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  1. Excellent photos! I just got back from Roatan and really enjoyed seeing your shots of Mary's place. We dove Mary's on a day where the water was flat glass w/ about 150 foot vis. The best dive of the trip. I like your barrie pix as well as the flamingo tongue and seahorse shots. There's a really great article about removing blue from pictures on wetpixel that you might want to check out (http://www.wetpixel.com/module-pagesetter-viewpub-tid-1-pid-50.phtml). The Eagle ray photo that is saturated with cyan would be dramatically improved using Photoshop and the tips in the article I'm mentioning. I'm playing with it right now on some of my blue pictures and it really does make a difference. BTW, what type of rig are you using? Again, great job.... Craig
  2. It's hard to shoot on top when everything is down below! Sorry you missed the diving. I also just returned from Roatan from our honeymoon. We stayed at Anthony's Key Resort (great resort, highly recommended) and did 19 dives in the 6 days we dove. It was also my first shoot w/ my Olympus C-5060/Ikelite w/ DS-125 strobe. I'll post some shots here soon. Hey, get the wife certified!!!!! Oh, and congratulations
  3. I'm making a jump from still to video and looking for a good affordable housing for my Sony PC-109. I've looked at the Equinox housing for this camera but I can't find any credible reviews on-line. Does anyone have experience with Equinox and if so, can you provide your opinions before I shell out for one, I'd appreciate it! THanks.
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