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  1. Superb macro videography, as always. My partner and I often talk about how some creatures seem more alien than earthly, especially mantis shrimps. You have lots of great shots in this one but the two octopus sequences might be the killer footage for this theme. How the heck do you get them to stay still when you are that close, with lights?!

    Thanks for watching. As for the octopuses....the opening shot was crazy. The white legged octo, was just sitting in its little hole, sitting as still as can be. I have about 10 minutes of footage of it just sitting there. I had a +10 diopter on, so it was right up against its eyes. Didn't mind a bit. In fact, it was holding so still, I took a few still photos, which is what the cover is on the video. Don't normally do that, but I just had to considering how cool the framing was.


    The last octo was just in a hole in the reef. I got a lot of good footage of it actually. To have it turn black, I backed off my camera, and hovered above the hole probably 4-5 feet above it. Just above my lights. Seeing the black of the wetsuit, I believe makes it want to change....I could be wrong on that, but it worked.

  2. Hello everyone,


    I wanted to share my latest short film effort. I don't know about the rest of you, but whenever I am macro diving, I always have to take step back and think about how crazy looking and acting the animals are down there. To me, I think of Aliens!


    Have a look at my new film 'Stay With Us'. I am curious on feedback on the footage, concept, music, sound etc..

    Let me know your thoughts.


    I hope you enjoy it.





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  3. Just wanna say how amazing this clip is. Seen it on your page on vimeo but wanted to add this additional comment here.


    Greatness at its prime. Using the canon 100mm I presume? any additional diopters needed?

    Thank you!. Yes it was the 100mm. As for diopter, a +10 was used on some of the close ups.

    Just fantastic

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  4. Wow. Just wow. You both deserve awards for this!


    BTW since you asked for opinions, I will share one. The time shifting feels a little too artificial to me. I think I understand why you played with the speed, to match the soundtrack (which you did very well) but I would have preferred real time. That said, it works great as is!


    Thanks for the comment, and opinion. Glad you liked it.

  5. Wow! This is an amazing piece of work, Dustin. I really like the way you have drawn together the various techniques and styles. It makes for fascinating - and very different - viewing. And terrific videography.


    Just fantastic! Congratulations.


    Thanks so much for sharing it with us


    Thank you so much for watching it!

    Wow, amazing work. I really liked the transitions where the artwork morphed into the live animal, or vice versa. I can't even imagine how you did that, but it is a very impressive technique. I generally like your work, but this may be the my favorite of all of the pieces that you've posted here.


    Can you tell that I'm impressed? :notworthy:


    Thank you! Glad you liked it.

    Beautiful editing and transitions from live to the actual painting.





    Thanks Diggy!

  6. I wanted to share a short film I made recently. Back in October, I was lucky enough for it to be selected to be shown at the San Diego Undersea Film Expo. It seems that most underwater films are very similar now days. So I wanted to challenge myself to do something a little different.


    Earlier this year, a young artist, named Nick Carro approached me to ask my permission to draw an image from one of my films that had an octopus in it. I was flattered, but had one condition...that was for him to show me the final piece. Not only did produce an amazing piece of art, but he also filmed himself doing it. He was kind enough to allow me to use some of his footage to make this film.


    This is different.....and I am curious to know what people think of it. It was a very difficult to edit, but I think it turned out pretty good. Let me know what you think.






    Or Youtube



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  7. Absolutely stunning macro work! Your stability at this magnification is amazing - please share how you manage to get your subjects to cooperate while you set up!


    The mantis is terrific but I'm going to go with the skeleton shrimp as my favorite in this clip.


    Thanks once again for posting such inspiration.


    That is a good question. Sometimes, they don't cooperate. Other times they do. Patience is key. In fact, I had 1 dive at a muck spot, that was a 2 hour dive, and everything was cooperating! And they were traditionally difficult subjects. I am going to do a film that just has footage from that dive. It was pretty cool.

    Wow, just beautiful Dustin.



    Awsome work! Congratulations. I liked a lot the lighting.


    I supose you are using some kind of tripod, don't you?




    Yes, I use a tripod. A necessity for dslr macro footage.

    As always, fantastic work. Thanks for sharing.


    you are welcome! thanks for watching it.

  8. Great work, as always. You guys captured some amazing diversity. Thanks for sharing these shots.


    It's very hard to pick favorites, but the free-swimming seahorse is an awesome shot (and it must have been very difficult to seize just that moment). I really like the vertical version of the pink anemone fish against the green/purple anemone as that is a composition i have had in mind for a long time but haven't found in the wild yet. The little bobtail resting on the substrate is also excellent as those guys are usually so skittish I can barely get one frame before they bury themselves in fright. Well done on all of them!


