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  1. Tokina AT-X 10-17/3,5-4,5 DX Fisheye for Canon in mint condition. Located in Sweden but willing to ship worldwide. Price $460 or 330 EUR
  2. Have anyone visited this webiste? www.plazalens.com Prices seem to be too low to be true.... or what do you all think? Do any of you have any experience from this webiste?
  3. Ok, can you give me some more info on what you have and prices? Brgds
  4. Looking for a housing for either Canon 5d mark ii or mark iii. Could also be interested in a complete sets (camera,ports etc). Preferably sea&sea, but not necessarily. But no ikelite. Brgds/ Jonas koilerna@gmail.com
  5. Sea&sea MDX 40/50D uw-housing. Price 1200 € Free Shipping Regards Jonas Samuelsson, Koilerna@gmail.com
  6. Sea&sea MDX 40/50D uw-housing. Price 1500 € If interested, there is also a camera Canon 50D. Lenses Canon 60mm macro, tokina 10-17mm fisheye and ports to the house for sale. Shipping can be arranged from Sweden, buyer pays shipping costs. Regards Jonas Samuelsson, Koilerna@gmail.com
  7. Hi all! Have a look into our new website www.coralphoto.net Any feedback or comments are welcome.... Cheers!
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