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  1. Steve, I believe that is for checked bags. It is an extra 10kg you get flying into dive related destinations. No mention of extra for carry ons. Dustin
  2. My wife and I will be flying from Bali to Bima to catch the Indo Siren in a couple months. I just received my tickets from my travel agent. And it looks like we are on Merpati airlines for the Bali to Bima leg. So I thought I would do a little research of past posts........Are we going to die? LOL! Not too many reassuring posts! Odds of the flight actually happening? We get in the same day as the liveaboard leaves. Which isn't great.... How are they for Carry On's? I plan on having 2 Think Tank internationals, that have 2 sets of DSLR gear, along with 2 TT Shapeshifter backpacks. Will this make it? weight? I would hate to have to check them. Our check luggage will be overweight, but it sounds like the overage isn't too bad. Any recent experiences would be appreciated. Dustin
  3. You are right. I just tried a D7000 file that I downloaded off the web and it didn't work. I couldn't find a D4 sample. This was on Lightroom 3.4. Here is what it looks like with my canon .mov files: Dustin Capture by mantadude, on Flickr
  4. Alex, Not sure if it will work for Nikon, but with my canon 5d mark ii video files, you can load them into adobe Lightroom and see the ISO, aperture, and f stop. I would imagine the Nikon files will work. I havent tested this on Lightroom 4x. I think I am using 3.6 if memory serves me correct. With the new Lightroom they have added some video editing capabilities, so would imagine they didn't remove this functionality. Dustin
  5. No worries Pete. I was just telling you what I was using....not saying I am right! LOL!! In fact, I am starting to wonder if I am doing something wrong! I look at others footage from Wetpixel, and compare mine, and mine isn't nearly as good! So I am trying to figure it all out, on limited vacation time. This is my first time shooting macro, and first time with Lights. So I am just trying to find my way. As far as footage is concerned, I haven't started editing yet. I imagine I will have something out there in a month or so. I will definitely post it when I do get it up. Dustin
  6. This is amazing footage. Thanks for posting about how you got it! Does anyone have snoots built for the sola 4000's? If so how did you do it? Dustin
  7. Pete, I wasn't always at that ISo. Sometimes 320 and also 160. Especially during night dives. As for shutter speed, for the dslr's, in general, it should be the multiple of the frame rate. So for me shooting at 30 fps, I use a 1/60 shutter. Which seems to be the overwhelming recommendation in most situations. Dustin
  8. Nice, I haven't tried filming with my 8-15mm yet. But I will get a chance in komodo in a couple months. Did you use any filters? How did you do your white balance? Dustin
  9. Pete, Being the first time with lights, I am not sure what I am doing!!! . But I am starting to question myself, based on yours and Liquid guru's comments. From other forums here on Wetpixel, I was under the impression you could never have too much light. While I was shooting the majority on level 5 and 6. (2000,3000). I was trying to keep my ISO low (below 640, mostly at 500 to 320). And my F stop high. (F16 to F11). This was using a canon 5d mark ii and a 100mm macro lens. I would be interested to hear from others that are shooting a DSLR with bright lights, what they use???? I don't know how different it is from a Traditional video camera. Before buying the 4000's, I read a lot and talked to a few people, as I wanted to make the best decision. I was considering the 1200, 2000's and 4000's. There was a lot of people that have the opinion that the 1200's aren't even worth having and a waste of money. while others think they are sufficient. Some people say that if there was 15,000 lumen lights, they would be shooting with them, as there is never too much light. Whether that is true for macro, I don't know. Based on the levels you are saying you use your 4000's at, why did you buy them? The lumens you are saying you use them at, it seems that the 1200's would be fine for you. Looking at my footage, there are some shots that are overexposed, while others, I know I had the lights cranking on, and they are just right. I wanted to try to keep the F stop high, so I could have more in focus. Focusing was tough. What I thought was in focus, ended up not being as in focus as I thought!! It was maddening! Dustin
  10. Here is post from someone who uses the xit404 tripod http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45724 Also, if you browse backscatters video section, the lembeh video was done with it as well. Dustin
  11. Greg, No I don't use a tripod head. And yes I do use a dslr. Since you are looking at backscatter, I would just call them and ask. They see a lot of stuff. And their people do incredible macro video. I called and asked about tripods and was leaning in different direction and their comments made sense to me. I talked to rusty there and he told me all the problems with the other style of tripods. And why the xit excelled. Last week while I was in lembeh, talking to some of the guys that own and run the resort I was at had a couple gorilla pods on the camera table, but the xit was on his video rig (not dslr) And said it was by far the best. He only wished he had the twist clamps. Anyway that is my 2 cents. I have only used mine on 1 trip and I thought it was awesome. And once I got down with some current, I am glad I had the stability. Dustin
  12. I have only used the dslr, so I can't compare them either. . I have seen your videos and they all look great. So if that is on the lowest setting, then that looks perfect.
