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  1. Nice work as usual Dustin! Like the different view of the plane. May be because I don't have knowledge of the plane, I think it would be nice to have divers around for scale reference? I mean the plane looks really big during the top down view of the plane at 2:45 but I have no idea how big.


    Thanks. I am kind of strange in that I really hate divers in my shots....however, I understand where you are coming from. Perhaps this would have been one of those times to give scale to the plane. Nice suggestion.


  2. Hello everyone,


    I wanted to share a short video of the famous "Betty Bomber" plane wreck in Truk. It is a fun and photogenic wreck in Truk that is not to be missed. This was shot with the new 16-35mm F4L canon lens on the full frame 5d. It also used an 8" dome. I found the sharpness excellent in comparison to the 17-40mm.


    Let me know what you think.





    OR Youtube



  3. To update this thread, I recently purchased the new 16-35mm F4 L wide angle lens in discussion. I found it to be a major step up from the 17-40mm. The sharpness of the lens is really quite good despite the rectilinear lens and dome issues that are known to happen. I can't comment on how photos look, as I only do video, but the performance was quite good with the 5dmarkII video. I also used the IS on the lens which I found did help a bit with getting a bit more stable footage.


    I am normally satisfied with a fisheye, but going to Truk I didn't want the curved lines on the ships. I am quite pleased with the result. Here is a sample video...



    I know Canon has great color, but there were times I would rather have the detail of 4K then nicely colored but muddled 1080P footage, beside, color can be graded to personal taste.


    Not sure what muddled 1080p footage you are referring to, but footage from a 5d II or III isn't muddled. 4k does look nice sampled down to 1080p, but that doesn't make 1080p footage muddled. To me, color is everything...It's what captivates the viewer, along with the subject being shot. Detail is nice, but I don't think its lacking by any reasonable camera made in the last 5 years.

  5. This camera is both encouraging and disappointing at the same time. It is nice to see canon act interested in 4k, and some of the specs are impressive. However, this does not appear to be an answer for underwater shooters. The fixed lens is just not good....and the sensor is a huge disappointment.


    Canon is driving me crazy. They have the technology for awesome 4k in a dslr, as shown with the canon 1dc. But that technology has now been produced by others, Sony/Panasonic, for a reasonable price. They have reduced the price of the 1dc but it is still ridiculous, and quite frankly doesn't even have great video features for a camera that is supposed to be for cinema. No focus peaking...really??


    The rumors have it for 4k in the 5d 4, but the rumors also have it that it won't be in the 5d4....so who knows at this point. my 5d II has served me well for a long time now, and still produces great images, but I would like to move to 4k asap. And I agree with Nick, canons wb is imo, far ahead of others. I would love to stay with canon, my wife shoots canon, and is nice to share housings/lens/spares etc...it just works for us. If the 5d4 doesn't have 4k, I am not sure what I will do. Maybe retire from video, it's too expensive anyway...;). I am hoping the 5d line goes the way that the Sony a7 line is, which it appears that way.....so crossing my fingers. If canon could release an a7s type camera, with internal recording, I would love that, and preorder the thing.


    Meanwhile, canon continues to frustrate most people with releases like this.....

  6. Sorry to hear of the flood. Not fun.

    My wife also flooded her camera a few years ago. Never get a massage and then put your housing together..lol. She forgot the oring on the dome port. Water just poored in.


    Your rules are very good, but I would like to add 1 more. Trying to dunk your camera in a fresh water rinse tank first. I do that with mine, and it makes you double check everything first, and is a more controlled dunk. plus if there is a leak, the fresh water won't ruin it as quickly. Just don't turn it on, and see if it works before it dries out.


    Luckily we had insurance. They provided us a new housing. I sent the old housing back to Ikelite and they replaced the electronics, and that is what I use for video now....so it worked out.



  7. Well guys, I returned a couple of weeks ago. I found the Fujikawa, Kensho, Shinkoku, and the Betty Bomber to be the most photogenic. Really enjoyed our time there. The penetrations into the wreck were awesome and was more fun than photographically productive. Collapses are slowly happening, so if you haven't been there I would recommend going.



