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  1. I have a excellent condition ikelite 100a strobe. I use it with my aquatica housing and nikon d90 digital camera. As its a strobe from film days manual mode only on camera and strobe. $175usd plus shipping

  2. Looking for a DS125 Strobe. Battery and charger not important. Please drop me a line if you have one for sale. Regards Lee Gibbon
  3. Hello Chris, did you sell the whole thing? I am interested in the strobes. Thanks Lee
  4. Hello Tom, I am in the UK and have a similar setup to yours. PM me where you are and if we are close we can hook up. Regards Lee
  5. Love the video, I am always paranoid about flooding my Ikelite housing. I'm not so worried about the camera body, (Nikon D50, plenty of them kicking about), it's the Sigma 10-20 that's attached to it!! I recently dived to a wreck here in the North Sea. the wreck is at 60m. I made a serious error whilst kitting up; I plugged air as my diluent gas for my rebreather and not the trimix I was carrying. (I am Mr Narcosis and when diving air I'm generally off my tits at 30m), I did feel funny when descending but after checking my handsets/ computers/ gauges etc they all showed OK so I put it down to the rather hot curry I had consumed the night before. Needless to say at 60m I was a gibbering wreck and could not gather enough brain power to successfully take any pictures, (despite my best attempts at "fiddling" with the controls, according to my buddy). I eventually shouted at the damn thing attached it to a delayed SMB and sent it to the surface. The skipper of the boat had just enough time to get to it before it disappeared below the surface because some "plonker" had only put a "very small" amount of air in the SMB. Meanwhile on the bottom of the North Sea blissfully unaware I was trying to figure out why I was still not quite compus mentus. It only dawned on me as I was ascending and the "fog" lifted from my addled brain what had transpired. Luckily for me the deco profile was very similar and a few extra stops just in case!! Perhaps my greatest relief was that whilst "fiddling" with the camera I did not open the housing! Safe diving Lee
  6. Looking at the reactions looks like the keyboard warriors have a bee in their bonnet!
  7. Love the shots, the first one is my favourite. Well done. Lee
  8. Jackpot! perhaps I should have read the manual!! I know what I wanted but I just could not figure out how to do it; I now know to get from TTL to Manual I need to press and hold the two mode buttons at the bottom left of the camera! Thanks Lee Lee
  9. Thanks for the info Lee, I did have the strobe working a couple of years ago but could not remermber the settings!!. I had a good go over the last couple of weeks in the pool, but no joy. I will have another go tonight (it is our club night). Thanks Lee
  10. Hi all, I have a question regarding remote strobes. I have a Nikon D50 in a Ikelite housing with ds125 strobes. I bought a full immersion remote sensor the other year and I have attached it to a Ikelite sub strobe 50 I used to use on my trusty Nikonos. When I take a picture the strobes fire as does the remote strobe but the timing seems to be out and the flash from the remote strobe is not visible when I review the image. My question is what settings do you all use when using remote strobes? Thanks in advance. Lee
  11. I can see points from both sides of the argument, and you could argue them all day long. My only concern is you dived to 70m on those two small tanks. Your balls (which are obvoiusly steel and very large) must be resting on/ crushing the coral!! Safe diving Lee
  12. Hats off to the chaps at Gates, it is rare for company's to have such good after sales service etc. Lee
  13. Just come across this thread, how did the system work out? Do you have any pics of the legs with the eye bolts in place? I too have a Ikelite housing and I was thinking of a quick release plate like you have. Regards Lee
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