    Thanks for looking at them. The bobtail squid was very strange. It was on the wall right on Tawali's house reef. Just sitting on top of dead coral. I have always seen them in more mucky conditions. So I was surprised to see one there.

  9. I'm usually a make it blue water, natural light with occasional filter use kinda guy, and rely on Resolve to perform color magic to get the colors I want. The Canon DSLR have the WB edge, but 4k and lower noise isn't something to sneeze at. Nothing on the lower side of $3k shoots 4k video with this sort of low light performance in-cam.

    Then there's the issue with limited lens choice for wide angle. Fortunately, I have the old Nikonos 15mm sitting around. And the new 16-35 is good for video, but so so for the A7RII pics. Pick your poison as it were.

    I am starting to think that the 1dxII might be looming for me. if that can have 4k @ 60p, and focus peaking, I think I might be sold. Although wish it was in the smaller form factor as the 5d...and in all reality, I just wish that 5d4 would just come out, but I have a feeling Canon is going to protect their cinema line. Have you ever shot the C300 underwater? And if so, how is the WB with that?

  10. Will be interesting to see how the new A7sII does with the 4k onboard capture. My A7RII got pretty hot shooting 4k and shut down a few times after 20+ minutes in the sun. But I left it in the hot tropical sun to get some time lapse.

    Almost 1 year later I'm still very impressed with the moonlight video using the A7s, and the II supposedly has even more improvements in noise reduction. If the SAVC-S with S-Log can hold the 13 stops underwater, it would be a nice compact rig for shooters. Still the lens department is lacking and the Sony zooms aren't that sharp!

    The question is Drew, can it get a decent wide angle white balance? How does your a7rII do? Coming from canon dslr, is tough to give that up.

  11. Thought I would post a trip report for our recent trip to Bali Indonesia. With my wife doing photos and myself doing video, we have certain expectations when booking with an operator. With Mike Veitch being both, we figured that booking with his company, Www.underwatertribe.com would be a good idea. After researching others experiences, we felt comfortable with moving forward with them. And we couldn't have been more pleased.


    Our group was a mix of people with varying levels of dive experience/interest, as well as non divers as well. Everyone also didn't arrive or leave at the same time, so needless to say, the booking for our group was challenging. Mike,Miho, and Luca handled everything great, and the trip went off without hitch. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending their operation to anyone, and I don't give those kind of compliments very often...lol. They handled all of the transports from each location, the diving, tanks, guides, gear cleaning, hotels, boats, etc...Everything went like clockwork, even if some things were changed by our group at the last minute. Their main guide Derek is excellent, and mike isn't too shabby a spotter either. Although they did miss a few things on the list, like a mimic octopus, mating blue ring octopus, and orcas. Although, I am willing to forgive them for the last 2. ;-). A lot of the diving is shore diving, so the diving isn't easy. Between getting to the sites, setting up gear, and lifting everything, rinsing it, and also helping you into the water, with breaking water, and rocks that my feet aren't used to stepping on, they were extremely helpful in every way, and made the diving as easy as it could possibly get.


    For those that haven't been to Bali before, a lot of the dives in the tulamben area, and Pemeturan area are shore dives and you have to deal with the sand in your gear. It makes getting geared up less than ideal, but have the right mindset and you will be fine. Also, I don't know if my feet are extremely sensitive, but the rock to walk on hurt pretty bad at times. I had soft sole booties, but highly recommend thick soles, if you have feet that are less than tough.. Though Derek, and Mike would help with cameras and fins for those entries we were less than sure of. Whether it be unstable rocks, or the surf, they were always willing to help. My only complaint regarding the diving would be the tank fills we generally around 2700-2800 psi. Although this isn't the fault of the operator as there is company that delivers the tanks to all the operators, so this would be the same for everyone. Mike, noticed my air consumption was subpar, so he ordered a larger tank for me. Which helped quite a bit.


    We had 11 days of diving, and started in the Pemeturan area, staying at adi assri, which was a nice hotel, with nice rooms. We startied diving with menjangan island. It has some nice coral dives, with some moderate walls. Some nice fans for photography. But for video, it was just reef stuff, nothing overly exciting. 1 day was enough for us there. We then dove secret bay, which had the best viz, that mike had ever seen there, so I think we lucked out a bit there. It was 10 degrees colder than in menjangan. Still worth a visit although if viz is low, probably not.

    We then dove puri jati on the way to tulamben. In Tulamben, we really got in a grove with 6 days there. The liberty wreck dive is the most popular, which we didn't prefer, as it had too many people for us. We liked the liberty slope more, and it had great critters. We dive site, which I can't recall, it wasn't a popular site...but we drove in, saw a cow that was in labor, did the dive, saw 5 mantis shrimps with eggs, probably a dozen ornate ghost pipefish, a clown frogfish, and a warty frogfish, in which I got video of it eating an anenome fish, and some nudis....got done with the dive, and the baby calf was standing next to its mom...will never forget that dive. It was amazing.


