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  1. Thinking of a trip for the end of July this year. I am considering Komodo, Sipadan and the Solomon Islands. Would do a liveaboard on all but Sipadan. Which do you think would offer the best photography and video? I haven't read much lately on peoples experiences in Sipadan or Solomons. Any recommendations you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Dustin
  2. They become stuck generally after 40 feet. Once I ascend, above that 40 feet, they generally free up. Keep in mind I have 2 housings that do the same thing.
  3. We were in Anilao last year in February. The water temp was 75 degrees. We did dives between 60-90 minutes, so at 75 you will get quite cold. We wore a 3 mm full wetsuit, with a 3/5mm hood. I would highly recommend the hood. Make sure they take you to do the Anilao pier for a night dive. only 15 feet, but was our best dive. tons of great stuff.
  4. For those interested. I am selling my Aeris Elite T3 dive computer. It works great. I have only used it on 50 dives. Plus I am selling a bunch of spare parts for it as well. Check out the listing on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=150739694828
  5. For anyone that is interested. I am selling a DS 125 strobe. I have probably used it on about 200 dives. Still works great. Here is the listing on Ebay. The starting bid is for $300.00. No reserve. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V...em=150738541317
  6. That was an awesome video!! I really enjoyed that.
  7. Very Nice. I love Anilao. Great to hear things are still good after the storm.
  8. Thanks for the response. And welcome to Wetpixel! That is good info, I will have to try the center focus on a future trip. What brought up my original post was that I was just curious what others do that have more experience than I have with the 5d mark ii video.
  9. Thanks Simon for the response. I don't think it is the aperture in my case. I was using mainly f11 and f8. I know you use the 7d mostly, but also have read that you have used the 5d before. Did you use center focus, or multi point focusing when using the 5d?
  10. IMG_0385 by mantadude, on Flickr IMG_0386 by mantadude, on Flickr IMG_0387 by mantadude, on Flickr IMG_0388 by mantadude, on Flickr
  11. For those of us who have had issues with buttons sticking in the middle of dives. I came up with a DYI solution to get them unstuck during the middle of a dive. I have a Ikelite housing for a Canon 5d Mark II. I have tried everything to solve this issue. Rinsing after every dive, pushing the buttons in the rinse tank, putting a small amount of lube and working it into the buttons, and even the yearly service from Ikelite. While all of these help, and some do for quite a while, I always would still end up with some stuck buttons. Generally, this would happen past 40 feet, ruining most of the dive below that. Obviously, the location has something to do with it. Shore diving, or diving in less than ideal viz contributes to the problem. I tried to come up with the easiest, cheapest, and less hassle while diving solution to remedy the situation. I determined, I needed a way to pull the button out gently. Here is what I came up with: I purchased a Stainless Steel Toenail clipper, and then with a drill press, drilled a hole straight down into the cutting area of the clipper. I made the hole larger than the buttons. Then I purchased some rubber dip. I then did several coats of the dip on the tip off the clipper. This would make it so it could handle the salt water, and wouldn't damage the buttons on the housing. See pictures in post below: All in all it was less than $20, and can easily fit in a pocket, and should stand up to salt water. While this is no replacement for regular care of your housing like rinsing, yearly service etc. It can save a dive for you. The only thing I am worried about is the rubber long term use. I am not sure how this will hold up. Only time will tell. As I searched Wetpixel, it didn't seem that anyone else has posted something like this. I am curious if others have done similar things. Do others have the same issues I have? Is it just with Ikelite? Or does it happen to other housings? Let me know your thoughts on this. Dustin
  12. Thanks for your relies David and Drew. I am sorry, I wasn't very clear. Let me try to rephrase, as I think my terminology and general explanation was a bit confusing. I understand the camera doesn't have Auto Focus while shooting. I was referring to focusing before the shot. I also use Quick Mode in Live View, I try to focus on the reef, a few feet away, before I hit the record button. I do this by hitting the 'AF-ON' button, until it focuses, then hit the record button. The 5d mark ii has 9 focus points on the screen. Which currently I have the camera set for multi point focusing. Typically, it will light up several of these focus points, when I hit the AF-ON button. Also, on the camera it allows you to choose your focus points. By hitting the 'AF Point Selection/Magnify' button on the upper right hand side of the back of the camera. It can be set to have all focus points available to focus or just one of them. Letting you choose which one, you want. My question is. Do others have all 9 enabled for video, or just the center focus point enabled? The reason I ask this question, is I was poking around other non underwater websites, and people claim that the outer focus points are not good, and to do a center focus point only. I was wondering if the reason some of my footage was out of focus, was because I had all 9 points enabled. As the camera would use multiple focus points, instead of just the center.
