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  1. You can get "Caribbean Sea Slugs, A field guide to the opisthobranch mollusks from the tropical northwestern Atlantic" from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Caribbean-Sea-Slugs-...7184&sr=1-1
  2. DivinDiva, Are you still photographing McGinty's Cyphoma on your NC wrecks? Thanks, AnneDiver
  3. The nudibranch is: Chromodoris binza, page 148 in Caribbean Sea Slugs (I had to get a plug in!) Anne
  4. This Triviid or Ovulid species was photographed in Riviera Beach, Florida by Deb Devers. Can anyone identify it please? Thanks Anne and Deb
  5. This Polyclad flatworm is "Maritigrella newmanae " Excellent photograph
  6. I have seen this app on IPhone and it is great. In fact it was used to identify an eel a friend photographed. Very user friendly and handy to use after a dive...Anne
  7. Thank you so much Leslie. The links are wonderful. And I should have known you would be working on a Saturday! Anne
  8. A friend, Robert Shearer, found this "bone?" Scuba diving the other day. It was found in the sand in 72' of water at Hog Heaven Reef off Boca Raton, FL, on 6/5/2010 It looked like bone to Robert. Can anyone help identify what it is and what it is from? Thank you Anne
  9. Hey Laz, Your eel is: Bascanichthys sp. (Whip eel) Great shot of it. Anne
  10. Thank you Don, I did go back the next day and took more photos, and I think it could be a pen shell. I am going to try to find it again and determine if it is alive or dead and get some more photos. Thanks, Anne
  11. Thanks Leslie, I'll see what I can find out.
  12. I was diving today in Lake Worth Lagoon, Riviera Beach, FL. I turned over a small rock and saw this small oval thing. Help Leslie, is this a bivalve or something else?. It was about the size of a penny, and in less than 5 feet of water.
  13. Leslie is right, it is a flatworm, possibly a Paraplanocera species Have a look in "Marine Flatworms, The World of Polyclads" byLeslie Newman and Lester Cannon
  14. Hi Matt, You can send me a high res at: annekdupont@yahoo.com I look forward to receiving it. Anne
  15. Hey Matt, Some nice nudis you have there. I agree with Marli on 1 and 3. For #2, can you send a cropped high res so I can see the animal better. I'm not sure what you have there. Is the Nudibranch missing a rhinophore? Do you have any other photos ot it? You can send me a PM if you like with hi res attachments. Thanks, Anne DuPont (Caribbean Sea Slugs)
  16. Hi Leslie, I have a beautiful worm for you. Can you please tell me who it is. It has bristles along the side of the body. The photo was taken by a dive buddy in West Palm Beach, Fl. The worm was probably about an inch long. I have attached dorsal and and ventral views. Thanks, Anne
  17. Your nudibranch appears to be Pauleo jubatus Take a look on Page 254 of "Caribbean Sea Slugs" Anne
  18. Your animal is: Aplysia brasiliana a "Spotted seahare" Page 96 of Caribbean Sea Slugs. (a shameless plug) Anne DuPont Caribbean Sea Slugs
  19. Hi Fletcher, What a beautiful photo of a pair of Glossodoris you found there! Your nudibranchs are indeed "Glossodoris sedna". It is found on page 146 of Caribbean Sea Slugs. And, I'm happy that you are using the book. Anne DuPont (Caribbean Sea Slugs)
  20. Hi Kay, What great finds! We will add St Vincent to the Geographic range of both. The yellow and white one appears to be a color form of "Flabellina dushia" Page 238 Caribbean Sea slugs. and the pair appear to be Chelidonura berolina, or could be Chelidonura africana, page 36 Caribbean Sea Slugs. Keep up the excellent work! You are really finding a lot of species in St Vincent. Keep up the great work...Anne
  21. Hi Kaye, Excellent Find! You will find Flabellina engeli shown on Page 240 of "Caribbean Sea Slugs". We will now add St Vincent to the Geographic Range. Hope to get down to dive with you sometime. And a shameless plug for the book, you can get "Caribbean Sea Slugs" from www.seachallengers.com or from Amazon. Anne DuPont
  22. Well, it really stumped me ....glad to know what it is.... way to go Steve, we gotta get down there and dive with you, Anne
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