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  1. Absolutely amazing package, price and service! I bought the Oly e-330 through Rich (rtrski) http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=38620 Fantastic communication, shipping was fast and easy and the DSLR package is beautiful. Thanks Rich!
  2. Absolutely amazing package for the price! Thanks, I know I will enjoy it for years to come!
  3. Where can one acquire dome ports for this housing? Thanks, Jim
  4. $40.00 All right. Will you take $475 for both? And do you have PayPal?
  5. OK, so standard servicing should go on my list + sync cords... How much is shipping? either UPS, FedEx or Postal service is fine
  6. Greetings Stu, I am interested in the pair. How long has it been since Sea & Sea conditioning has been done to these strobes (if you know)
  7. No post about the sale, so I'll ask (and perhaps add to your Christmas cheer today). I'm interested as I have the Zuiko lenses that came with my E-500 and have been looking for the affordable DSLR to move up. I don't get over to this board often, but lurk most of the time. Please let me know if this is still available (and both domes?). UPS shipping is good to zip 33410
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