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  1. Link to detailed photos and photos taken with this camera and housing https://shawmutdesignandconstructio.box.com/s/3m4lyc0t9f3u0afgl2z8xg2cryy690gu
  2. FS:Canon 5DII & Aquatica 5D MK II Pro Underwater Housing with Ports I am original owner of all items All items are in excellent condition Glass on ports in excellent condition Ports included: 18426 - AF/MF Port with Port Extension 18453 and focus/zoom gear 18700 18407 - 9.25 dome port, Bk-7 coated Mineral glass: - This dome is bad ass clear! (2) Ikelite DS 161 Movie strobes with charging cables 5DII camera included with original box, battery, charger and instruction book Brand new set of o-rings All arms, balls, clamps and spare parts are included Price = $3,000 OBO I have sold a lot of stuff on photography on the net forum under idreadme I have a perfect reputation Link to photos - https://shawmutdesignandconstructio.box.com/s/3m4lyc0t9f3u0afgl2z8xg2cryy690gu More photos of specific items on request At this time I will not split this deal u
  3. I will gladly send you my lens! I will fedex it tomorrow Just let me know Lee
  4. Will aquatica ever make a focus gear for the Canon 14mm f/2.8L II ? This lens came out 2 years ago. If you are listening Aquatica, I will send you my lens so you can make one. Let me know Thanks Lee
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