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  1. I just returned from a trip to Mabul with two days diving at Sipidan. There was no problem with me taking my camera to Sipidan. The DMs really stressed about not touching the reef when taking photos and kept a close watch.
  2. Nice photo Jeff. I dived on Spirit of Freedom about 2yrs ago and we didn't have 50min time limits. However if we were doing a second at the same site they did ask on the odd occasion if we could be back on the boat after 60mins so they could move to another site to set up for the afternoon & night dives. Because you do 3-5 dives each day they did remind you to monitor your no deco time on your dive computer if you were doing longer dives. I used Nitrox for the whole trip so it wasn't much of an issue for me. Mike
  3. Just under the price it has "Model: nau.26214" I am assuming this is the manufacturers part number.
  4. I'm a little confused about the part number. Bill, your link to reef is for part number 26214 which I can't find on the nauticam website There is an optical fibre cable on reef for Nauticam to Inon - part number 26211 which looks like the one Peter posted previously However on Backscatter, the Nauticam to Inon cable (part 26211) looks different in the photo to the one on reef while the Nauticam to S&S cable (part 26212) looks like the one on reef. Is there a photo of what part 26214 looks like??
  5. I think you need to decide what lens you want to use first, then work out which port you are going to need for that lens. If its the 18-55 then the RDX standard port looks like one to use from the S&S lens chart. As for the buoyancy arm question, I would go for just the normal ULCS arms and add buoyancy foam (like Stix floats) if needed. If you get buoyancy arms that keep your rig neutrally buoyant with a macro/standard port then decide to start shooting wide angle with dome port, it might then be too buoyant.
  6. Bill & Ryan, is this the bushing you are talking about???
  7. A friend of mine is upgrading to a Sea&Sea RDX550 housing with Inon Z240 strobes. He asked me which fibre optic cable he would need. I use Ikelite strobes so don't have any idea. The Sea&Sea Fibre Optic cable (L Type) looks like its only able to be used with Sea&Sea Strobes. The Inon Fibre Optic Cables have a bare end which looks like it needs some sort of adapter for it to plug into the Sea&Sea housing. Is there anybody out there who can help??
  8. Hey Steve, Yeah I had a good trip. Did 6 reef dives and 4 Shark Feeding dives. I stayed at Uprising Resort at Pacific Harbour. The shark feeding dives were awesome but we didn't see the 4m Tiger shark that turns up for a feed. I found it hard to get any decent shark photos as there were so many GTs, remoras and other fish stirring up the water and obstructing the view. Needed to be out next to the feeder but I'll leave that to the pros. Here are a few photos from the shark feeding dives _MG_2811 _MG_3796 _MG_3837 _MG_4006 Cheers, Mike
  9. Here is a few photos from my trip to Fiji back in October. _MG_3588 _MG_2761 _MG_4265 _MG_4229 Cheers, Sylar
  10. Great photos. I really like the turtle photo.
  11. That portfolio is awesome. I can't really pick a favourite as they are all outstanding.
  12. Hi, Here are a few photos from a dive last week at Gneering Shoal, Mooloolaba Cheers, Mike
  13. Thanks for the comments. Well spotted Matt. I try to get to Byron for a dive every 6-8wks.
  14. Some photos from the first few times using my 50D underwater. Cheers, Sylar
  15. Great Photos Matt. What camera and lenses did you use??
  16. Nice photos. I'm going to Beqa later this year. What lens did you use?
  17. Still available??? Interested in Housing and Ports Are you willing to sell separate???
  18. I'm interested in the Housing, Port & Stormcase. I don't need the strobe package as I already have 2 ike strobes. Are you willing to sell the Housing, Port & case separate from the strobe?
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