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  1. The real stars of lembeh are the critters underwater. Although the little monkey tours I heard are fun. After being there in April, and talking to the guides it seems that October/November are the most critter times of the year. So if I were to go again, it would be then. I have heard the temps can get lower in August......but I don't have experience with that time of year. Visibility when we were there, was probably 50 feet. This isn't really a place for the crystal clear water. Wide angle ops.... You can go up to the north sites..(California dreaming)....and get some decent wide angle, but again, people typically go to lembeh for the small stuff. As this will give you the best photo ops. Being your anniversary, the spa at lembeh resort will be very nice for you. Congrats. My wife and I will be celebrating our tenth leaving for Komodo this week. The flight is a long haul. We went, slc>sea>nrt>sin>mdc. About 23 hours of flight time. We did a layover in Singapore and booked a room at the transit hotel in Singapore. That is the way to do it....really nice and clean and you don't have to leaving immigration. Then take a silk air flight to mdc. From Houston, you probably have options to get to Singapore with united/continental. Then do the silk air flight. Also, Singapore air might have a flight from Houston, you would want to check on that. That could be easy for you. Hope this helps. Dustin
  2. I have 2 main housing o rings.(and spares for that matter) One for storage and travel, and the other for diving. Never had a problem. I travel with the housing closed, and store it closed as well, using the same o ring. Then swap it out for my diving oring. Dustin
  3. After remembering I posted this a while back, I thought I would give an update. I wrote an email to Ikelite complaining about the buttons sticking, and the fact that it has done the same thing with 3 different housings I have owned, all Ikelite. I wrote this email after a trip to Lembeh, where just 3 weeks earlier, I sent the housing in for service to Ikelite. They replaced all buttons and springs Thinking that maybe I wasn't doing a good enough job rinsing and pushing the buttons. Well, during the lembeh trip, I was very aware to work the buttons in the rinse tank. Well.....They still stuck occasionally. Not as bad as before....But still very frustrating, considering I just had it in for service. My email was responded to from Ikelite, as I suggested possibly a stiffer spring. Jean from Ikelite, said he didn't think that was the problem, as their springs were the right tension for shallow and deeper depths. We came up with an alternative solution to drill out a slightly wider hole for the buttons. Suggesting that the particles in the water/sand, were not able to get flushed back out. So the larger holes should help that. So I sent my housing back in for them to do this. I got the housing back, and the buttons seem stiffer. I was under the impression they didn't change the springs, but comparing to my wifes housing, they are harder to push in. They also feel differently because of the hole size difference. I haven't taken it on a trip yet....I am leaving for Komodo in a week, so I should get a good test there. I will post, what happens. I really hope this works. I like Ikelite, and this is really my only issue with them. They have great stobes, service dept and customer service. And for me, only going on 2 dive trips a year, it is hard to justify spending double the price, when the video/pictures, are the same as with the more expensive housings. But I also expect the system to work, especially if I maintain it. Dustin
  4. First off, lembeh is one of the top macro destination in the world. However, if you are looking for Large animals, and lots of coral, you are going to the wrong place. A lot of the best sites are just black sand. You just search through sand for the critters. Some sites are cleaner than others, but you will see a lot of trash both on top of the water, and on the bottom. Trash bags will float by you. So if this bothers you, probably best to skip lembeh. I have a couple diver friends, that would probably get bored with the diving there, as they like the big corals scenes, and big animals better. However, they don't take pictures or video. I have found muck diving to be more enjoyable when you are interested in photography. But that is just my opinion. It is hard to top it for the small weird critters despite these issues. As for the resort, there are much nicer resorts than NAD, but you pay for it. So if you don't require top notch accommodations, and are just looking for a clean room, good food, and great diving. NAD is perfect. The guides are very good. So for me, the price was very good, and I would return. Hope this helps. Dustin
  5. Really nice Pete... Were those with the 4000's? Dustin
  6. Peter, With a DSLR and a 100mm lens, you really have to have it on manual focus which is what I had. So any change of distance, and it is out of focus. (there was a bit of current which didn't help things) This is partially why hand holding a 100mm macro with a DSLR is pretty much impossible to get an extended amount of time all in focus. The fact that I even got it with the 100mm hand hold is pretty good (in my mind). It is really hard! In reality, to get that shot in focus all the way through I would need a different lens. I think if I had had the 17-40mm I would have nailed it. One of the issues of shooting a DSLR Thanks for watching it. I have watched most of your videos on vimeo and they are great. Dustin
  7. You can check the classifieds here on Wetpixel, and even post a WTB for your camera model. You might have to wait a couple months, but you should be able to find something. Ebay is also an option Dustin
  8. WOW! That is impressive! That would scare the hell out of me. Of course, I am not the slightest bit handy. LOL! Dustin
  9. I personally wouldn't want to spend that much money on an older camera. I bought a new housing for a 10d back when the 30d was out. I regretted doing it. The resale takes a huge hit right when you walk out the door. If it were me, I would keep the T2i and buy a used housing. Those are my thoughts. Dustin
