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  1. Great shot, Laz, was it taken at the bridge? Anne
  2. Bob, I was diving the bridge on November 16, also. We usually park in front of the life guard stand, and after the dive you will see a bunch of us standing around eating snacks and talking about the dive. Next time, come over and say Hi. Anne
  3. Bob, Forgot to give you the Sea Slug Forum reference. http://www.seaslugforum.net/factsheet.cfm?base=pleuareo When did you take the photograph? Thanks, Anne
  4. I think your nudibranch is "Pleurobranchus areolatus" the Atlantic sidegill slug. I photographed this one at Blue Heron Bridge on October 18. Does this look like your animal? From your photograph, I can't be certain. See Page 112 of "Caribbean Sea Slugs" (Valdes, Hamann,Behrens, DuPont) Great find, Anne
  5. Laz, Fantastic photo and great find! Anne
  6. Thank you, It's nice to put a name to it. Anne
  7. Hi Kay, Great find! and I hope you get your camera back soon. Didn't you buy Caribbean Sea Slugs at DEMA? I remember talking to you there. Check out Page 276 of Caribbean Sea Slugs for more information. I'll look forward to more photos after you get your camera back. St Vincent is one of my favorites in the Caribbean. Anne
  8. Hello Leslie and all, My dive buddy, Judy Townsend took this photo in Wake Worth Lagoon, Florida. The bivalve was in a crevice in the sea wall. The shell was about 3 inches and in 10 feet of water. We have sent it out to several experts but have not come up with an identification yet. Has anyone seen a shell like this? Is it a scallop shell? A clam shell? Thanks, Anne
  9. Thanks Jon and Leslie, Here is one more photo my friend sent me. Does this help? Thanks Anne
  10. Hi Leslie and all, A friend's mom took this photo yesterday in Lake Worth Lagoon, Palm Beach, Fl. in approximately 12 feet of water. Is it a Nemertine worm? Thanks, Anne
  11. Hi Alex, I have photographed that same little guy there. In fact, we were on the day dive with you. I was showing Jim some critters when he signaled me up and we had a little surface chat. Your animal could be Discodoris evelinae, or Geitodoris immunda . It is hard to tell without seeing underneath. You can check out both in Caribbean Sea Slugs (Now Alex, you do have our book, don't you?). Come back to Florida soon. Anne
  12. Leslie and all, I need help on this one.... I photographed this invertebrate on Caulerpa sertularioides in a tidal lagoon in West Palm Beach, Florida. The animal was about 6mm in length and the depth was about 10 feet. Can you tell me what it is? Thanks, Anne
  13. Hal, It appears to be "Tritonia hamnerorum" check it out on page 222 of "Caribbean Sea Slugs" by Valdes, Hamann, Behrens & DuPont (a shamless plug for our book) Cheers, Anne DuPont
  14. Thanks Leslie and Gordon, I'll call it a "Cutie juvenile"
  15. Super, Leslie, and now that you mention it, I have the book at home. I'll look forward to hearing from him.
  16. Hi Leslie, Here is another one for you. I found this beautiful, ornate little guy here in the southern Bahamas crawling on the sand in about 6 feet of water. It was approximately 35-40mm in length. Is it a baby sea cucumber? Do you know who it is? Thanks so much, Anne
  17. Leslie, I think it might be a clam, the animal did not move. Here a couple of more photos showing the siphon... Anne
  18. Thanks Leslie, I'll send you a couple more...
  19. Hi Leslie, I found this under a rock in about 25 feet of water off the Island of Bimini. I thought it was a flatworm until I saw the photos and saw that it had an opening on top. It was about 8-10mm in size. At times the "hole" was closed, or retracted, and sometimes it was open. Can you tell me what it is? Thanks again, Anne
  20. Thanks Leslie, Excellent site, so now we East Coast "nudi girls" will have to see if we can even up the score a little by submitting some Atlantic and Caribbean species. Happy New Year, Anne
  21. Thanks Leslie, (Don't tell Angel that my eye is wandering from sea slugs to snails!) This is the third Lamellaria I have found this summer. I will send them to you at the museum for your vast collection of photographs. Cheers, Anne
  22. Leslie, Here's another one for you. I photographed this today in West Palm Beach, FL. The animal was approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter and was found under a rock. Is this a Lamellaria sp? Thanks, Anne
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