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  1. I just wanted to say "thanks" for the comments that I received....I met with the seller and I decided not to purchase the Nikonos kit...everything was in really nice shape, but I think it is not what I am looking for...I did purchase a Nikon Fm2 and 3 lenses from him for a really good price though.....I have a Canon g10 at home and I will look into a water proof housing when i am back in Bangkok, I think it might be what I am looking for.....anyways, I am currently in a small town in Northern Thailand that borders Myanmar shooting some hill tribes and life is good..... thanks again.... cheers, michael
  2. Thanks a lot Okuma, I had not even thought about that, but it makes perfect sense now that I think about it..... I am contemplating buying a kit to use for snorkeling and in my pool, so I guess the 20mm and 35mm would be ok, right?....... thanks again.... cheers, michael
  3. Hello Ellen and thanks for the warm welcome, I appreciate it.....I am going to contact Bob once I hae read EVERYTHING on his site.....to be honest, now I am back on the fence about whether to buy the Nikonos V kit or not.....I planned on using it in my pool and for some snorkeling trips that I often take on the weekend......I am not so sure if I would feel comfortable using a rubber band on it to keep it from flooding..... But I have a question that maybe somebody can answer.....when a diver first enters the water, they have to go down slowly, and well, wouldn't water enter the camera then if there was a chance of it happening.....I am sorry for my terminology here, but I am not experienced at all in this field....I guess my point is, the camera at some point has to be in the water with very little pressure on it (snorkeling pressure)...so, wouldn't water enter the camera when someone who is going to go down deep in the first minute when there is little pressure.... I hope somebody can help me out here, I am going to be meeting with the seller in 24 hours and now I am having second thoughts... maybe a more direct question would be .... Does anybody here use there Nikonos V in a pool or use it for snorkeling, and if so, do they do anything special to the camera and lens to keep it from flooding?...the kit that I am considering buying comes with a 15mm, 20mm and 35mm.... thanks in advance, and I just want to say sorry again about these questions, but I am really in the dark about this kind of photography.... cheers, michael
  4. Thanks James and Deep6 for the replies, I appreciate it....can you guys recommend what kind of rubber band I should use....that maybe a stupid question but I have no idea...are you talking about a specific rubber band or any "heavy duty" rubber band....I guess if there is a chance of flooding using this lenses while snorkeling, I don't have to use the 15mm, I can always use the 20mm or the 35mm while snorkeling or playing around in my pool It seems sort of a waste though, I am buying a kit, the camera with the 3 lenses and the strobe for a good price, and I read that the 15mm lenses is an excellent lens.....considering the fact that I snorkel and I don't scuba dive, I am not even sure if I will be able to/or be comfortable using the 15mm because of the chance of flooding....... do you guys think that I will experience any problems using the 20mm or the 35mm in my pool...thanks again... cheers, michael thanks for the comment on my photostream James, much appreciated
  5. Hello everybody....I am new to this forum....I am a photographer and somebody (ellen) over at rangefinderforum recommended me to this site....I just spent some time reading some threads and I have a couple of questions... I am going to buy a Nikonos V and some lenses (15mm/20mm/35mm) and a fb 105 strobe....I am not a diver, but I like to snorkel....I read in a couple of the posts that it is not ok to snorkel (free dive) with a 15mm on Nikonos because there is not adequate pressure, and their is a high chance of "flooding"...... I plan to learn how to use my new kit in my swimming pool....what risks (do's and dont's) should I be aware of.... I absolutely have no experience whatsoever with UW photography, but it is something that I would like to try out....can somebody please give me a basic rundown on what I should/shouldn't do... Any advice would be appreciated....BTW, I am not a troll ....I have been taking photos for 20 years, but this will be my first time using/experimenting with UW photography....I have read some info on Bob Warkentin's website (southern-nikonos) and it is helpful... anyways, here is a link to some of my work that I do http://www.flickr.com/photos/22072877@N05/ Thanks in advance to any advice....I am excited to venture into this type of photography......not really sure if it matters or not, but I live in Thailand now and I plan on using the camera around some of the islands here...and also in my swimming pool... cheers, michael
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