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  1. Thank you all for your inputs. I think I will go for one of the diagonal fisheye lenses. Not sure which one though. James, I really like the image quality of the zenitar over water (except the flare), but underwater I think I won´t play with it. I had some really great shots (composition wise), but they turned out unsharp and I don´t want to risk to get some more of those Thanks again, Wolfgang
  2. Hi, just returning from a trip to the maldives I know now, that I am not totally satisfied with my lenses. I have a Canon 300d in a Sea&Sea housing with the large domeport. For wideangle shots I used: a 17-40mm f.4, which worked quite well, but simply isn´t wide enough for what I was going after. and a zenitar 16mm manual fisheye. For some reasons the shots turned out completely unsharp. I set the focus to infinity, and no portions of the image, not even the ones being 10m away were sharp. I took some over/under shots, and guess what, the part of the pic being over was crisp, and the one under completely blurry. I am sure I should have done my homework in physics, but I´d better go for a new lens. Now I don´t know what to get: another AF fisheye (canon or sigma), or an even wider lens (canon 10-22, sigma 10-20, or 12-24). For shots above surface I have a canon Camera, that doesn´t accept EF-S lenses, so if there is not much difference, I would prefer a EF Mount to an EF-S. Actually I am looking for a lens that looks reaaaaaaly wide! I´m curious about any comments. Thanks in advance, Wolfgang
  3. Thank you two very much for your tips. Especially the idea of shooting verticals. I am going to use a tripod, to have better control in the beginning. Alex, your picture (over/under Nr.1) look like you used a polarizing filter, but I guess that is just good work in photoshop, right? How do you guys deal with the waterdrops on the domeport? I have tried to use an apple in freshwater, but it didn´t work that good. Thanks again, Wolfgang
  4. Hi, I have several questions concerning the use of fisheyes for over/underwater photography. I am using a 300d in a sea&sea housing. 1. can you generally do reasonable over/unders with a crop factor of 1.6x? 2. does somebody have an example to show the effects one can expect? 3. has someone tried the zenitar MC2.8, 16mm fisheye (I found just one post of someone having problems with it when focussing? I´d love to read your answers. Tanks so far, Wolfgang
  5. Here is another comparison I have just made. I took the pics from dpreview as well and transformed the images to fit the original proportions My reaction is nothing but
  6. I recently bought a varta charger, which charges special 4AA or 4AAA batteries within 15min. And guess what: it really works. If somebody is interested, here is a link: http://www.en.varta-consumer.com/content.p...ta-consumer.com unfortunately it has quite some weight.
  7. Paul, to be honest I am not the one to critic photos, since your pictures are far better than anything that I have ever produced. But since you asked for it, there is something I see in your pictures I do allso se in some of my pictures: The object is very often in the center of the picture. That doesn´t look as pleasing as if it would be placed slightly off the center. One good example is: http://www.3at5.com/photoalbums/200408buna...ll/crw_1919.htm This is slightly off center and looks perfect. This one: http://www.3at5.com/photoalbums/200408buna...ll/crw_2130.htm is placed in the center and doesn´t look as good. Sometimes you seem to focus on the eye of the fish, which is OK, but not with the middle focal point, you could use the left, or the right focal point instead. Examples: http://www.3at5.com/photoalbums/200408buna...ll/crw_2048.htm http://www.3at5.com/photoalbums/200408buna...ll/crw_1916.htm But those are just small critics. Congratulations on your work!!!
  8. Hi Giles, I faced the same problem, and being a webdesigner, I offered them a website (they really need an english one). This has been about four months ago, and they did not even react, although I know they viewed the site I produced for them. They don´t seem to be interested to explore english speaking markets. If somebody wants to see the site or is interested: www.amridesign.com/zillion. The Links Photo - Canon - EOS 1d/s work.
  9. Hi Jan, I have worked with ewa-marine now for about 10 years. Allways freediving. I had 5 different housings for four different cameras. I once had a leak, but since it is a clear plastic bag, you can easily react. Here are my opinions: 1. You can buy a new F828 for the price of a rigid housing, so why do you fear. 2. A rigid housing is also subject to flooding. Disadvantages: 1. Buoancy. Especially in the consumer digicam housings there is no possibility to attach weight. 2. Visibility of the display: near zero, so you dependend on the smaller viewfinder and it is not easy to control whether a shot is good or bad. 3. Sometimes it is hard to operate several buttons 4. Moisture. Even extensive use of silica gel sometimes is not enough, especially when descending during freediving. 5. No use of external flash with consumer digicams. I now bought a sea and sea housing, simply because the U-AXP 100 has a too high buoyancy, even with 1,5kg lead weight in it. It is very easy to handle, compared to the ewa marine pendant. But if flooding is your only concern: I use a canon 300d, and could afford 6 - 7 camera bodies for the price of the complete set. I still use Ewa-Marine for my video camera (along with a DIY framework and a kowalski lamp attached). The boyancy of this one is perfect, and so is the handling.
  10. OK, now everything has arrived, and I allready did the clipping of the foam. Here is the first picture: I didn´t expect the suitcase being that big. Since my dome port will not arrive until mid of september, I used a smaller plasticbox for storing strobe and flat port. In the case: the two boxes with the camera gear, 2x1,5mm titanium wetsuits (which lay on top and at the bottom to protect the boxes), 2xfins, 2xmasks, 2xsnorkels, 2xneoprene boots, detached grip of the housing, strobe arm... And guess what: the whole suitcase is weighing 21,5kg which is 47,4lbs, if I converted it right, and it is easy to close, without standing on it. This is just what every airline will allow. In the other suitcase will be the rest we need for the journey. I have allready bought a bigger plastic box. Once the dome port has arrived, the masks, neoprene boots, snorkels, detached grip need to move into the other suitcase.
  11. James, I don´t have the case yet, I just ordered everything. I will post it when I am ready with everything. If I forget it would be kind if somebody could give me a reminder.
  12. Hi boys and girls, I was linked to this board from www.digideep.com, where I was asking for information on cases. Being new to this board, I went through all the info in this thread, looking for the ultimate sollution for me. After I spent a lot more time in thinking and looking at the dimensions of the housing, that has not even arrived yet I think I found my sollution, and I want to share it with you in case it may be a sollution for other people as well: I am going to buy several different sized plastic boxes (perhaps two or three), like these from curver (picture from www.curver.com): Then I put some foam in there, which was cut according to the shape of the housing, flash, port, etc. And all this I put in here (I just ordered it for 289€ from www.leder-shop24.de): This case is is sized: 79x56x28 a huge case made of aluminium, weighing just below 5kg. I looked at a similar case at my local dealer, and they seem very rigid. I think the advantages are: - Protection: the equipment is protected by the suitcase, the plastic cases and the foam. I can even put some cloths between the suitcase and the plastic boxes. So there shouldn´t be a huge difference in protection, especially if you place the plasic boxes in the corners with one fin at the top and onther on the bottom. For even better protection you could put another foam between the suitcase and the plastic boxes. Disadvantages may be: What do you think?
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