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  1. White tube anemone found in the Swan River Perth Western Australia.
  2. On a recent trip to Talumben we can across this little underwater temple. The chrinoid position made it look like interseting D90 F8 200th
  3. This probably one of my favourite shots from 2013, just something different.
  4. Im sorry but I am going to say it, there is such a level of stupidity in some of the shots with the diver head on to the wobby, I have been at the receiving end of one of these and they move so fast and bite that the diver wouldnt even know it until it is too late. I know your going to say it was perfectly safe but I would hate to think that someone else trys this and ends up at the wrong end of a "Having a bad day" wobbygong.
  5. Erin Quigley backscatter tip really works, with minimal effort. Thanks
  6. So I was wondering, with new cameras there are so many options with setting to do a wide range of image capture, as a result housing manufacturers provide nearly 100% control access. But how many do you actually use? I know some will say everyone but what would be the most commonly used and do we need full access to all the features that the camera has while underwater. If you shoot in full auto then you could get away with one, shutter. Excluding professional image makers, Imagine if you had a choice of housings that had less function yet where a lot less to buy, would you still buy the top of the range or really think about what you used and purchased the same make/model with fewer controls? When I worked with film, you know that 3 foot bit of plastic that had perforated holes down both sides, I had 5 controls on my housing and that just about covered every thing I needed to adjust and capture the image. So would you use 20%, 50% or more of the camera function during your average dive? GoPro has two and a limited menu. Also could you cope if a photo comp allowed to pre set your setting , which you gave the organisors pre dive, then restricted you to shutter speed, aperture, strobe adjustment and preview. Hmm lets see where this goes...
  7. These anemones are quite common in the Swan River, in Perth Western Australia. They can grow to the size of a dinner plate and have white tentacles with purple tips. This was taken using a strobe behind the anemone with blue filter. And a high aperture to cut down the peripheral light. F22 at 60th. 100asa Hope you like it.
  8. Is it possible that there is something preventing the return spring on the control from compressing fully when you use it (sand, muck), which would prevent the shaft from reaching the camera button.
  9. Thanks guys First off Mark you have some amazing shots on your web site and looks like the 10.5 lens works really well. I think you have sold me on the 6", Im using the 8" at the moment but didnt want the expense of the 4". Thanks for the comments especially Jean, who would have a firm knowledge on the product.
  10. Hi all Anyone using a 6" dome for Aquatica? I am tossing up if it would be a good investment. Happy / not happy? Pictures samples would be nice. Thanks in advance
  11. I was testing a Sigma 105 macro on the weekend and this was one of the results from the dive. Taken at 1:1 F16 @ 80th its seems sharp with good depth.
  12. Thanks everyone for the feed back. From memory I used a 60mm, about .5 meter, at F5.6/125th. Velvia film (Yes Film!) It was part of a folio that won me first place, Australasian Underwater Photographer of the Year, in 1998. So its nice to see it still stands up today. Have a great festive season
  13. This would be one of my favourite images for 2012, it doesn't have a lot of great elements for a good shot but it is all about family. Sharing diving is just something you just can't put words to.
  14. This was taken on one of those flat calm days, no current and the diver was just staying in one spot photographing shrimp. It was about 5 in the afternoon, sun was low in the sky, with the black sand there was no reflective light. As I watch the bubbles rize, I could see the surface reflection, so I swam back to the boat, grabbed the camera and captured one.
  15. How about out of date yogurt and create a lava lamp effect
  16. These are a common species around Perth, Western Australia. Common under jetties and shallow reefs.
  17. Ah the temptation of telling you that the light is from an elaborate snoot system, supended above the model, or its reflective light off tiny micro bubbles creating a curtain of light is so strong but the images are a blend of two, one being the model underwater and the other pictures of candle smoke. I took both on two seperate occations and only rediscovered them by accident. So in affect they where made for each other (un-knowingly). Creative yes, underwater partially, result you be the judge. Some photos are taken for recording species, events and the wonders of the ocean, others allow us, at times, to just have fun and be creative. Peter
  18. With the help of a friend/ work mate I thought I would get a bit creative so hope you enjoy these.
  19. Just wondering how others approach their image storage? On a trip it would seem to be a good idea to use several 4g SC cards rather than keep all you images on one 16 or 32. Sort of like not keeping all your eggs in one basket. If you do suffer a flood or loose your gear its nice to know that the whole trip hasn't gone as well. Thoughts?
  20. This is a great tribute to one of Austalia's true treasures. RIP Ron http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b2pp43fIUM&feature=youtu.be
  21. The one thing I have notice over the years the ones that Make it do so by belief and self promotion Getting out there and promoting their name is the key, also at sometime just deciding to give it a go. Glen Cowans is one example of just doing it, he saw an opportunity, invested a fair bit of money and it has paid off for him. He also embraced digital while other were more reserved. Another point is longevity, those who truely have the passion that exceeds 10 years. Just have a look at the names that are still around after 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years. People who still produce great images and for these the rewards are the images themselves. So isnt that what a professional is all about.
  22. Hi Jeff So given up on DSLR. I must admit that some of the images that are being produced by non DSLR are pretty amazing. So will we be seing you using Nikonos lens maybe with the four thirds? Peter
  23. Thanks guys, this is going to be a case of just sitting on the bottom and just shooting, I have heard that the bit depth on models like D7000 are the reason that they produce more define light rays and good colour definition through the water to the light source. The D 90 seems to handle low sun position much better and in shallow water as would be expected. I don't think I am going to rush out and upgrade just yet.
  24. Hi All I am after some advice regarding sun burst shot. I use a D90 and was wondering if anyone with a similar set up has has great results with the sun at depth. I usually shoot on manual F11 as an average, 80th >100th, @ 200asa, strobes on 1/4 and 1/16. I know low sunlight position works well but have problems with the overhead positions. Any samples with setting appreciated. Thanks
  25. I come from a time when you had 5 controls and you were judged by what was in the box after processing. Digital has really revolutionized photography and how we approach the final image. With competitions it is really hard to tell if something is real or not (take the wolf jumping over the fence from a few years back) So we have two options: post processing to deliver an image that coveys the story you are trying to tell, whether this is cropping or HDR or what ever manipulation you need to do, as previously mentioned the viewer judges the image that is in front of them regardless of how it got there, or as Alex said try and get it right in camera. I personally feel that if you are setting yourself up as an "Underwater Photographer" you should be just that and do the best you do with the skills and the equipment you have while on location. Sure with newer models of cameras coming out you can virtually sit on the bottom a post edit the image to a level that you would normally use Photoshop for. This probably a positive case for shoot-out style competitions. The danger of becoming an "Underwater Creative" is that the viewer could end up with a false impression of a location/ destination which they travel to based on what they are seeing in a given image.
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