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  1. Did I just see Nudibranch poop at the end? :lol2: Heading to Anilao in a couple months, really hoping to get some stable shoot like yours. Always enjoy your work Dustin!


    It was actually a sea cucumber there at the end. You should hear the audio. I start laughing and then start cheering....its pretty funny.

    I am jealous. Anilao is my favorite place in the world for macro shooting! I hope you have a great time!


  2. So I thought I would update this as I think I have found my problem....

    The problem occurs when I choose VBR 2pass in the export options. It works fine with vbr 1 pass.


    2 pass is what I normally do, and don't have issues. It seems that the moving title and 2 pass is what triggers it....


    Kaj, I tried the keyframe method, and it still has the problem. I like doing it that way however, so thanks for the tip!


    Anyone have any ideas of why 2 pass would trigger this? I was under the impression 2 pass should give better results, not worse....



  3. Dustin, that is a stunning photo!! Your wife should be very proud!


    I am amazed that the Severins is in PNG. It is great discovering that. I have spent many months, over the years, in PNG and I am obviously still learning a lot about that country.


    Hey Allison, Here is another picture from our trip to Milne Bay....I think this is the Pontohi...Seahorse you were referring to. http://www.oceanshutter.com/p439135783/h9154455#h9154455

    Looks like Milne Bay has quite a few pygmy species!



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  4. Absolutely amazing!! Congratulation Dustin.

    Thank you Rafa. I appreciate that.

    Dustin, that is a stunning photo!! Your wife should be very proud!


    I am amazed that the Severins is in PNG. It is great discovering that. I have spent many months, over the years, in PNG and I am obviously still learning a lot about that country.

    Thanks Allison. I will tell her about your compliment. She doesn't frequent wetpixel as often.


    Png is certainly a remarkable place. It's too bad it is so expensive and difficult to get to. Of course, that may be why it's still special.


  5. Fabulous, as always!


    That Pygmy seahorse looks like a Severens! I didn't know that they were in Milne Bay. It doesn't look like a Pontohi, to me. The only place I've seen Severens is in Fiji.


    I think you are right Allison. It looks like a Severens to me as well. The guides there just called it the Milne Bay Pygmy..lol. They were all over the place. Of course, I couldn't find any myself, but the guides showed us probably 50 during our stay. Very pretty species, although their background isn't as pretty as the traditional sea fan.


    Here's a pic, my wife took..




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  6. Hello everyone,


    I wanted to share my latest episode in the 'Rolling in the Deep' series. This time taking a look at the critters in Milne Bay. PNG is a terrific destination, and Milne Bay is an area where it can offer both fantastic macro and wide angle photography.


    As always comments are welcome. Let me know what you liked and didn't.





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  7. Yes. I think your method, though quick, doesn't work. When you add the zoom effect it just zooms the title, but sees it as a fixed size, so the title gets pixelated. For the text to properly increase, you need to use my method. If you haven't used key-frames before, it can seem very complicated, but they are incredibly powerful. I recommend you look up a YouTube tutorial to understand what you need to do.



    It isn't just pixelating the title it's the whole video. I will give your way a shot, I will try to find something on YouTube that explains it. I appreciate your help.


  8. Hi Dustin


    If I want to add zoom and/or movement to a title, I do the following:


    1. Create the Title (Still)

    2. Drag the Title onto the sequence, move it to the position I need it and stretch it to the desired length.

    3. Click on the title, then select 'Effect Controls' in the source window.

    4. Use key-frames and adjust the position and scale settings to create zoom and/or movement


    This works well. Not sure exactly what method you are using.





    That is different than I am doing. I am using the zoom effect/ transition...which seems easier. But since it's not working...I need to try your way in the morning.

  9. How are you creating the titles and animating them? It sounds like you are perhaps putting the animation key-frames on the entire sequence, rather than just the title layer. I have added many title sequences like yours and never had a problem. I'm using the same version of PP.

    On the still title, all I am doing is adding the zoom effect to the title. Then making the zoom the same length of the title...5 seconds. To add the still, just going to >title>still title. That's it.

  10. Hello everyone,


    I am getting pretty frustrated with a couple of projects that I have been working on, and I think they both have the same issue....although slightly different.


    What is happening is when I add a title to my timeline the resulting exported video's resolution is greatly reduced. Delete the title and export and it works fine. So I know it has something to do with the title and the sequence.


    Here are the 2 examples that I having problems with

    - 'Still Title' with a 'Zoom' effect applied to it. The zoom is going during the entire title. Essentially it is some wording that is zooming towards the viewer.

    - 'crawling title' that moves from left to right. Similar to the new ticker that is shown at the bottom of the screen on a news broadcast.


    The similarities is that it is a title that is moving in some way.


    Again, if these titles are taken out, the video is fine on the export. Put them back in and the file size is massively reduced and the resolution is down considerably. Very blocky and pixelated.


    I am using Premiere CS6 with a 30 fps sequence and 30 fps video from my dslr.


    This has been very frustrating, and any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.









  11. Hello Everyone,


    Wanted to share my latest underwater short video. I finally got some good footage of some emperor shrimp while I was in PNG. They are known to be fast and elusive to the videographer. So it was nice to have some cooperate.


    As always, comments and constructive criticism, are certainly welcome.





    Or Youtube




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  12. I was wondering if anyone has used the new canon 16-35 f4 L lens yet? I am curious to see how much of an improvement it is over the 17-40mm. And if it's worth the upgrade. I know on land it is getting great reviews. But behind a dome is a different beast.


    Particularly wondering if anyone has used it in a ikelite setup.


    Everytime I use the 17-40mm I get upset at how bad the image is. And say I will never use it again...I like fish eyes, and the distortion doesn't bug me. But I am going to Truk in March and think the distortion and wrecks won't mix well.


    Any help or advice would be appreciated.



  13. I switched to a pair of the iTorch 7 lights recently. So far I'm very pleased with them.


    Are you using a snoot on the light?


    I made a snoot from sheet rubber curled into a cone that slipped onto the end of the iTorch. But then I lost it at Lembeh. Must make another one before the next trip there in December.






    I am not using a snoot on this. I only used one during my komodo trip and it was not worth it! Too difficult to maneuver and deal with underwater. if the subject moved...forget about it.



  14. Great video ! I like the clean backgrounds.

    It is beautiful to see them 'graze'.


    Do you have an additional wet lens, or only 100mm macro ?

    Great video ! I like the clean backgrounds.

    It is beautiful to see them 'graze'.


    Do you have an additional wet lens, or only 100mm macro ?

    Thank you. I do use a subsee +10 on some shots.

    Wow, very impressive. Great stuff!

    Thanks for watching it!

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