  10. Jens, I would recommend the Phillipines. The weather might not be the best, but with macro, it shouldn't matter too much. The flight isn't bad. I have flown from Seattle to Manila twice with a 3 hour layover in tokyo both times (delta). It works out great. I don't know if you have ever been to SE Asia, but once you go, you will want to do all your dive trips there. With 2-3 weeks it would be perfect. This is not touristy diving. The guides, are there to find you photo subjects, not to babysit. On average our dives were 70 minutes, with some 90 minutes. Looking at your website and seeing some of your macro shots, I think you would love it! I have been to both Honduras and All the Cayman's they are both typical carib destinations......Trust me you won't regret going to the philippines. The people are great, the diving is some of the best in the world. I can recommend both Anilao ( 2 1/2 hour drive from Manila) and Dumaguete (1 hour flight). In fact, I just got back from Lembeh, and while it was great, I think Anilao was just as good, with a shorter flight. If you did Anilao, you could also do Puerto Gallero in the same trip. you would just need to take a ferry. Cost would be almost the same as going to the carib.....I went to Bonaire in November, and it was the only place I ever have been to twice, and totally regret it. I could have done the philippines for about the same cost. won't make that mistake again. Dustin
  11. Thanks for posting mark. I enjoyed that. I especially liked your time lapses. Dustin
  12. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Nick, I was shooting the canon 5d mark ii, 100mm USM MAcro. Settings were generally 320 ISO, F11 to F20. Shutter at 1/60th, shooting 1080p at 30p. I was using lights for the first time. I used 2 Sola 4000's. Thanks again for watching and commenting. Dustin
  13. Kari, I'm not an expert on the original 5d but I do have a mark ii ikelite housing. You for sure would be missing the functions for most of the video functions. I also believe the left hand buttons, like menu, info, play button are off slightly. Also the LCD screen is bigger on the mark ii. I would say that doing a retrofit would be difficult if not impossible. Now that the mark iii is out and the housing are coming out....including ikelite, I would expect to see quite a few used ones come up for sale in the next couple months. Just keep an eye out in the classified ads on wetpixel, scubaboard or eBay. Hope that helps. Good luckDustin
  14. Thanks Gina and Pete for watching it. While it isnt perfect, I'm glad I even got it. I had filmed the cuttlefish and turned to swim away, and my wife pointed at it, and I turned back around, and it was doing the crazy flashing, so I started shooting again. Having to hand hold shoot the 100m is hard, as you can see with the out of focus parts......but still, I thought it was kind of cool. Thanks again, Dustin
  15. I looked at booking a trip to sipadan not too long ago. After reading all the garbage about the slots, and only getting there once or twice in a weeks time, I decided that isn't going to happen for me. I am not going to fly half way around the world for 2 days of diving at the main attraction. It's too bad they can't figure it out. I would one day like to go there, but I don't ever see it happening. There are other places, that are closer/cheaper/and just as good of diving for me to go to Sipadan. Dustin
  16. Thanks for that Drew. I know you have done your fair share of video with a Canon DSLR. What frame rate do you shoot at? Or does it change based on what you are filming? Based on your comments. It seems to me that 30p would be best for the majority of situations. And 24p might be good for others. But.....as you and Nick said, mixing could look ugly. So it seems to me that you would want to stick with one frame rate, if you wanted to mix footage.....Which I assume is what most people shooting underwater would want to do. Am I thinking this through right? Dustin
  17. Thanks EunJae. That video helps. Dustin
  18. Hello all, I was just curious as to what frame rate people are shooting with their Canon DSLR's? I have been shooting with 30p @ 1080p with a shutter speed of 1/60. I know that typically cinema's standard is 24p, so it got me thinking that maybe I should change. Would shooting 24p at 1/50th give a more pleasing look? I was looking at Vincent Laforet's website and this is the settings he suggests. How does this change my video? What differences would I notice between the two 30p and 24p? Based on other posts on Wetpixel about shutter speed, I think I understand why I need to be double the frame rate (or close to it, in the case of 24p and 1/50) Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Dustin
  19. Hello Everyone, I am in the middle of editing my footage I got from Lembeh, and just posted a couple of short clips. If you have time, take a look at them. The first clip is of a Cuttlefish hunting. It is a bit out of focus, as I was hand holding the 100mm on my 5d mark ii. But it is still kind of cool. I slowed it down at the end, because the strike is so fast. The second clip, is just of a shrimp in his hole. These guys crack me up. Anyway, let me know what you think. Thanks, Dustin [vimeohd]44426873[/vimeohd] [vimeohd]44427060[/vimeohd]
  20. It is certainly burning more calories than I do! Nice video Kaj. Dustin
  21. Hello all, I will be headed to Komodo in July and was wondering if anyone had any experience with Merpati Airlines carry on luggage, and checked luggage? Both my wife and I have full DSLR gear that we typically take as carry ons using the 2 think Tank internationals and 2 think tank shapeshifter backpacks. Will they weigh these? Will they make us check them? How about checked luggage? We normally have 1 suitcase for clothes, and 2 bags with Dive gear. I have heard we might be able to "barter" with them on overweight charges. If they ask for $50, what should I expect to really pay? Any help/advice would be appreciated. Dustin
  22. Being in a colder water destination, a hot shower on deck might not be a bad idea.
  23. Don't tell me that!!! Pinnate and spaghetti. Sounds magical. Lol. Next time we come back, we will be expecting some German pancakes. I know you have the reciepe. I will try to get the hairy up on my vimeo account in a couple of weeks, I am traveling for work a lot, so I haven't had time. Dustin
  24. How do you know when you have done too much correction? Does the video start to become pixelated? thanks for all your responses, that gives me a starting place. Dustin
  25. Hello everyone, I am curious how other underwater videographers learned how to do all the post editing to their footage? There seems to be very little on the web regarding any specific color adjustments etc and how to do them. Is there anything out there that I am missing? I am currently using Premiere Pro. I can cut up a video, but I don't know what to do on color correction. Something like make a scene a little brighter, or get rid of some blue or green. if there are any resources that people know of, please send me a link. Thanks in advance. Dustin
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