  13. Greg, The xit404 is not the cheapest thing. It's the stability that makes it good. But also the twist clamps, allow you to adjust using only 1 hand which is awesome. But those are pricey too. I believe $175 a piece. If I was more handy, I would have made the plate myself. But the width of the plate is what makes it so stable. If you used one you would see the value of the setup. If you don't plan to do much macro shooting, it might not be worth it. But if you plan to do a lot of macro shooting do it right the first time. Dustin
  14. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. What camera/equipment did you use? Dustin
  15. Not sure what camera you are using, but to do that on my camera would not have worked. I was using a canon 5d mark ii. And to keep the ISo at 640 and below and f stop at f11 or higher I needed them on 5 or 6. Especially on the first 2 dives. Heck, maybe I am doing something wrong as this was my first time trying macro and first time with lights.
  16. Steve, We hired a private guide and he was excellent. He has dove lembeh for 20 years. It sounds like the other guides were good as well. For the most part my wife or I was shooting the whole dive. I shot the canon 5d mark ii with the 100mm macro. Also used the xit404 with twist clamps. This was first time for me shooting macro video. So it was different. Manual focus was fun to learn. What looks in focus in the viewfinder doesn't always turn out that way on the laptop. Dustin
  17. Thanks Steve. My wife does the pictures. And she still hasn't finished our Anilao trip that was 14 months ago!!!!! My video footage will take me a while to go through and edit Based on my schedule, probably a month or 2.
  18. Took the 2 Sola 4000's to Lembeh last week. For the first 3 days they worked great. Then I started to have trouble with one of them. Problem 1: The ball broke off of the light. There is a pin on the inside of the ball that prevents it from spinning. That broke. Not a huge issue, as I could just tighten the screw tighter and it would work till I could find a permanent solution. Problem 2: Hindsight, this might not have been the best idea. but right after a dive, I went to plug the lights in to charge them. Blew out the contacts on the light and dried. Plugged in. I then touched the metal that screws on and off for the light and and got a little voltage through me. That was weird. So what do I do again.....touch it again. Zap...same thing. My hands were not totally dry, and started to think, that it probably wasn't a good idea to touch it again. So for the rest of the trip I avoided touching the metal. Not sure if it was because my hands were still wet......Do you guys think this is a problem I should worry about? Or just avoid touching it? Problem 3: One of my lights stopped working. During the last dive before it died, the light was not switching levels or powering off. It took several tries to finally turn off during the dive. So back at the rinse tank, I was moving the slider up and down numerous times to try to clear out any crap that had gotten in there. It was here that it turn on for the last time. I couldn't get it to turn off. So I turned it to Airplane mode. This turned it off. Try to turn it back on and nothing. Fyi, I did have it fully charged. I happened to remember that Backscatter (the place I bought it from) was in Lembeh the same time as I was, so we took it over to the resort they were at. Berkley White was kind enough to look at it. They even had a Light and Motion rep with them. They opened it up and couldn't find anything wrong that they could fix. So he told me to return it when I got home and it will covered under the warranty (just bought it in february). It is nice that it is under warranty. But it still stinks that it happened on the first trip using the lights. As far as burn times. For the morning 2 dives it was hard without charging in between, as I felt I had to conserve battery. But still could do the 2 dives out of them. Needed to turn them off in between shots, in order for it to work. And only used the power necessary. Is this the norm with other Lights of this intensity? Aside from the problems. Light is easy to use, and give off a good beam. This was the first time I shot macro and used Lights, so I don't have anything to compare it to. But the footage I got was pretty decent I thought. Dustin
  19. Greg, I just purchased and used the XIT404 tripod. Not sure if it has the holes predrilled for your housing or not. But the tripod is awesome. I bought twist clamps. the twist clamps are worth the extra. The things I have read, and people I have talked to have all said that stability of the gorilla pod is a problem. With the XIT404, stability is pretty good. My rig is heavy, so that helps as well. I had it in Lembeh last week and had some current on some dives and it preformed great. In fact, the current was tougher to deal with as a diver than with the camera. Dustin