  8. Don't over think it, they are all brilliant and you will have a great time. One of my favourites was Shinkoko, epic engine room and lots of life on deck. Oite was great but that's trimix depth. Rio de Janiero engine room has to be one of the greatest week dives ever.


    Photos: http://srkay.smugmug.com/Diving/Chuuk/ Should all be tagged with wreck name.


    Thanks Simon. You got some nice shots down there. I'm not trying to overthink, I just like to prepare, and if there are wrecks better than others, I want to request certain wrecks. We are doing 7 days on the Siren and 3 days at Blue Lagoon.



  9. I've noticed more muffled swearing on my GH4 footage than my Sony Z1 footage.

    Nick, it wasn't muffled, I could hear your swearing in anilao from here. ;). But you bring up a good point, I think people coming from a video camera background would be frustrated going to a dslr style camera, in fact just the other day, I mentioned to a fellow uw video person they would hate a dslr because of their style of shooting animal behavior. They would miss more shots than they are used to.


    I think my issue with the article is Mr. Bird is basically saying you can't be a serious uw videographer unless you shoot with his approved cameras. Which is just not the case.


    Another similar article was published a couple years ago from John Ellerbrock from Gates published in Alert diver magazine. He did an excellent job with the pros and cons, and was less biased even though he has something to gain from promoting video cameras. Much better than this particular article. Here is his article. http://www.alertdiver.com/m/?a=art&id=1173



  10. Looks like I need to stop filming or just switch to a Go Pro.....


    I am sure Jonathan Bird is a well respected underwater filmmaker. But for him to dump on an entire group of videographers is a bit juvenile. I will first off state, that I am very self critical of my own footage, and realize some of the short comings it has. But having said that, I think the quality DSLR's put out are excellent. And to be honest, I think 99% of the world would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a RED and Canon DSLR. Looking at Mr. Birds shots on his website, I believe I could get 95% of them with a DSLR. And on top of that, I could get some shots he couldn't....Not only that, but looking at his footage, I would have to say that I prefer the look of a DSLR compared to his. I am sure with his type of shooting, he has picked the right tool for the job he needs to do. But I don't get slamming everyone else who love to shoot with DSLR's.


    Some of these are my opinion, but a few things stuck out to me....


    • - SLRs typically have lousy audio interfaces, minimal audio controls and substandard audio quality. Audio needs to be handled separately. - Last I checked you don't really need great Audio underwater. Sure topside interviews might miss it, but I don't think the majority of people do that. An Zoom H4N can do the trick....
    • The DSLR has awkward ergonomics for video. Again, you can work around it, but it’s a pain. - This is true....But guess what, ever think you need a smaller housing to fit into tight spots? I do all the time. A huge camera wouldn't work in a bunch of shots I've. To me this is a wash....And you can get a DSLR housing ergonomic...it just takes being creative.

    • SLRs have sensors designed for still photos, with 16+ megapixels. - Again, what he says is true....but today's technology is so good, that it is hard for anyone to tell the difference. Sure if you want to get technical, he may be right. But is this really noticeable in the end product? Again 99% of people won't know. Just go film!

    • Amateurs are now happy to shoot video with a GoPro or the video mode on their point and shoot because it’s small and convenient. Sure, the video is awful, but as they aren’t working for National Geographic, who cares? This statement kind of pisses me off. I don't shoot for NG, and I am not satisfied with a GoPro...He is demeaning anyone who doesn't shoot for NG, should be shooting a GoPro.

