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  1. Kthan, Yes, I am missing the long (approx 10-12 inch) bar. The top of the bar has a circular connector that screws onto the strobe (ds 125) and the other end is totally smooth. It is definately not the ball joint type. I wish I had a picture of it to email you but like I said I lost mine... If you think were talking about the same piece I would glady pay shipping for one of your extras! Let me know. thanks Jed amjady@aol.com
  2. Hello all! Just returned from a trip to the Jordanian Red Sea and seem to have lost my 1.25 inch ikelite strobe arm (the long 12 inch tube). While I love the ds-125 I was never really thrilled with the arm that came with the package so now I am due for a replacement anyway. I really don't know what to replace it with. I have a CP995 in an Ike housing. I am considering the ultra light system, the sea & sea flexible system which looks so versatile, and I just noticed that Ike has a new 1 inch system made for this setup. Any thoughts /pros/ cons regarding these or other arms that I should consider would be greatly appreciated. I apologize if this question has been asked and answered, as I could not find any previous discussion Thanks in advance for your input!! The help I consisistently get from this site continues to astonish me!!!
  3. Caveman, I would agree with the previous poster...this does sound a little serious. The headache part sounds very much like a migraine headache. The photophobia, nausea, vomiting, lasting several hours, irritability, etc. Why diving would precipitate it I am not sure. As a diver I would be VERY wary about diving again before getting checked out by a physician. Simply the weakness you are having is more than enough reason to stay out of the water. As a doctor (if I were your doctor) I would absolutley prohibit you from diving before being checked out, perhaps by a neurologist, but at least by your family doctor/internist. Seriously, your symptoms are more than just a headache and I would not take them lightly. As always, better safe than sorry... Jed
  4. Well, I am a doctor, diver, and I have had similar headaches off and on while diving for over 10 years. By no means am I experienced in Dive medicine other than my personal interest in it as a diver and a physician. I have had some seriously bothersome headaches that have ruined several dives...I have never been able to pinpoint the cause...for a while I thought they were tension headaches related to the physical stress of hauling a tank around on my back...i thought this because the headaches seemed to be related the the position of the tank on my back/bc...I have since discarded this theory. Then i thought it might be related to my neck being extended while diving...a somewhat unnatural position if your up walking around. Doubt that one too... Finally I have resigned myself to the idea that it is truly a sinus issue. I think there can be times when one of the many sinuses in the head can be very minimally plugged...so little that you dont really have any symptoms on land...yet while diving you can get pressurizing effect of the sinus... like a ball valve effect. I ve noticed that my headache, when I get one, is related to depth and I can somewhat relieve the pain by going shallower...improves during the surface interval..then quickly returns as I start the next dive... Have you noticed your headaches to be depth dependant? Do you ever get them when your NOT diving? Anyway, just my 2 cents... Jed
  5. ...with regard to your question about the lubricant for your strobe...if I remember right Ikelite tells you NOT to lube the main o-ring between the battery and the strobe. Check the booklet but I am pretty sure that is what it said. I turn the modeling light off and on several times during a dive but basically use it for all pics, and I have never come close to running out of battery life for any two dives. hope this helps.... Jed p.s. dont make the beginner mistake I made and point the strobe AT the subject...that strobe is so damn strong you will overexpose, even with TTL...in my VERY limited experience. good luck
  6. Hello again.... I recently got my sea & sea wide angle lens that attaches to my Ikelite housing for my CP995. I have yet to try it out in the water but I am off to Cozumel on friday.... I dont know if I am supposed to set the camera's lens settings to wide angle? If the lens was attached directly to the camera I would adjust it...but since the lens is attached to the dome port of the housing am I still supposed to change the settings? Sorry for this novice questions...but, well...I am a novice... God I love this board!!! Thanks in advance Jed
  7. Hello All! Was wondering if anyone has personally used this drive and if so, have you noticed any significant increase in power consumption / battery drain. I have read several reviews and as far as speed goes this drive seems to be at apr with convential CF cards. The real concern seems to be power consumption. Most reviews state that there is an increase in power usage which only makes sense considering it is an actual drive with moving parts but no one can tell me how much power? I did read one very unscientific comparison of this drive with a Kingston 512mb card which claimed there was no significant differance in speed or battery drain. Any insight? experience? thoughts? thanks... Jed ...off to Cozumel 4 days baby!!!
  8. Ok, Iam looking at the Lowepro trekker AW. It looks like it will hold my Ikelite housing for my CP 995. This housing is HUGE! I like the idea of the smaller Lowepro bag but I cant imaging it will hold this housing. Does anyone have this housing (or bigger) and either of these bags. I also have to fit my camera, DS125, lenses, chargers ,etc and some smaller items. Thanks again all! Jed
  9. You guys are too much!!! I chose to go to Cozumel again....I really could not finding anything really nice about St Lucia's diving....and I think Coz is probably some of the best in the area. Or so it would seem?? So Iam off for a week the 2nd week of February thanks for the input.... Jed
  10. Hello all, I am new to the U/W phtography world. I made one dive/photo trip to the red sea this past summer and had a real blast!! I need some help though...I really don't know how to travel with my gear. Do you all carry your camera strobe, etc on to the plane as carry on or check it in? If you carry it on what type of case do you use? And if yo check it what kind of case? Also, when you get on the dive boat how do you safely carry it on? I know these are silly questions but I have never really seen anyone carry this stuff around and you all know how delicate it is... I've been looking at Pelican cases but can't seem to figure out what size I need for my setup... thanks for any thoughts... Jed CP995 Ikelite housing Ds125 Sea & Sea wide angle adapter
  11. Hello all, Looking for some first hand advice regardinga dive destination. I have the opportunity to go to St. Lucia or Cozumel in 2 weeks. I've done Cozumel and it was nice and I kinda would like to try something new but I have never really heard much about St. Lucia. From the little research I have done sounds like there are some nice reefs there but does it even compare with Cozumel? Also, how about the night life in St. Lucia for a single guy? Kinda sounds like a couples place to me?? Any thought would be appreciated...I have a day or two to figure this out. Cant wait to try my new Sea & Sea wide angle lens... Thanks! jed CP 995, Ikelite housing, DS125 strobe
  12. Hello Lucky, I initially was using an iMac g3 with the bundles softeare package that came with my coolpix 995. I was very happy with the software, particularly the album software...the name of which escapes me for the moment. I've recently moved and have not hada chance to setup my mac yet and i have been using an IBm laptop for the time being. The software for the IBM stinks compared to the Mac. Much more difficult to use. Anyway, I look forward to getting my Mac running again. cheers jed
  13. Thanks so much for all the info I've been getting! So it sounds like the ability to use TTL on the ikelite is a big advantage, probably more so for an amateur like myself? It must be nice to see into the Ike housing and be sure there is no leakage. The ikelite sure looks big and bulky though?? I have noticed that a couple boarders here recently sold there ikelite/CP setups for different setups entirely.....is there something I am missing??? As of now, I am leaning toward the ikelite. So can you only use TTL with Ike strobes? thanks! jed
  14. Hello all, This is my first post...just discovered this board today! WOW! I have a CP 995 and I am new to u/w photography. I am in a rush to buy a housing for it as I am off to Sharm in 10 days. I've only cosidered the Ikelite housing till this point. I had no idea there were so many options! What are your recommendations for a housing for this camera. Aquatica? Ikelite? others? I only dive twice a year if Iam lucky but i want quality equiptment. Any added thoughts about the 995, or strobes would be seriously appreciated! thanks in advance! Jed
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