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  1. Just wanted to say that I got to try the Subsee+Adapter about two months ago. I met Keri from Reefnet on the Epson underwater photography competition in Eilat (Israel) and he let me try out this lens for a couple of days. After the first dive i decided that I must get one. My set is already here, waiting for me to find a free weekend to try it out...


    It takes some time to get used to, but the results are great. The adapter is very convenient and it's designed so you don't need to think were to put the lens when you're not using it (a problem I had with the woody-diopter).


    (P.S - much to my surprise, there's an adapter to the old Ikelite macro ports. That's the one I'm using).



  2. Hi all,


    I am broke but in need of a focus light. The Fantasea Line 44 Bulb LED is pretty cheap and I have heard allot of people use it as a focus light, is it any good?

    Meanwhile in its specification´s:


    "The light has a mounting ring and stainless steel wing nut which allows for easy attachment to strobe arms and lens port brackets. This makes a convenient focus or aiming light."


    But that´s all it says and there is no picture of the mounting ring or stainless steel wing nut, does anyone know how it works?


    Hi azorean,


    Attached is a photo of the various parts, plus a arm ball adaptor. I'm not sure the adaptor usually comes with the focus light (i bought everything together in a local dive shop). Hope it helps.


    I'm using this light a focus light. All in all it's OK, but not very strong. It's cheap though...




  3. Hi,


    After reading the review and threads regarding the StiX arms i tried contacting 4th Generation Design by email. I sent them a couple of emails in the last two-three week but got no response.


    Any idea how i can reach them?


    P.S - is anyone using their clamps? how are they comparing to ULCS's clamps?




  4. Hi Udo,


    Thanks for posting the links. I had some free time and made myself (well, someone made it for me...) a tripod based on the photo you put here. I had to add some weight on the front leg so it doesn't flip backwards. I used a 1 pund weight connected to a double-dog, so i could take it off the tripod and attach it to my BCD when not in use.









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  5. My turn :(


    Tokina 10-17 on a Nikon D70. Using Ikelite housing, with a #5503 dome port (the 8" dome will hopefully get here next week), Ikelite DS-125 on the left side, DS-50 on the right. I had some vignetting problems with this dome port at 10mm-12mm, but they were solved once i removed the dome's shade.


    The conditions for testing this lens wheren't great - bad visibility lots of clouds (very rare around here...). And to make things worse, i had huge problems with the zoom gear. I have both #0073 and #5509.28 ... but i'm not sure which is what (i think i mixed them up when i played with them...). The only one that did work with this lens got stuck once i went deeper than ~15 meters :rolleyes:


    I'll probably play around with the zoom gear again once i get the new dome port. I guess i'll just have to make another dive trip to check it out :ninja: .

    If anyone have any tips for the zoom gear issues (or have any ideas how to #0073 zoom gear from the #5509.28), please share :(


    Here are some test photos (mostly taken at F/9 or F/11, 13mm and 15mm):







    On a 100% crop (top left part of the photo) it's easy to notice the CA. There seem to be less CA in the center of the photo.





  6. Well, i don't think it's a color space issue since the Jpeg was AdobeRGB, and the NEF was open as AdobeRGB in ACR and i still got wierd colors. I also converted both images to sRGB and there was still a big difference.


    Maybe it's time to calibrate my monitor(s) properly, though i don't think that's the problem. Can anyone recommand on a good guide, and some reading about calibration and monitor profiles?


    P.S - i manged to get good results when i messed around with Hue&Saturation of the Yellows and greens.

  7. Hi Guys,


    I'm shooting with D70 and using NEF+Jpeg. On some occasions, when i open a NEF file in PS or Nikon Capture (4.4 or NX) i get different colors comparing to the Jpeg created by the camera. Most of the times it's OK and i like the results, and something i get greenish colors. I tried un-checking all the checkboxes in PS and Nikon Capture, but couldn't solve this problem.

    In PS - i just get a greenish/yellowish photo. In Nikon capture the image appears yellowish in the editor, but when i save it to a jpeg and watch it with another program is seems fine (it's still a pain - i like doing all of the level/brightness adjustments in one program, and then do all the cropping and backscatters removal in PS).


    Any ideas?



    Here's an example:

    Original photo (Jpeg from the camera):




    NEF saved to Jpeg in PS (colors seems "dead". Check out the reds)



    Screen capture from Nikon Capture


  8. Ummm, i wonder if it'll fit inside my Ikelite D70 housing. The iTTL conversion circuit doesn't leave much space inside this housing.


    Viz'art - i looked at the photos of aquatica's moisture alarm on B&H. The moisture detector/led cables look a little bit short in the photo. Do you have a photo showing the alarm installed in one of your housings?



  9. Arnon, i have to point out that i still haven't installed the alarm in my housing. In the iTTL version of the D-70 housing there's a very limited place... i'll have to extend some wires and move the LED (i was too lazy/busy... i hope to do it this week).

  10. A custom 105mm port ??? when i ordered mine i tried to order a longer port but they said it impossible... can you explain what modificationed you made in the port ?


    As for MF/AF -I had the opposite problem - i couldn't turn the AF/MF wheel at all because there was too much pressure (the focus gear pressed against the port). I had to do two things to solve it :

    1. Sand down the shorter rib (focus gear)

    2. Turn the port 180 degrees. Sounds stupid ? i agree, but apperently the housing/camera/port are not 100% aligned. I got the idea when i saw a photo of Karl's wife using the 105mm :) For some reason whn the knob is on the lower left, everythings works.


    You may want to try different positions of the port and see if it works for you as well. If rotating it released some pressure from me, maybe it can put some pressure for you.

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