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  1. Let me add another endorsement for MacDive - its a great bit of software which makes it easy to look back at dives, add photos and notes. I've 'only' got the D6 but love the combination!
  2. Hi Chris - It worked rather well for me on my last trip. I tended to use the velcro to cover the internal flash and use the fiber optic to drive the S&S. I kept the diffuser on the S&S most of the time as I found that I got better results...You can see some of the photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/tobyanscombe/...57623380339279/ and check the EXIF to see which had flash and which didnt. I'm off to Egypt in early July so will have some more shots to show you... From what I have seen on the single trip that I have used it the S&S works very well and I am very happy with it. The one thing that I would say is to check to make sure that the arm and tray that you get give you enough flexibility in terms of where you position the flash - I ended up changing the arm I used to give me the ability to have the flash as far away from the lens as possible... Let me know if you need more info
  3. Just an aside but I was speaking to my local u/w camera shop during the week and their reccomendation was get a wide angle adaptor as (for the diving that I do - Red Sea, Oman, Mexico) the ambient light is enough and a wide angle adaptor will allow me to get closer, removing the 'amount' of water in the way and thus improve colours..sort of made sense (but of course, after I had bought my strobe!) I'm back in 2 weeks so will show you the fruits of my labours
  4. I've gone for the YS110a option with my G11 also with the fibre optic connection. On land, it works perfectly - I get consistent exposures regardless of the subject as long as I am not in M mode (manual) as it is not supported. Cant tell you how good it works underwater yet but I am off for 2 weeks at the weekend and can let you know then! I chose the S&S 110a because in the UK the Inon z240 is really expensive - $1200 (£750).... Have a look at http://www.digitaldiver.net/strobes.php to see the specs of each strobe
  5. I seem to have replied to you on another thread - http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=33869 Basically, dont scrimp on the strobe!
  6. In reverse order (but bear in mind that I am new to this - I have taken many photos underwater but have only just got a strobe and not used it yet!) White balance is just about telling the picture (assuming you are in RAW) what passes for white http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/whitebalance.htm is a good place to start. RAW processing depends on what computer you have - I use Macs so I use Aperture but if you are a PC user then something like LR3 although in Beta will show you what can be done. http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/lightroom3/ while in beta it should be free but of course when it comes out you will need to buy it. Although I have never used it DPP must have a bulk option somewhere.... I cant advise on strobes as I have only just got one but having spent a long time working out what was what I plumped for the S&S 110a - more money but I know that it will do me for at least the next two cameras as cameras change more often than strobes! If you spend $200 on a strobe now and regret it you have effectivly wasted $200; check the forums here for 2nd hand deals or on ScubaBoard - I assume that you are US based so the chances of finding something is way higher than me over in the UK! Best of luck and keep us posted - I'm off diving next week so will show you what the G11 and 110a can do
  7. One problem that I have noticed with the G11 and Canon housing is the flash positioning and the curve of the housing. I have a G11, Canon housing and a S&S 110a with the fibre optic cable and the positioning of the cable is a bit of a bugger.. The suggestion of shooting in Raw is one of the best ones going - there is almost 2 stops of latitude; what appears to be dark on the camera can become rather good on the PC!
  8. So, I have precisely two post to my name but... I joined as I am off to the Maldives in a week for 11 days diving on Filitheyo with a couple of boat dives added on for good measure. I have previously used an Ixus 860 and Canon housing with no strobe but this time I am taking a Canon G11 and a shiny new S&S 110a which I hope will improve my lighting somewhat. I have to say that some of the photos and posts (I have been reading a lot!) on here are incredably inspiring - I hope that I can produce some shots even vaguely as good! I'll post up some of the shots when I get back (doubt that free internet will be around) but in the interim if anyone has anything more that you think I should be reading up on (how to shoot a single strobe etc) then please let me know. The basic camera stuff I know, having been a topside photographer for about 20 years (not pro but published) - just wish I could afford a housing for some of my SLR Canon gear!
  9. Wow! I am off to the Maldives in 2 weeks so I do hope that they are a year round visitor! I note from their webpage that there is a concern over unrelated dive boats; I shall be on Filitheyo and diving with Werner Lau - I hope that as a permie dive center they will be aware of the issues....
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