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  1. Hello, I just received a brand new Aquatica GH5s housing with Vacuum direct from the manufacturer. This was a gift certificate I won in a competition, but couldn't transfer it to someone else. So instead, I decided to just buy the housing, and try to sell it. It is brand new, and has never been wet. Will sell for $1500 obo. Buyer pays shipping/insurance. Let me know if you are interested. -Dustin
  2. I actually ended up just trying to simplify it, and bought a Panasonic GH5s housing. So I have the housing, just need to sell it now.. LEt me know if you are interested.
  3. Hello everyone, I was fortunate enough to win a gift certificate for $2000 towards an Aquatica housing. Since I am invested in another housing brand, I wanted to see if anyone here wanted to buy this off of me. Make me an offer, as I certainly don't want this to goto waste. The only caveat is that they won't let me transfer it to someone else, I have to buy the housing, and then would ship it to you. PM me if you are interested. -Dustin Adamson
  4. Hey all, I had a couple of friends drop out of a Tiger Beach trip March 23-29th 2020. They decided they wanted to get married instead of shark diving....Is that crazy or what..! So there are 2 open spots. We will be doing 5 days of diving there with Epic Diving. PM me if you are interested in joining us. Video / Photo coaching sessions can be arranged if you want them at no extra charge. If not, we can all just enjoy being around these amazing animals in the best shark diving spot in the world! -Dustin & Tyra Adamson Oceanshutter
  5. Thanks for the compliments. I do love all those shots you mentioned. Especially the emperor shrimp with the nudis mating. That was my last shot of the trip on a dive, that was basically a bust. I haven't ever seen that before! To be honest, the most difficult shot was the shaun the sheep nudis. In order for that shot to happen with a black background, nearly everything had to be perfect. Its unfortunate that most people will see a nice shot, but not realize how difficult it was. That shot I used the SMC-2 Which if you have ever used it, is an incredibly diffiicult wet lens from Nauticam. The 4x magnification is great! but the shallow dof is so difficult. You have to have the subject 1/2 inch away from the lens. Then lighting becomes difficult. Those nudis are on leaf like algae, that moves in current. So I had really no current on the dive. Then I had to have the 2 nudis in the same plane of focus on the edge of the algae. I've seen alot of these, and this was a perfect setup. for the shot. I am just thankful they were both looking at the camera and both relatively in focus. I use a Canon 1dx2 which at 4k has a 40% crop. With a 100mm lens, and an SMC1 and SMC. That is my magnification setup. The SMC2 was also used for the close up of the jawfish eggs.. Lucky shot, that jawfish was the most cooperative I have ever experienced. Again, Lens 1/2 inch away from its mouth. Dustin Thanks. No secrets here. Used a Canon 1dx2, 100mm lens, with SMC1, and SMC2. Nauticam housings (smallhd monitor), Sola Lights. Xit404 tripod. Answered in another response.
  6. It is a nice place to have some break up of the diving with some wide angle stuff.
  7. Hi Everyone, Wanted to share my latest Rolling in the Deep episode. Just returned from Dauin Philippines. Great Macro there. Stayed with Atlantis, and they have great guides. As always any critiques are welcome. Thanks for watching. -Dustin
  8. I also have the nauticam small hd setup. I do like the idea of flipping it upside down. Never thought about that before. I also like the nauticam setup and personally don't know how I did it without it in the past. The focus peaking is a huge selling factor for me. I also find the color to be pretty good as well. It is very easy to use as well with different modes depending on what you want to see. You can flip between them with 1 button push. There are some cons however that I think Nauticam could address. -The HDMI cable is very finicky. I always travel with a spare cable and bulkhead. -The housing is larger than it needs to be. -The shade is an addon that is ridiculously priced. But I do like it. Especially for shallow water. -Dustin
  9. Hi Everyone, Wanted to share my latest. This was a trip to Roatan Honduras last week. Hope you all enjoy! -Dustin
  10. Hi Edward. Thanks for the response. I will pm you my address. Dustin.
  11. Hello, I have had a total of 3 different Nauticam Flip diopter holders. Each one has seized up on me at the hinge. The first one I broke trying to muscle it to close underwater. Our current 2 are my wifes and I's. Both are suffering the same issue. We were in Lembeh, and I started to swing it open and shut in some fresh water, but it still didn't help. Is anyone else having issues with this? Thanks for your help. Dustin
  12. We have shot both the 17-40mm and the 16-35mm F4L. The 16-35mm is hands down better. If you can swing it, that is the lens I would recommend. The F4 lens is very affordable.
  13. Not sure what would be wrong. I am able to put it full screen. That squid was shot in the Solomon Islands. We did a black water dive, and it actually hit me pretty hard and then inked me. Also had a silky shark attack my lights. Memorable dive...haha. The cricket noises actually aren't that. It was some sound effect that I sped up about 300%. I kinda thought it sounded like a bird chirping. That was one of the sounds I wasn't so sure about, so I am glad to hear it wasn't bad for you.
  14. Thank you Tim. Honestly, the soundtrack is always the hardest thing for me to pick out. Once I have that, then it is pretty easy to edit. Add in the sound effects that somewhat match the clips, and it takes extremely long. I've been working on this on and off for the last 7 months. Finding the sound effects are hard. I don't want them to sound too obvious of what the sound is actually in real life, otherwise it just sounds bad. Then you have to find ones that I can license and pay for to use...So it is all kind of a pain. But thanks for the comment, and for watching it. Glad you liked it. Dustin
  15. Thanks for watching it Robert. It's funny, on my facebook page, there are people who are saying not to put the sound in because that "not what it sounds like" underwater....haha. I had to tell them that is the creative part of it, it is meant to be fun. I would say it is about 70% anilao, and 30% solomon islands. The editting time is more than I care to admit. I guess its a good thing I like to do it. Dustin
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