's when they find a wider shot from one of the other cameras showing Ossian's owner slapping their thighs and waving a Bonio...
  7. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/visit-us/whats-on/tem...y/statement.jsp It's official - in english this time...
  8. Sky news currently have a gallery on their home page for the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA). Alex's picture of a Tompot Blenny is one of 3 images shown on the main page in thumbnail (it is number 16 in the main gallery).
  9. Yeah you could say that Diver induced damage skews the evolutionary selection process from what it would be on a virgin reef.
  10. This is an interesting read - or at least jealousy inducing! Standard UK policy at the moment seems to be: Up to 20-23kg Check in baggage (per person) 1 item hand luggage* (max 5kg, 56 centimetres tall (22 inches), 45 centimetres wide (17.7 inches), 25 centimetres deep (10 inches)) However even some of the scheduled airlines are now considering going down the Ryanair route and charging for any checked in baggage. *most airlines
  11. Wow... As I may be made redundant in the next few months maybe I could get a new job writing for CDNN...let's give it a shot ahem... A day in the Life of Eric Cheng - 'eric cheng (note lack of capitalisation - he doesn't deserve it!) gets up in the morning has some breakfast and starts his workout; 2 hours of kicking puppies. After his workout eric sits down to an early lunch of sharksfin soup and braised Dolphin on toast, this is washed down with a six-pack of Carlsberg Special Brew before going for a quick dive to drop copper filings all over some coral...' Actually I give up - I just can't compete with wet gherkin comments!
  12. I personally would rather not touch or manipulate at all but with my limited SCUBA experience there seems to be a real pressure on DM's to 'provide a show' when leading a group - DM's taking a fin off and using it to poke a lionfish out of it's crevice, likewise with a large (9') Nurse Shark, grabbing a puffer and passing it round the group... I'd rather position myself to get the shot I want than position the animal - I guess I feel like moving the animal is 'cheating' in a way. Besides which I can just about position my dogs for photos and they're meant to do as they're told! In terms of damage to reefs I think it's a particularly valid point when talking about sites that get 2+ visits a day from boatloads etc. of divers, often with poor skills*, but I saw a very interesting bit on a program recently - Wild Indonesia 'Underwater Worlds' - it featured a coral reef that was annihilated by a volcanic eruption but came back after a few years with far greater biodiversity than previously. *As I'm sure many folks on here are only too aware - number of dives logged etc. is no guarantee of ability, attitude or spacial awareness!
  13. I believe the main difference between the D90 and D300s (aside from cosmetic/body materials) is the autofocus: D300s • 51 focus points (15 cross-type sensors) • Multi-CAM 3500DX • AF working range: -1 to +19 EV (ISO 100, normal temperature) • Contrast Detect in Live View (Tripod) mode D90 • 11 focus points (1 cross-type sensors) • Multi-CAM 1000 • AF working range: -1 to +19 EV (ISO 100, normal temperature) • Contrast Detect in Live View (Tripod) mode Also the D300s will take both SD and CF cards with the option to save images sequentially or when shooting in RAW + JPG to send one format to one card and the other to the other card.
  14. Check out CHDK - if it works for this camera then it'll give you some more control (like you have with the G10). Aside from that get used to using the housing on land and then if possible in a pool etc. If the housing is 2nd hand it would probably be a good idea to either get it cleaned and serviced by Canon or remove, clean and regrease the o-rings and carefully fit back in the housing. Just be sure to use the right grease (normal silicone grease causes silicone o-rings to go soft and expand). Also the E clips that hold the control shafts in are quite fragileso do be gentle with them. A good guide can be found here http://blog.gieselman.com/post/Fixing-stic...a-housings.aspx
  15. how about a small piece of acrylic bent into an L shape - strap on side of the L to the 'lens barrel' of the housing with a couple of zip ties so the other arm of the L sits in front of the camera flash? Acrylic is really easy to work with if you just have a little patience, to bend it just use a small kitchen blow torch run lightly along where you want the bend until you start to see a 'wobble' in the piece to be bent (loads of vids on youtube if you have a look) . To stop the L from sliding wrap the lens barrel in some self amalgamating tape (from Screwfix http://www.screwfix.com/search.do?fh_searc...A&source=aw ) - the trick with the tape is to really stretch it as you wrap it round.
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