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  1. I'm building on my cave photography and trying to improve it. Getting some really good results but still lose quite a few to focusing issues in the dark. I've tried shooting AF in open water first then flicking the camera into manual but then lost all the photos as they all looked blurry. The below were shot with Nikon D70, 10.5mm fisheye and 3 x DS-125's, 2 on the camera, 1 on the diver. Hope you like the photos - first three are Little River, second three are Peacock. Thanks Alastair
  2. Hi All, I've got some loc line arms for my ikelite housing and two DS125 strobes. I could get a splitter cord to go from the one port on the housing to both strobes but I already have two EV controllers. Is there an easy way to attach an EV controller to a locline arm? Appreciate any ideas. Thanks Alastair
  3. Is this still available? Thanks Alastair
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