    Did a bunch of night dives in tulamben, have to admit it, it wasn't as good as I had hoped. But still was productive. Didn't help that we went on full moon, and the current was pretty strong.

    As we ended our time in Tulamben, we journeyed to Sanur, to dive with the mantas, and molas. But on the way to Sanur we dove in Padang bai. We really liked it. And wished we had another few dives there. The water was again 8 degrees cooler than tulamben, but in 2 dives, we saw a rhinopia, nudis, zebra crab, 5 frogfish. Nice diving and good viz.


    We chose to dive Nusa penida for the last two days. The first day, the surge was poor and we couldn't get to the manta site or mola site, so we dove the reefs there. They are nice healthy reefs, but we were bummed about not being at the other sites. The next day we were able to get to manta point, and chose not to try for the mola, as the chances of seeing one, and taking photos without anyone in them was remote, we chose to shoot mantas, and for the last two dives of the day we could shoot with nobody in the shots..the last dive we were the only ones in the water. Had trains of up to 8 mantas, and in one video frame I counted 13....not bad.


    We then spent a couple days off gassing in ubud, which is a must do....although two of our group members had to visit the first aid, after getting bitten by the monkeys in monkey forest. Dont take water bottles in there if you don't want a monkey to bite you..trust me..lol. Make sure you take time away from diving to experience the culture and sites, we didn't do too much of that as we had been there before for just land sightseeing a couple years ago, didn't do diving that trip. Also. Beware that if you try to take a drone in there they might cause you problems. They claimed a new law was passed an you needed a permit for one....they wanted me to leave a $3k drone at the airport....I had to promise not to fly it...;-).


    My overall impressions of Bali as a dive destination are good. It doesn't has as much critter density as Lembeh or anilao, but still very strong. Mike mentioned he thought it was strange that we didn't see more nudis on our trip..the muck diving is still one of the tops in the world, and the combine with nice reefs and manta diving, it really is superb. On top of that, it excels at the topside beauty and the richness of the culture that no other destination can compete with. Everyone should dive Bali at least once In their lives. I'm sure this won't be our last time, and when we come back we will be using Underwater Tribe.



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  12. .


    Oh and just one more thought - when cutting to music you don't always have to cut to the beat


    Hope that helps



    I agree with that...and when I see others do it, it does look very natural. However, there are times, when I try it, and it doesn't feel right. Perhaps this is just the fact that it is my own work, so I am being critical. Where if someone else did it, it would be okay.

  13. Timccr - could you elaborate on your advice? I don't quite understand what you're saying, and would like to improve my own editing abilities. Could you explain in more detail your "editing philosophy", if you will? Thanks.

    I took it as he was talking about dissolve transitions between clips. While I don't agree that that they are for people that don't know how to edit. I do agree that too many of them are not good. I have traditionally used the soundtrack as a guide in which I do. And after looking at my video after his comments, I agree I did too many. There is a place for dissolves IMO. But overuse is bad. If you look at films in general they very rarely use cross dissolves between clips. It does happen but very rarely.

  14. Thanks for the feedback

    Too many mixes in the opening sequence. Have a bit more confidence in your ability to cut a sequence because it looks to me like you intuitivly can do it but had a little crisis and bottled out. You have a nice cut on action at 0:29 and another one at 0:32 but then start with the mixes. Mixes are really for people who cant edit or dont have the cutaways. OK maybe that is a bit extreme but it is sadly really very rare to see a proper sequence these days.



    Thanks for the critique. I do tend to lean towards dissolves if the music isn't obvious for cuts. I am getting better at it, than what I used to do. Good reminder, when I have some time I may look to re edit it with some of your advice.

  15. Really beautiful work, and a great story that makes it more powerful. I am so glad you posted this, because I share your curse. I've seen plenty of reef mantas over the years but never an oceanic, despite modest efforts to track them down (including an expensive wasted trip hunkering down under a typhoon in Yap). I need to pick better destinations, but luck and bottom time are all-important. Your shots are inspirational for the unfortunate!


    As for improving the film, I have only one thought. I've always felt that remoras detract from the manta's beauty and are a visual distraction at best. They look like toads riding Ferraris. Could you remove them? :-)

    Thanks for watching, and glad you liked it. I hope your curse ends soon. I would recommend Socorro to break it though. While we had bad weather, we eventually got a clear day to dive. The boiler is amazing.


    I am not that good at editing, so I can't remove the remoras...sorry. ;-)

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