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  1. as others have posted, they don't know what they're talking about. here's what the Seal Check system actually does. Seal Check II represents the next generation in Gates legendary reliability by allowing confirmation of housing seals before entering the water – virtually eliminating water intrusion as a source of downtime and unexpected expense. History reveals the top three flood causes are damaged o-rings, rushed setup and unfamiliarity with equipment. With Seal Check II there is peace of mind ahead of time. A precise digital readout provides a clear indication of housing integrity -- giving you the go / no go decision -- and aids with troubleshooting should the need arise. The electric pump quickly pulls a measurable vacuum, all contained in a small Pelican case. Seal Check II is also available with an optional self-install kit for non-Gates housings, too. http://www.gateshousings.com/seal-check-ii/
  2. GoPro's have a fixed focus, non-zoomable lens. Normally they shoot in 170o mode but you can change it to "narrow" (120o? - I believe) mode at some of the 1080P resolutions also. Your Sola's have a 60o beam width. ULCS sells a double GoPro tray/handles to mount your arms. http://www.ulcs.com/gopro.html$135 with the two handles though, they're $50 ea. Reef sells it and they ship internationally. http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=135_17&products_id=5579GoPro's have a unique mount. The current GoPro 4 Black only shoots 30FPS in 4K if that's a consideration. It does however shoot 1080P as high as 120FPS. The Black is supposed to be the best in low-light also. If you want to see what you're shooting, you need to add the $80 BacpacLCD to it, Or give up the 4K resolution and go with the Silver which includes one. I don't believe it's as good in low light though. But with your lights, probably not an issue.
  3. Aditech Mangrove houses the Sony FS700 or AX100 https://www.aditech-usa.com/en/uw-still-digital-video/cat-238-1-16-134.html
  4. These are the people that supply the corrective lenses many dive retailers like LeisurePro sell. (Aquatic Optics brand) IDK if they sell to the public. http://www.newportglass.com/aqucat.htm
  5. Anyone know if Jill Heinerth is still teaching u/w filmmaking? She was at one time - maybe on an intern basis? http://www.intotheplanet.com/ Not Thailand though, South Florida.
  6. It would have to be one of the Sony HDR-HC series or possibly an early HDR-SR series camera. The HC's are all tape based so might have better compatibility with your housings LANC. A little after that time period - maybe 2006? or so - Sony switched to their Multi-Interface Accessory Shoe and eliminated LANC. So none of the newer CX series cameras will work. Another consideration is that the HR series are quite a bit shorter than the PD-150. This shows the differences - http://www.dvinfo.net/forum/attachments/sony-xdcam-ex-cinealta/8506d1217498523-ex3-pd150-hc1-size-comparison-pic-pwmex3-size-comparison-001.jpg - the bottom camera is an HDR-HC1. Maybe there would be room enough for a small internal monitor up against your viewfinder.
  7. You can't really if you bring all that other stuff, the DJI quad doesn't break down small enough since it's a solid body quad - only the struts/camera mount come off somewhat easily. DJI sells one for their complete system or there's this one: http://www.amazon.com/Professional-Cases-Phantom-GoPro-Accessories/dp/B00I8UCVZQ/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1397985066&sr=8-11&keywords=dji+phantom+case IDK about you all but I also carry regs, mask and a few clothes so I'll be checking mine.
  8. In a mildly related post - see what Stan Waterman thinks of it - on the Aggressor over the Tibbetts off Cayman Brac. If anyone is interested, that's a Fatshark Predator system Stan is using.
  9. There's also the new Sony 4K - supposed to ship next week. http://store.sony.com/4k-camcorder-with-1-sensor-zid27-FDRAX100/B/cat-27-catid-All-Advanced-Camcorders http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52255 Aditech and Sealux have both announced a housing for it. https://www.aditech-usa.com/en/news/13-new-mangrove-housing-for-sony-fdr-ax100.html http://www.sealux.de/en/
  10. I've got it but the .pdf is too big to attach here. Send me a PM with your e-mail address.
  11. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=47619
  12. True but wouldn't you think Sony would attempt to put their best demo footage on their website where they're trying to sell the camera? There's a lot more artifacting on any of their demos (at least the 6 I looked at) than the GoPro main page demo.
  13. I just watched the video demo's and was underimpressed. http://store.sony.co...Sony_Action_Cam The extra 19mbps makes a big difference. Too bad because I sort of wanted one.
  14. I think you'd need something a whole magnitude better than a GoPro - something that can take a beating based on the shock it will be subjected to. Is the concrete 100M deep? It will be dark and under a lot of pressure also so I don't think any consumer grade housing will stand up to that for very long. Plus if you mount the camera close enough so it's actually useful for the operator it will likely get hit by debris occasionally. You're also going to need a lot of light. Once you start tearing up concrete u/w it's going to create a tremendous amount of silt and clouds of dust/debris. Maybe something like this: http://rosys.com/oceanographic/mantis-ocean/ Or something from here: http://www.sea-viewdiving.com/diving_equip...rinecameras.htm You might also consider something 3D so the operator has a better perspective on what he's doing. http://www.sea-viewdiving.com/diving_equip...vdsp3dhires.htm google remote underwater video camera for more options. Maybe talk to someone who does similar work to see what they recommend. You should be talking to commercial salvors or oil-rig inspectors - not u/w videographers whose only concern is keeping their camera dry. Who are you renting (I assume) the demolition rig from? Don't they already have something they're using on it? Their operator must need to see what he's doing somehow...
