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  1. Hello again everyone. Glad to see the revised site. It looks very good.
  2. BBQ & surface interval on Pamilacan Island
  3. Each one of the mangos on this tree were hand covered with an envelope made from used newspaper to protect them.
  4. A most excellent collection of shots. I especially favor the over/under ones.
  5. A very interesting dive and a great collection of shots.
  6. Although a member I have not posted here for some time Balicasag Island Dive Sites: Rico's Wall and Black Forest
  7. I purchased an X's Drive Pro for an upcoming trip. It is a simple and inexpensive device that accomodates a notebook hard drive. It will allow me to download my photos to it so as to free up my camera memory cards. A friend who has been using one discovered a problem with it that results in a dead battery when you go to use the device. The problem is described HERE
  8. VIEW PHOTOS (Mouseover camera icon for photo info).
  9. No, I didn't let it clean my teeth. My gf did a couple of months ago on a dive.
  10. Aloha to everyone. I introduced myself under the "The Galley: General Chat" last week. This is my first post of photos on Wetpixel. I live on Maui and dive frequently. VIEW PHOTOS
  11. Aloha, I'm new to the forum. I am retired and live in Maui, Hawaii. I am an avid kayak diver and have been involved in amateur underwater photography for a little over three years now. I have a personal website that I use for my underwater photos, some "how to's" of kayak diving and miscellaneous topics. Looking forward to interacting on the site.
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