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  1. I've used these and they are re-usable if the housing does not leak. I used the same sachet for two weeks of diving in sharm.
  2. Hi Mainly to protect against leaks i bought some Leak Insure Sachets. What i found is they are excellent at absorbing moisture in the housing and work better than Silica Gel http://www.leakinsure.co.uk Hope this helps. Johnno
  3. Hi While the leak detectors let you know that you have a leak they do little to stop it. I found a product on the net that I have used and works very well. They are called Leak Insure Absorbent Sachets http://www.leakinsure.co.uk . They absorb water very quickly and give you enough time to get to the surface. I guess they would work very well with the detectors. As long as they don't get wet they can be used over and over again, brilliant. Has anyone got any alternatives? Happy New Year Johnno
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