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies. I will take all this into consideration.
  14. Hello all, I was just watching some of the footage I shot on a recent dive trip, and about 20% of my shots were out of focus. Some worse than others. I use a canon 5d mark ii, and have been using it on the multi point focus. Typically, I will just use the auto focus (pressing the AF button down, while pointing at a coral head). I can't do manual focus, as I have an ikelite housing. I got to thinking today, maybe I should be doing center focus only. What does everyone else think? Am I doing this wrong? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Dustin
  15. Hello all: My wife and I will be headed to the Maldives the first week in March on the Liveaboard - Carpe Vita. I have a couple of questions for those that have been. Particularly at that time of year. - Should we even bother packing a macro lens? Or is it all about the mantas, whale sharks and fish schools. ie...wide angle? - Is night diving prevalent, and is it good? - What should we expect that time of year? weather wise....current....visibility. - Do you recommend reef hooks? - What is the typical depth you dive at when you see the mantas? - Do you see many sharks in the Maldives? How close do they get? - What lens do you recommend for a full frame 5d mark ii. I am thinking the 15mm fisheye. But also have the 17-40mm as well. Any other advice you can provide would be great. Thanks in advance. Dustin
  16. thanks for both of your replies. I will give it a go! Headed to Bonaire the end of november.
  17. Hello all, I am shooting with a canon 5d ii. Haven't ever tried shooting video with macro. If I had a 100mm lens, and some lights. Would i need to manually white balance? or would I get the same results with auto white balance? How about using a magic filter? I have never shot with lights before, or macro for that matter. Normally just shoot with a 15mm fisheye, and available light. Any help you could provide would be helpful Thanks in advance. Dustin
  18. If anyone has pictures of how their wing is constructed, that would be fantastic!!
  19. Hello all: I am trying to get better holding my camera still underwater, so I don't have as shaky footage. I think the first thing I should do is get my rig more balanced. I am shooting a Canon 5d mark ii in a ikelite housing. Not using any lights at this time. Using an 8" dome. When in the water, the dome pulls up towards the surface. Obviously because of the amount of air in there. How do you think I could make it so the front won't float up on me? I was thinking of possibly getting some lead tape and putting it on the bottom of the outside of the dome shade. Not sure if this would work. I would like to try some things out in the pool before I go on my next trip. Any ideas you could share would be great. Thanks in advance, Dustin
  20. Thanks everyone for your replies. I wasn't sure if it was a big deal to do it before or after. Sounds like after is best case, but I shouldn't be too concerned doing it before. Thanks again Dustin
  21. to my knowledge, you can't adjust white balance in post with video. As it doesn't shoot the footage in RAW. I currently use a white slate to do the white balance. I just need to know when to actually set it.
  22. Hello all: Being relatively new to the video world of the DSLR (using canon 5d mark ii), I was starting to question myself, regarding when to actually set the white balance. I know you should do it every 10 feet. But my question is, do you set your White Balance before or after you set the ISO and aperture? I know this is basic, and I am probably over thinking this. I just want to get my procedure down correctly. Thanks in advance. Dustin
  23. Thanks Daniel. I was just curious if Bali was a standalone dive destination, or a place to have a few warm up dives before you embark on a komodo itinerary. The more I find out, I am realizing it is a pretty spectacular place. I was going thru an Alex Mustard and a couple Roger Steene books and they have tons of pictures from Bali. I need to get over there!!!! Can you tell me how the seasons work in Bali?
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