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  1. Try posting a message for JBlennie on scuba diving message board. He used to live on the coast and raves about the diving. Whale Sharks, Rhinopias and lots of others.
  2. I clean the heads every time i try to print and occasionally get a good print but mostly I still have the "banding" you refer to. I've really given up on th eprinter and intend to get a new one the only question is which.
  3. I've tried many different papers. When I called Epson they said it was a problem with some of the printers-no fix and won't replace it.
  4. I've never gotten good prints. Almost all of them come out with vertical lines running the length of the print.
  5. I'm in the market to replace my Epson 2200 which I really never liked and which printed L3 seems to be an easy program to print from but I need something that i can rely upon. so any suggestions?
  6. As Mike said with a focus light you will be fine.
  7. We went dry and would do the same again. Aggressor DM let us use the upper deck to suit-up. Sarah had a small tear from the sharp rocks but nothing that a little duct tape and Aqua Seal couldn't handle.
  8. Here you go. http://www.scubadiving.com/forum/m.aspx?m=117120
  9. Check the thread on scubadiving.com. It's a carry-on worst nightmare!
  10. First you have to decide Nikon or Canon. Next forget about the idea of not upgrading if you want the best available. Cameras are evolving so rapidly that your newest and best may be out-dated by the time you use it. Rather then worry about having the absolute best find one that is good for your needs and abilities and go out and shoot,shoot,shoot. For example the Nikon D3 is there newest pro camera(seeAlex's review for info) but there are rumors that the D3X will be out soon. Should you wait or take the plunge now? Tough questions and it gets more difficult when you consider all the D2Xs that are now available for a much more reasonable price. As for housings the best may be easier to pick. Look at Subal and Seacam. I know you have dealt with Ryan before. He is a Subal dealer. Steve Frink is the Seacam dealer. Next time you are in Florida stop at both their shops and handle the housings. Whichever one feels best and fits your hands is the way to go. I hope you're not thinking of switching before Wakatobi. There is too much new IMO to do that. Go with your present setup which you are already getting good shots from.
  11. I have the 2X Kenko and use the ext.ring 40. Best is to check with one of the sites sponsors-Ryan at Reef Photo & Video.
  12. Do you travel with the housing o-ring in place or removed? Yes- all of them Also do you have the 105 port attached? Yes again It all goes in a semi-soft carryon.
  13. Is it possible there is some salt from previous dive? Try soaking then use the belt.
  14. I travel with my D2X in a Subal with the 105 attached. So far never a problem.
  15. Graham- I agree that the quality of the diving is most important but the quality of the boat can affect a trip. A bad crew, bad food, leaky vessel etc. can overshadow the diving. I think people are looking for a certain minimium in the boat regardless of the diving.
  16. Simply because it is DD and the images are in Nat.Geo. doesn't justify the process. The ends rarely justify the means and that is the case here. While I love the images their beauty doesn't mean the technique was appropriate. The fact that they will be seen by so many people is a good reason not to have done it in the first place. The no harm/no foul argument while probably correct in the no harm aspect could be used in too many situations. Is it okay to move that mimic into the water column?
  17. "However, I do think that there are circumstances where touching marine life IS justified." Yes I agree there are such circumstances but they are by scientists not by a photographer regardless of who he is and how original the images may be. After all if he can do it why can't one of us?
  18. Just because he is Doubilet doesn't change the fact that he moved critters or had them moved for him. What is the difference between his assistants doing it and a guide in Lembeh doing it for one of us? Whether for Nat. Geo. or any other purpose the same standards apply. I'll bet if people go back and reread the thread on manipulation they will see the double standard.
  19. When we were there there was a restriction on solo diving-instructors only after yet another briefing. We got the briefing which considering both of us are solo instructors seemed a bit foolish. I think it is this type of insistence on unnecesary briefings that gives Wakatobi some of its negative press. If you can put up with the rigidity you can't help but have a good time. I have a real problem with being told what and when to do things however it didn't really bother me at all. I think any problems come from something Drew has referred to in the past- selective aplicaation of their rules. Try to stay on Wendy and Marcos good side and by all means avoid the Frenchman-whoever he is.
  20. Look into some of the resorts in Bunaken or Ganggi Island. Manado isn't all muck diving.
  21. Hard to believe that legislative body would do anything so worthwhile.
  22. Whgen we were there there were Manatees. Also there is a national park where you can canoe. It has lots of birds and gators.
  23. M.V. Golden Dawn-hands down.
  24. They are not American style. sorry I don't remember what they are but there is a website that lists the type outlet.
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