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  1. Roegie, Thanks for the compliment in my shooting. Peter is right on the money with what he is suggesting. I pray for dark cloudy days when shooting macro! Sometimes I even have the dive guide hover over the subject to block sun light. Night shooting works too, but you can generally tell those shots as there is a bunch what I call "sea lice" swarming the lights and subject. But light positioning is key. Try not to light up the background at all, and frame the shot so that it can get the look. It doesn't work for everything... I made a snoot, but don't use that anymore it is too much of a pain...so none of the shots in the nudi video used a snoot. Don't use barn doors either. Hope that helps. Dustin
  2. One thing I learned about the bobbit worm, is if you wave a silver muck stick over it it thinks it's a fish. And will raise out of the sand a bit. Also flashes from strobes do the same thing.
  3. That's the same time we went last year. Water is a little colder...bring a 3-5mm vest hood. Crystal blue is in a good location. Haven't been there but heard it is nice. Make sure to do the anilao pier as a night dive a couple times while you are there. Bobbit worms, seahorse, ghost pipefish, Ambon scorpionfish, different types of frogfish, stargazer, a bunch of coconut octopus, and a mimic....that was in one dive in 2011. Wasn't quite as good last year....but was still the best night dive I have ever done.
  4. My understanding is that Lembeh does have some good Wide angle spots, but that you have to convince the operators to go to them, so it can be out of the way. As for anilao. Twin rocks is a popular site, that has good macro and wide angle. they have a nice school of jacks there. We saw a few turtles there last time. And the have nice anenome's that you can take some good wide angle shots of. http://www.oceanshutter.com/p65530161/h62510829#h62510829 Cathedral has some nice wide angle, and Beatrice is also a nice spot, and with current there is a ton of anthias. Keep in mind the wide angle isn't like fiji or anything.....but you can do a few dives and get some good shots. when are you going to be there?
  5. thanks for watching it. As for the Lembeh vs Anilao debate....Lembeh has a higher density of critters, and nicer resorts. However, I would go to Anilao on a 3 to 1 ratio vs lembeh. Lembeh is fantastic, and I want to go back there. But here are the reasons I prefer Anilao... 1. From the USA...Anilao is a piece of cake to get to. 2. The Filipinos are the nicest people I have ever met in my travels. 3. It is overall cheaper to go to. 4. If the critter density in Lembeh is a 10...Then Anilao is probably an 8. Not enough difference to justify the extra expense, and travel time. 5. Viz is much better in Anilao 6. Anilao is cleaner than Lembeh 7. I found the dive guides to be better than the ones I had in Lembeh. This certainly could be debated... 8. The fact that I can fly Delta into Manila and not have to worry about baggage concerns or carry on weight limits for me is a huge bonus. 9. The resort that I stay at...Club O...Is very accommodating, very basic. But they work with you and there is not time pressure at all. I also like the diving schedule they do. 2 dives in the morning, and then two dives at late afternoon and the 4th is a night dive. that is the ideal schedule that I find few operators do. 10. For photo and video, I have found that Anilao was more productive than Lembeh. But that might be due to awesome guides in anilao, vs so so guides in lembeh. Also, more time in the water because, I am spending less time traveling. I think you will like Anilao. Its inevitable to compare everything about a destination..I do it. But the best is just to go and appreciate what that particular destination has to offer, and not what it lacks. After all any place diving is better that working back at home! Dustin
  6. HI everyone, I wanted to share my latest video I put together. It is from a night dive, where I had a friendly cuttlefish hang out with me for 45 minutes using my lights to hunt. It was great fun to watch. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment or make recommendations. Dustin
  7. Thanks mark...was your flight full? How much gear? We have about 300 pounds between myself and wife. With dive gear, photo and video gear, laptops, etc...heck. The pelican cases weight 50 pounds by themselves(2 at 25 each). I am reading horror stories of baggage charges in the $1000's. Dustin
  8. Hello everyone, For those that have traveled with Air Nuigini from Port Moresby to Tawali - Alotau (GUR). They are saying 70 lbs total for weight....Including carry on. Additional baggage is $5 USD for every additional Kilo. Which is fine, but it says that if the airplane is weight restricted it won't go with you. This has me a little nervous, especially since I am planing on packing and checking 2 dslr's (in pelicans) and dive gear for myself and my wife. What is the likelihood that the plane with be overweight? If you have any other words of wisdom..Please feel free to share. Dustin
  9. Really nice Nihal...and welcome to wetpixel. What camera setup did you use?
  10. Nice job Peter. Good job on the behavior of the parrotfish. Thanks for sharing it. Dustin
  11. why isn't a UHDTV optimal for CC? vs the ones you recommend?
  12. Some nice shots in the there Karin. Thanks for sharing. Dustin
  13. Really Great Simon! The macro was especially awesome! Dustin
  14. I am planning on a dive trip to Truk in 2015, and was wondering what recommendations from a training standpoint would people recommend. I currently am a Advanced open water Nitrox diver. I would like to be able to do some of the deeper wrecks, and overall be able to spend a bit more time on them than a single tank could provide. I am considering doing doubles, but have no idea if I need training for this etc...or if its as simple as buying a new backplate and wing for my halcyon bcd. I am not a typical deep diver...though not afraid of it either. I normally like to extend my dives for more bottom time to shoot video. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks, Dustin
  15. Really nice! Thanks for sharing. Dustin
  16. Hello all, I would like to share another short film I made from my Anilao trip. This time focusing just on the beautiful and colorful nudibranchs. Let me know what you think. Please feel free to share any critiques or other comments as well. I hope you enjoy it! Dustin Or for Youtubers
  17. Thanks Drew. I appreciate the advice. The ordering makes sense...I never really thought about it like that....I am OCD on other things...but that wasn't one of them......maybe now that you pointed it out it will..... Thanks again. Dustin
  18. Awesome Feedback Drew! Thank you. 1. This is the first time I have really ever tried to sharpen footage. There are some clips that I can see what you are talking about. What kind of recommendation do you have using the unsharp mask in premiere with 5dII footage? How much...? When not to use..? etc.. 2. The only clip I used the IS blurring was on the blue ring and it was obviously..LOL. I couldn't get still as I was basically on the surface and the surge was moving me. But never the less....it is a poor clip. I should know better damn it! I should look to fix it... 3. This wasn't intended to have storyline. Honestly, I am more drawn to artsy shots than small story lines. Having said that...I realize that most people prefer some type of story line. I have a few ideas that I am working on. It is a little harder with macro subjects to create a storyline I am learning. I have already created a film from the Galapagos, that has more of a story line. I haven't posted it yet though. Again, thanks for the feedback.....Keep it coming. Dustin
  19. Very nice images. You don't look like a beginner. Dustin
  20. The only time I rolled in with the camera was an spur of the moment dolphin pod that came by after we got in the zodiac after the dive. Granted.....the currents weren't as strong for us as they could have been. We had more current in Komodo, and I did backrolls there with the camera. I just hugged the dome, and made sure I went straight back. It was fine.....even with my ikelite housing that has questionable port locking... Dustin
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