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  1. I would use metal every time. I have a metal housing for a video camera that I have had to 130mtr and which has been used at 300 mtr, in both cases entirely without incident. I own an Ikelite housing for another video camera but I wouldn't trust it below about 50mtr, even though it's rated to 60 something. I have in the past seen several Ikelite housings with fatigue cracks around the corners, though whether that was a problem since corrected I have no idea. I wouldn't trust one deep.
  2. You do realise that Nikon will be increasing the pixel count on their new cameras? That's what they've said. How much I don't know, but it gives the lie to those people who have been saying that Nikon's policy of keeping pixel counts relatively low is a fundamental policy decision. I agree about the 1D series - I've never understood WHY. The 1Ds is another matter.
  3. I have never had this problem with my G10 above or below water, and if I have an OOF shot I know just what I did to cause it. I will agree with the comment about Samsung - their L85 was one of the best compacts I have ever used, and also one of the cheapest. I only sold it because I couldn't find an underwater housing for it. I won't touch Sony under any circumstances. I have had numerous Sony products of different types, and on several occasions have needed service facilities. That's for video cameras, professional sound recorders & computers. On EVERY occasion I have been disappointed and frustrated. Sony make some nice gear but they don't stand by it - once it stops working properly just throw it away, whatever it cost. By contrast Canon stand by their products absolutely, and will often repair equipment well out of warranty for no charge.
  4. Interesting. I run a dive shop and use several compacts/housings, currently a G10, G11, two S500s, and two Casio EX-Z55s. All in the manufacturers' housings. The one I use most myself is the G10. I am paranoid about leaks as I have had several cameras flooded by guests "experimenting", but the only one of these housing that has ever given me any cause for concern was one of the S500s, and that was cured by removing the O-ring and lightly greasing it. The other O-rings I never remove, but occasionally grease in situ.
  5. Also check which cameras are about to be updated. I suspect the D700 and I'm pretty sure the D300s will be updated soon, and Nikon have said that they intend to add more pixels to many/most of their bodies. Whatever housing you buy will only fit that particular model, so try to choose a model that will remain current for a while. Although an alternative is to seek out a discontinued model complete with housing, for the tremendous saving it is likely to give you. If you buy a used housing/camera combination with whatever lens(es) go with it you won't be trapped into that make, as you can in due course sell the whole lot again. If I were buying right now I'd probably get a D700, as I know what superb results it can give. But as I said I do expect it to be significantly upgraded soon, so in fact I'm waiting to see what happens. That's despite my current setup being Canon. Another decision you must make is whether to get full frame or cropped. FF can give higher IQ (usually does in fact) but at the cost of much bigger, heavier and more expensive lenses. I have full frame (a Canon 5D) and won't change from it, but today's best crop cameras can give superb results. Make sure you understand the implications of sensor size on the effective focal length of lenses, so you can make an informed decision. Despite having a good DSLR I decided long ago not to take it underwater. I have seen too many incredibly expensive floods. A friend with a Nikon D70 and housing now no longer takes it diving, as she finds it just too much of a handful both out of and in the water. She prefers to use a good compact with housing. I have a Canon G10 with housing for underwater use, and I can get superb results.
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