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  1. Hi Dustin, wondering if you can answer a question for me. I saw a post when you were asking about a Merpati flight earlier this year. Who did you book it thru? I have tried the merpati site several times and I can't get past the country entry ( no USA to select) I saw you mentioned a travel agent. I am trying to book from Bali to Dili in less than a month. Can you recommend a travel agent I can book before I go. And how much was their commission? Thanks for any help you can offer, Butch

    1. Oceanshutter




      The airfare was booked through caradonna dive travel. However, I believe the airfare was ultimately, booked by the boat we were on, which was the indo siren.


      On their website, can you choose Indonesia as the country? I would assume this would work and shouldn't cause problems.


      Hope that helps.



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