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  1. G’day from Australia. I have started a business centred around high speed action sport shots (basically on land). I have upgraded a lot of my equipment and currently have one Canon EOS 5D and one Canon EOS 5D Mk2. My knowledge of photography is reasonable to good and in another lifetime (some 25 years ago) I was mad keen on diving and spear-fishing. With the Keppel Islands and their fringing reef only 30 minutes away, I still do both occasionally. At the moment money is a bit of an issue. (I have recently purchased Canon 500mm telephoto lens... great piece of gear but costly). Another consideration is that surfing and diving will only be one aspect of my business, hopefully about 20%. For this reason I thought I would purchase an Ikelite housing. I have a Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8 lens and intend to use this underwater. The questions I have are: 1. Which of the two cameras should I use for underwater photography and why? (Will it make much difference which one I use?) 2. Should I use a different lens? 3. As I need to take both in-water surfing shots and underwater dive shots can I use a single port (flat) to cover both situations? 4. Are there refraction issues in using either 6” or 8” dome ports out-of-water? Many thanks for the help you guys will give. heyross
  2. G'day. I also am in somewhat of a similar delimmea with 6" or 8" domes, but of a slightly differt kind. I am new to underwater photography. I am setting up as a sports action photograher and a lot of the photos I will have to take are surface shots of surfing, kite surfing etc, as well as underwater shots. I have a Canon 5D and am looking for the corresponding Ikelite housing. Can anyone advise as to refraction effect on a dome lens for photos taken out of the water. Which dome refracts the least? Many thanks. heyross
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