    • A large sensor on an underwater camera is great for light gathering but extremely hard to get in focus. Depth of field is working against you here. When you see your work on a large monitor, you will be shocked how much of it is totally out of focus. - Actually, with a Wide Angle lens its really easy to focus. My guess is some of his stuff if out of focus too....Macro is where is gets a little harder. I agree macro on a traditional video camera is easier...but I will stack my macro up against anyones. OF course his is more documentary, and mine is more artsy...again what are you going for?
    • One of the greatest gifts of underwater video cameras is the URPRO “flip filter” to selectively add or remove filtration for natural light white balancing. Again, this is my opinion against his, but personally I hate red filters. They don't seem natural at all to me. You can pick it out on any shot that uses them. I prefer a good ole' Manual White Balance with a DSLR. The picture in my opinion is much better.
    • Dedicated video cameras have par-focal zooms with macro. You can shoot everything from a nudibranch to a whale shark with the same rig on the same dive. The real question is how often do you do that? I tend to go on dives and have a plan with specific things I want to shoot. If I am in Lembeh, and a Manta swims by...oh well...I am there to shoot something specific. If I am socorro, I am not there to shoot nudibranchs..I can't even think of a specific dive, where I have really regretted a lens choice....Do you homework and you will have the right lens on.
    • Can you get decent underwater video from a DSLR? Sure, sometimes. If you are shooting video where color isn’t that important (or you have some big lights on the rig), there isn’t a lot of fine detail that will suffer from aliasing and moiré, and you get it in focus, it will look fine. But in the vast majority of situations, a video camera in a proper video housing will produce a superior image. - Naaa...color isn't important. This is a ridiculous statement. I have had Howard Hall compliment my films saying that he thought that the color I was getting out of my Canon was better than his RED EPIC...certainly you get other advantages out of the RED, but I thought that was a great compliment. Even if it didn't, for him to say that, to me tells me that the color is pretty good.
    • If you really want to shoot decent video, think seriously about a dedicated video camera in a dedicated video housing. - How about everyone just go out and shoot some video of some awesome stuff underwater!! Pick the right camera for you, and don't listen to people pigeon hole you into their opinions.

    Video Cameras have a lot to offer, but so do DSLR's. DSLR's are cheaper for similar quality video, backup cameras are easy, smaller, easier to travel with, great optics, and certainly more flexible. Me personally, I am waiting to upgrade my Canon 5d Mark II, which by the way still produces awesome video!, with hopefully a new Canon DSLR that can shoot 4k at 30 fps. I think Canon WB's is fantastic, and their lens selection is second to none. Heck, if the sony a7s did internal 4k and could WB, I would buy that today.

    To be honest, I read this article a few days ago, and it kind of made me angry. Stop telling people what they are doing is wrong, and just encourage people to pick up any camera they can get a hold of and start being creative! If thats a go pro, or a photographer with a dslr that might try video and end up loving it...great! But don't make people feel like they can't get great video unless you shoot what the "pros" do. BTW, there's more than a few pro's who shoot dslrs..


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  11. the specs are interesting. Even more so that they will fit in the 5dIII housings that are already made. The fps isn't a big deal for macro or underwater for that matter. I would think that the biggest question you should ask, is are you planning on cropping a bunch or printing huge?



  12. Local Camera Store in Singapore selling used cameras. I was offered one 1DC body only - used. Around USD 4K (Excl. 7% for GST). I did not take it as I have two of the Sony A7 series. I doubt its still there now as it was before Christmas.


    Still new ones are dropping in price. I think once Canon launch the 54 MB DSLR and may be the 5D MIII replacement the 1DC may drop further.




    That would have been a fantastic deal. I wish I could find one for that price.

  13. I am missing the 5diii in some situations. Especially with Magic Lantern installed. However I have sold them. Not regretting getting the A7s. It suited my needs.


    The 1Dc is dropping in price. Around 7k. Used market about 4k. I am very tempted. Then there is the C300.


    The GH4 is an all rounder. I am happy with it too.


    All the cameras I mentioned could do fantastic stuff. Just depends on what you prefer really.


    I think this is the time when shooters really just go out and shoot and make great stories.





    Where are you seeing $4k for used?

  14. " I've heard that it isn't good...."


    I guess you have to define "isn't good" . If you mean consistancy then no. If you mean the the Sony sensor is not providing good colour then that is not true. This is one sensor from Sony that is good for UW. The low light ability and full sensor readout definitely played a part. On the other hand It is difficult to get consistent UW back ground colour. Any UW video camera for that matter. Especially when combined with video lights.


