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  1. I just sent you a PM, but I have a couple broken cords that might work for you.
  2. I use one with an aquatica housing pretty regularly, and it works very well. There is a cup that sticks to the inside of the housing to hold the trigger cable from the camera, and a disc that sticks to the outside. The outside trigger mechanism (with the cable to the hand held trigger) pressure fits over the disc. The setup works well and everything seems very well made. They even made mine with a custom cord length. My only complaint is that the cup on the inside of my housing did not stick well (the aquatica housing is kind of textured inside), so I eventually glued it on. Also, occasionally if I am jostling the setup the trigger can come off of the outside disc. To remedy this I often cable tie (zip tie?) the cord on to the housing handle. This could be something to be careful of on a pole-cam where you are dunking it or swinging it in the water quickly. But, I do like that I can quickly switch from remote trigger to handheld by just popping the trigger off. I should also note that the field generated by the trigger mist be quite strong because I had a hard time finding a convenient spot inside the housing to line up the cup with the outside disc. New housings don't have much flat surface on them. So they are offset a bit, but it still triggers every time.
  3. This is a really old thread now, but is this viewfinder still available?
  4. This makes sense to me for work with a flat port, but for lenses that will be used with a dome (e.g. wide angle lenses), shouldn't the calibration be done where the virtual image is created? ~3x dome radius?
  5. This lens is still available. Make me an offer if you are looking for a nice wide angle for your FF setup.
  6. I have some new TLC arms on the way that I want to attach to a couple of Nik. 105's. Does anyone have a couple of SB-105 connector knobs (TLC part 17754) that they don't need anymore (not the ball head kind)? I also need two dovetail mounts for the Aqautica handles (17550), although I would think there are fewer of those out of service. It would be best if they were in the US, as I am in Seattle, and it doesn't make too much sense to pay a fortune to ship them. Thanks
  7. I am in the process of upgrading from a D70 in an Aquatica housing to a D7000 in an Aquatica housing. I have also recently picked up the Tokina 10-17, which I would like to use with the new rig. I am currently running the 8" dome and the charts on the Aquatica page list the 16.5 mm (18456) extension as being the one to use. However it seems like some people do not run an extension ring at all with this combo. Is that true, or am I mis-interpreting some other posts? I already have a longer extension 28.5mm (18453) that I used with the D70 kit lens. Any chance I could use this, or is it so long that the shade will show at the wide end of the zoom? This may be a stupid question but I don't have the housing in hand yet or I would just try it out myself. Thanks for the help.
  8. I am jealous that you have a local underwater strobe repairer. I e-mailed Pacific Housing Repair in California, thinking that they would be the best bet for parts for older equipment but never heard back. I called my local shop and they basically laughed when I said "Nikonos," so no luck there. I think ebay is my best bet for parts until I break down and get new strobes. Nice to know I am not the only one shooting these things though.
  9. I have a sigma 15mm f/2.8 D EX (non-DG, Nikon mount) for sale. $400 + shipping (from Seattle, WA), and I will throw in a set of 3 magic filters for this lens. I also have the original box, manual, and lens case. It is in great condition, but just doesn't get used on my crop sensor D7000.
  10. Perfect! I looked on e-bay initially and didn't see anything. Now I will have a replacement and a spare. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. I have a couple 105's that work great for my purposes, but recently I lost one of the tiny little red plastic clips that holds the rear battery terminal in place. Does anyone know if, or where, I can get one of these? I can rig something temporarily to wedge it in, but it would be nice to have it with the original pieces if possible. One of the pitfalls of using older gear I guess.
  12. My D70 just died and it is time to upgrade to the D7000. I am looking to buy an Aquatica housing body as I already have ports from my Aquatica D70 rig.
  13. I have a storage set of O-rings, so that my dive sets are always nice and round. The storage set can get deformed over time and it doesn't matter. Maybe this is silly, but it seems to have worked well on several housings now. my $0.02
  14. Thanks Dave, This makes alot more sense now. So really this just gives me a way to get more settings out of my 105 strobes. I think the smart money would be to use my YS-90's instead, as that would allow me to get true TTL function.
  15. Hello, I am interested in gettingg a Heinrichs Weikamp iTTL converter for my Aquatica D70 housing setup with a couple of SB-105's. The site says these strobes can only be run in Manual TTL. Can somebody explain Manual TTL to me , and how it is different from stricly manual operation? Of course this may be irrelevent because I don't have access to the exposeure compensation button on the Aquatica housing. Thanks.
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