  15. http://onlinebookplace.com/high-definition...video?region=us
  16. I'm waiting for the price to drop on this one:http://www.amazon.com/High-Definition-Unde...5368&sr=1-3 And I have this one - it's pre-DSLR (c2005) but covers the basics. http://www.hammerheadpress.com/Book_Pages/...gitalvideo.html
  17. Gates are mechanical housings... The PC350 has a vertical form factor, newer cameras don't. But the size is a factor - maybe one of the smaller Canons like the HF M500 might fit...But I doubt it - I don't think there will be enough vertical space for the camera body. And the LCD geometry looks different also. It might be small enough though mounted up against the top of your housing, they're pretty tiny since there's no drive mechanism - just 2 CF slots:Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 2.7 x 2.5 inches Maybe with a flat port you might get away with it if the camera lens just cleared the lower edge enough to keep from vignetting. But then I don't think you'll be able to open the LCD. For reference, this is what the OP has: And of course there's still the issue of re-working the controls.
  18. Probably not, they're model specific, so the manual controls on your housing won't line up with any other camera. You might contact Gates about a retro-fit - if they do that. Another problem you might have is that the lens on a PC350 is in a different location than those on the newer HD cameras. It's a much more vertical format camera than current Sony/Canon HD models. This is a current Sony model - the CX580. Compare the form factor to yours, this one is shorter vertically and longer (deeper). Yours is quite a bit higher when mounted in the housing. So I'm not even sure a new camera would fit in your housing. Unless you can center the new camera lens in the port, you'll have all sorts of visual abnormalities. Unless yours has a flat port... I'd contact Gates, they're very responsive to customer requests.
  19. http://www.nauticamunderwaterhousings.com/ which is: Hollywood Divers Imaging 3575 Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90068 (866) 400-1919 Full Dealer list here: http://www.nauticamusa.com/nauticam-dealers/
  20. I like it...but I may be biased since I shoot an Evo.. But really, it seems like the best value in the sub-$1500 market. The TopDawg or Equinox don't MWB and the Ikelite is model specific. Having all the controls in one place is convenient also IMO. The Evo/Turtle is a real solid housing body. Dual o-rings on the back door and the way it's tapered mitigate any potential leakage problems. I'd add the flip filter option though as it solves the "what do I do with the removable filter?" problem when you need to. Also with the Turtle I'm not sure how you'd mount a red filter externally, mounting it on the camera is an option but it will darken footage when you go deeper - I'm assuming that since you're considering a Turtle there's not much in the budget for lights. I often flip my filter up somewhere around 70-90' since I don't shoot with lights either. You might be able to engineer replacing the red filter with a macro diopter should you need one in the future also. In six years, I've had no issues with my EVO. It just works. Mine also easily fits in a airline approved size roller bag with room to spare. Since Aquatica bought Amphibico after they shut down last year, I'm optimistic that the company has a future.
  21. One of these should work: http://www.lenscoat.com/hoodie-lens-caps-c...6eebaffffe907b0
  22. A couple of other options: In addition to the JVC linked in Post #2, Ikelite also sells a similar $260 housing for the Flip Mino, Kodak, Panasonic and Sanyo variations of the vertical camcorder. http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/videoone.html Cisco just announced they're discontinuing production of the entire Flip line so those may be really cheap soon. For under $1000 - a Canon camcorder - models: VIXIA HF M32, VIXIA HF M31, VIXIA HF M30 and VIXIA HF M300 - in their WP-V2 housing. Street price on the housing is under $400. It's a limited function housing but all the basics are there. My buddy shoots an MF200/WP-V1 and gets good results. Even though it has an underwater mode, he's buying a red filter this year. The housing has a standard sized fitting on the port so it or wet lenses are options. The cost-reduced (flat port only and no flip filter) Amphibico Turtle starts at around $1200. Add one of the supported Sony cameras and you should be in the $1600-1700 ballpark. http://www.amphibico.com/rec/turtle-underw...eo-housing.html It has many of the features - back LCD monitor, electronic controls, 330' depth rating - of their better EVO model. When paired with some (all?) of the better Sony models, the Turtle does Manual White Balance - you want this if possible. Competition for the Turtle is probably the TopDawg at $1500 - http://www.topdawgvideo.com/housings.htm But with a shallower depth rating, no MWB, controls on the housing body - IMO you get more from Amphibico - esp. if you add the flip-down red filter and hydrophone options - I believe it's still cheaper also. Get the Orange one...
  23. Fisheye? Which is Seatool in the U.S. Reef Photo sells them. Or if they were really bright colors - maybe Zillion? Aiko Trading sells them.
  24. Amphibico sells a white balance slate - IDK if it will solve your problem. But at least it gives you more options to try. It's $150US. http://www.amphibico.com/store/carry-cases...nce-charts.html
  25. Several of the better Archos tablets might work: https://store.archos.com/internet-tablets-fi-89.html But you trade resolution for price.
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