    I have used the A7s for two trips now. For ambient light at the shallows with out video light AWB works. MWB also works well.


    If you follow Peter's thread he did a sterling job with some UW light filters and the MBW will at least be more consistant with back ground colour:




    I am hoping to get a prototype or full production housing for the Shogun. From top side tests this combo is really nice. You could practically shoot in total darkness with a lit match and the scene is still looked okay. Not many Camcorder or DSLR can do that like A7s yet.





    Thanks David. I will be curious to see how the WB compares specifically to Canon. Which imo is pretty good at the MWB. It really is a shame. The Sony A7s looks to be a good camera, and with the shogun, eliminates the issue of internal 4k recording. I could live with the metabones adaptor to use the Canon glass I have. But the MWB is kind of a show stopper, as I am not a fan of wide angle with lights (if not needed).


    How is the blue water banding on it?


    I would like to stick with Canon, but they are not moving at the speed that I would like. A 1DC like dslr should have been released by now, and if there was one in the $3k range, I would buy one tomorrow. Rumors for a 4k from canon are out there....but you never know with them trying to protect their cinema line. I also like the full frame sensor. Which is why the sony is disappointing.


    Which brings me to the GH4. Which looks like a capable camera, but I am still not sold on it. The video I have seen has been nice, but I wouldn't say it is better than what my old 5dII produces....I still prefer the looks of the canon. Heck, I think some canon footage looks better than RED footage. Of course alot has to do with post color grading etc...



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  15. Thanks Dustin! That make sense, a dive buddy that understand what you're trying to do and give you space. Once in a while I do capture something unexpected and didn't see it until I review back at the computer. I guess I just have to dive more and probability of those interest shot would occur eventually.


    Location is important. Like I said places like Anilao, lembeh, milne bay make it easy. When we went to Komodo, I didn't really like it too much. too much current for my liking. Only about 25% of the dives gave me the freedom to spend the time needed for filming.

  16. Ha ha, now you got me curios, what sound would sea cucumber pooping like, squeaky, fart-y, popping...... I once saw a fish poop in mid air and the next fish went behind and eat up the poop...... makes me wonder if marine life are conscious about hygiene........ alright, I think too much :crazy:


    Oh, one last thing, how do you know when the sea cucumber is going to poop? It's not like it has some sort of expression to make (do they?) I think one of my videos lack is capturing unique/interesting behavior, and your videos have lots of them. It's hard to know and anticipate when they're going to do something or strike for food. My videos are mostly staring contest with fish before either one of us swim away. Being diving in a group (as small as 2 people per group), I can't just sit there and wait for things to happen most of the time because there are other divers behind me waiting to take photos.


    I was referring to my sounds, laughing and cheering...not the sea cucumbers...lol. As for this shot, I actually caught it mid-poop. So I was a quick 15 second ordeal. Based on the poop that was below him, it appeared it was having a cleansing situation...


    Behavior is very hard. And I'm not great at it either. Although, typically with macro shooting, I don't have an issue with having other divers around. Typically I let the photographers, normally my wife take the pictures first and then I do my thing. Places like Anilao, PNG or lembeh, we normailly have small groups, or even hire a private guide in some cases. For Macro, the guide is there to find critters, not babysit. I expect the same situation when I goto Bali in Sept.


    Sometimes behavior I catch, I don't even see it until I review the video on the laptop. I try to leave the record on for a while, so that all the shakes from the camera and lights stop so that there isn't any movement in the camera. So that bodes well for capturing behavior as well.


    The Kalinga Ornata Nudibranch eating the brittle stars that I captured, again, didn't even see it until I viewed it after the fact. In that case, I was behind the camera a few feet with a much brighter light trying to attract all the sea lice away from my shot....lol. I hate that crap!


    In PNG I was with a mantis shrimp that had a big clutch of eggs, and I stayed with it quiet a while, it was only 15 feet deep. And eventually it started aerating his eggs. Pretty fascinating, and I got killer video of it. Stay tuned for 'Rolling in the Deep - Eastern Papua'! ;)


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