  20. Just got back from diving Lembeh for a week. First of all, coming from Salt Lake City in the US. It was a long haul. 23 hours flight time. SLC>SEA>NRT>SIN>MDC. If I wanted to pay for my flight I probably could have eliminated one of the stops. But using Delta FF miles is a way for a cheaper vacation. The SIN airport is as good as everyone says it is. The transit hotel was fantastic, as it provided a much needed nap and shower. I was worried about my bags being transferred from Delta to Silk. Everything worked smoothly. Just make sure the airline you are flying into has an interline agreement with Silk and you will be fine. Once in SIN, we went to the transfer desk and gave Silk our baggage tags that Delta had checked all the way to MDC. They did what they needed to do, and all of the bags showed up. My wife and I stayed at NAD Lembeh after reading good reviews here on Wetpixel. As for the resort itself, it was great. Not too much walking to where you need to go. The camera room was large, although might be a little cramped if a large photo group came. But I think that is the case with all camera rooms. The dining area was outside and covered. It had great views of the strait. They also have the heaviest chairs, I have ever lifted!! Pulling them out from the table was a workout! The food was typical for this part of the world. Always rice, meat and a vegetable and something fried. Being a little bit picky with food (i don't eat seafood), I found it too be good for the most part. However, I wish there was a little variety. I recommended this to the GM. Suggesting a burger, or something to break it up a bit. He agreed and said they were looking at changing up the menu a bit. If you and the wife are going. I recommend the bungalow. We had Bungalow 1 and thought it was the best location on the resort. no major stairs to climb, and out of the general resort traffic. Plus great views of the strait. The bed actually had a mattress, which is a nice change from the foam pads that are typical of dive resorts/liveaboards. And the shower and bathroom were adequate. One warning for the resort in general. bring bug spray. there were a lot of mosquitoes out. Talking to Simon and Serge, it sounds like they are doing a lot of updating to the rooms. As far as the diving was concerned. It too was great. We did have some miss dive sites, but for the most part everything was very good. Saw a lot of things we have never seen before. We did 4 dives a day while we were there. 2 in the morning. 1 afternoon, and then 1 night dive. 75 max dive time. Although we did have one that was over 90. They were strict on how much air you came up with though. 500 psi being the on the boat air pressure. We broke that on occasion, and heard about it. Tanks were all consistently full, between 2950 and 3150 psi. We did hire a private dive guide, which we liked a lot. If you have a camera, I would recommend this. As far as critters we saw, Lots of frogfish, seahorses, nudi's, octopus(mimic and wonderpus), Flamboyants, etc.... Still missing the Blue ring Octopus and Juvenile Batfish.....I guess we will just have to keep diving:) As far as the people at NAD lembeh, they were fantastic. Serge the GM was always trying to make your stay nicer. In fact, I had a Sola 4000 break on me. He was willing to take it over to Lembeh Resort to have Backscatter (there were there at the same time as we were) look at it for me. turns out they had a Light and Motion rep with them as well. Unfortunately, they were unable to fix it. You don't ever have to lug your gear of camera around. Everyone was very helpful. Simon also was great, offering to let me borrow some of his lights since one of mine wasn't working. Serge offered his sola 600. All the boat crew and dive guides were nice and eager to please. Overall, Lembeh is a great destination. NAD is a good lower cost resort. You should know what kind of diving you are going to be doing before hand. As diving in low vis and garbage, may not sit well with some. But there are great photo and video ops there. We would defiantly return at some point in the future. Dustin
  21. To update after my flight with Silk Air. Going from SIN to MDC. After the baggage scan going into the gate, the Silk Air lady, asked to weigh my luggage. I about had a heart attack, as my carry on was about 40-45 pounds. It was a couple of housings/with cameras in them. With ULCS arms and clamps for both and tripod and legs, charges, focus light, etc........All stuffed in the Akona camera bag. The poor lady tried to pick it up and couldn't. After talking to the manager there at the gate, and opening it up and showing him what it was. He agreed to let me carry it on, but I had to lift it into the overhead bin. No problem...I sure wasn't going to let one of the flight attendants lift it up there for me. Coming back home, there wasn't any issue. In fact, they didn't even charge me for the extra weight for my checked baggage. Which was about 60 pounds overweight, even after silk airs extra 10 kg rule for SIN to MDC allowance. Dustin
  22. I just got back from Lembeh, and this is the first outing with my Luna (basically the same thing as the sole, minus the chest strap, and some mixture options). It read fine. Except for when I got very low on air. Mine and my wife's started not reading after about 232 PSI. I bought the Uwatec Luna, because I had issues with reliability with some other wireless computers. So far I love the computer. Having it not read after 232 PSI is fine with me. I do have a backup gauge. I should be on the surface at that pressure anyway! Dustin
  23. Hello all: I was wondering what others recommendations are regarding TTL and Wide Angle Photography. I currently use a Canon 5d mark II in an Ikelite Housing, with 2 DS-161's. I have always shot TTL for both wide angle and Macro. I think it works pretty good for macro, but wide angle, I am starting to question its usefulness. Is manual the way to go on Wide angle? What benefits will I gain? For those using Ike housings......How do you do it? / any tips? Thanks in advance, Dustin
  24. If anyone has access to the new mkiii, and a ikelite mkii housing. I would be very interested to see if that could work.
  25. I use handbrake. It is free download, for windows or Mac. Very easy to use.
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